Skinny cream cellulite reduction reviews

Skinny Cream Review: Clinically Proven Cellulite Reduction

Jen May 9, 2014 Cellulite Cream, Cellulite Cream Reviews Pros: Many see a difference after several weeks of use, smoother, soft, and tighter skin, no sticky feeling after application, product does what it promises to do.Cons: Some claim that they saw no difference after using this product and that the odor is too strong.

Is cellulite preventing you from buying that new swimsuit or showing off your gams in some sexy shorts this summer?

If so, do not give up yet on looking your absolute best this bikini season. Cellulite creams are a great alternative to expensive and somewhat questionable treatments. And if you are diligent about using them correctly and consistently, you can have perfect looking legs, thighs, buttocks and bellies just in time to hit the beach.

Skinny Cream Clinically Proven Cellulite Reduction is a safe and effective treatment that you will definitely want to try in order to get rid of those dimples and lumps that are common with cellulite.

Easy to Apply and Safe to Use

Skinny Cream Clinically Proven Cellulite Reduction uses two ingredients that have been clinically shown to work—raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract—so you get the best results possible when using the product.

You have no doubt heard of both of these ingredients as they are commonly found in weight loss supplements in the form of capsules or pills. However, in the case of Skinny Cream Clinically Proven Cellulite Reduction, you will be applying a cream containing these potent ingredients directly on the areas of your body where cellulite is a problem. And you only have to do this twice a day.

This proprietary blend of these two compounds in addition to other ingredients also does more than just diminish cellulite. It also transforms your skin making it smoother and firmer through what is known as “reverse differentiation”. What this does is cause your fat cells and tissue to “reverse” itself into becoming healthy tissue resulting in healthier looking skin that is suppler and has more elasticity.

You can find all this science and potency in a six-ounce bottle for only thirty dollars—a heck of a lot less than laser treatments, specialized massages or surgery.

What Others are Saying About the Product

Many users of this product have been so satisfied that they keep ordering it and using it with tremendous results. Among some of their positive reviews are:

  • Saw a difference after several weeks of use
  • Skin is more smooth
  • Skin is softer and tighter
  • No sticky feeling afterwards
  • Product does what it promises to do

Some customers were not as happy with their purchase and cited that either they saw no difference in the look and/or feel of their skin or the aroma of the cream was too strong.

The Verdict

When the warm weather rolls in, you do not have to go into panic mode trying to find ways to cover up your cellulite. Skinny Cream Clinically Proven Cellulite Reduction gives you total control over it with a cost-efficient price tag and science to back up its claims.

If raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract have been proven to be so effective in helping people lose weight, imagine what they can do for your cellulite. And you do not have to worry about side effects like you would with an ingestible supplement. Simply rub on the cream morning and night and let it work its magic.

You will never have a greater satisfaction than watching that cellulite disappear.


Mesoderm Cellulite Reduction Cream Review

Have you heard before about the mesoderm cellulite reduction cream? It is considered by many women around the continent as the magical remedy against cellulite. Learn how to use the multiple benefits of the mesotherapy and remove years from your body.

This is not like any other cream that you have used before. The mesoderm cream is like having a bottled skin care clinic. It will not only help you to remove the cellulite but it is also really effective in the process of smoothing your skin, dissolve the fat and improve the skin texture.

You can use this fantastic cellulite reduction cream for face, legs, buttocks, chin, hips, arms and virtually any part in your body. It is entirely safe, natural and will give you excellent and instant results.

The magic from this tropical cream comes from the fine selection of the ingredients used such as: Propyl paraben, Disodium EDTA, Diazolidnyl, Vitamins A, C and E. You might recognize them from some of the other popular skin care creams.

How to Use This Cellulite Reduction Cream

The MesoDerm is a cellulite cream that has caused a lot of controversy among women. Some of them claim to have gotten great results in the shortest time while others have not noticed a single change at all.

However, here are the directions to use this cream effectively:

  1. Clean the affected area before applying the cream. We recommend you to use it right after taking a relaxing shower and a dry brushing massage.
  2. Apply the cream on the desired area. The amount of cream used depends on the area that you are targeting.
  3. Now we are going to reveal you the ultimate secret to achieve the best results. Cover the desired area in plastic wrap for fifteen to twenty minutes. This will increase the absorption and effectiveness of the cream.

If you are in a hurry to see the results, then we suggest you to use this cream twice a day but no more than that. Also take the proper cautions when using plastic wrap and avoid any kind of use near the face. If you start feeling any kind of discomfort then remove immediately.

BodiShape Skin Firming & Cellulite Reduction Cream Reviews

Cellulite makes your skin to have a dump and weird look. It makes your skin to loss the smoothness and gives it a dull look. So if you want to get rid of these cellulites, the cellulite cream is the best option for you. These creams will make your skin free from cellulite and then you can confidently wear all that what you want. BodiShape Skin Firming & Cellulite Reduction Cream claims to have all natural based ingredients, which helps to reduce the cellulite from your body by burning the excess fat. It not only claims that it helps to get rid of cellulite, but also claims that it helps you to slim down and have trim tummy and buttock. The manufacturer of Skin Firming & Cellulite Reduction Cream is Bodishape. This company also offers a slim wear, so that you wear this and look slim. It claims to be a comfortable fit wear. BodiShape Skin Firming & Cellulite Reduction Cream cost you 29.95$ for 4fl. Oz. It comes with 45 days money back guarantee. The official site mentions about one ingredient that is Coenzyme A. Coenzyme A helps to promote fat burning easily and it is said to maintain the metabolic processes. The other site says that it may also have these ingredients Glaucine and Theophylline in its chemical composition. Both these ingredients help to treat cellulite by burning the extra fat deposited beneath the skin. Theophylline is one kind of caffeine. Caffeine, if taken orally is mainly attached with many side effects. But in cream form it is said to reduce cellulite by adequately dehydrating your skin. It also claims to contain retinol which makes the skin free from any type of wrinkles. As the ingredients detail is not mentioned on the official site; then the question of mentioning its quantity is out of scope. The Bodishape Skin Firming & Cellulite Reduction Cream when applied by gently massaging the cream on the desired skin area helps to improve the skin appearance. It reaches deep into the skin so that it tightens the skin pores. As the skin is tightened and the extra fat deposited is burned it leads to having thigh, arm, buttocks etc. to be free from cellulite. But to prove it's working there is no clinical studies mentioned on the official site. Plus no ingredient details and its quantity mentioned on the site. The recommendation is to apply twice daily on the affected area. It is also said that to massage the cream on that skin for 10-15 minute so that it gets completely absorbed into your skin.

  • Has 45 day money back guarantee.
  • Not only helps to get rid of cellulite but also helps to burn excess body fat.
  • The company has also manufactured a comfortable slim wear.
  • It is an affordable product.
  • Doesn’t have any clinical proves.
  • The ingredient list is not mentioned on the official site.
  • It doesn’t have any consumer testimonial and FAQ’s on the official site.
BodiShape Skin Firming & Cellulite Reduction Cream claims to reduce the cellulite from your body. It also helps to burn the extra fat from your body which leads to have cellulite. It claims that it works and is effective. But it doesn't mention its whole list of ingredients and its quantity. It doesn’t have any clinical studies done on either the ingredient or on the product itself. So giving a try to a product which doesn’t have any clinical studies is not a wise decision.

TriLASTIN Cellulite CF Cream Review

I have heard a lot of great consumer reviews about TriLASTIN Cellulite CF Cream, but not a lot of customer reviews. Still, I decided to go ahead with it and purchase a bottle to see if did anything for my ugly dimpled skin.

Before I describe my experience with TriLASTIN Cellulite CF – I just want to clear up a bit of confusion with the other TriLASTIN products.

There is also TriLASTIN SR which is specifically for stretch marks, and also TriLASTIN HT (Hydro Thermal) which basically aids in BOOSTING the POTENCY of both TriLASTIN SR & CF, as well as helping with the conditioning of your skin. The TriLASTIN Cellulite CF is the only cream I am using and reviewing….just to be clear.

I can’t say for certain if you will get those additional benefits from using TriLASTIN HT but I have no intention of using it for this review.

More About The Company

Okay, let me discuss the company that created the product.  They are named EC Research and were founded in 2003… still relatively new. They claim to have “award winning scientists” working in their team so I guess its hard to argue against these kind of scientists.

However, one of the innovative things that these scientists managed to design for their products are two special technologies in the fight against cellulite.

The Technologies Involved In Creating TriLASTIN Cellulite CF

One of technologies is called SDDS (Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System) and its basically just a simple method of allowing the active ingredients of the cream to be subsequently released into the skin over time. This is helped through an insulating, transparent skin patch that is formed and this is what aids in the skin absorption.

The other technology is called LipoTrisome, an elixir blend of 3 fat reducing compounds that helps steadily replace cellulite with tight elastic collagen due to the way it modifies the body’s natural structures in aiding with the metabolization of fat cells.

Why Does Cellulite Form

Cellulite is basically a collection of fats that accumulate around the buttocks, thighs, and hips and every woman on earth knows the telltale signs of cellulite with that dimpled cottage cheese appearance.

One of the more popular theories on how cellulite is caused is from an increased level of estrogen in the body. Other theories put forth are unhealthy diets and not exercising….plus even just ageing naturally.

There are no two ways about, either you will be one of the 90% of women who will get cellulite, or part of the LUCKY 10% who don’t.

Reading this, I am guessing you are in that 90% :).

Notable Ingredients

  • CORN OIL – Great for the maintenance of your skin, keeping it healthy.
  • SUNFLOWER OIL – This oil has more Vitamin A than olive oil and that is great because Vitamin A is effective in reducing the ageing of your cells

  • COCO-GLUCOSIDE – Another of the ingredients that is generally more effective for the skin as a whole which can still be beneficial for cellulite as it is a fantastic skin cleanser. Originating from coconut oil, you can be assured its natural.
  • ATELOCOLLAGEN – This is used to BOOST stimulation of collagen which is crucial for any fight against cellulite because decreased collagen levels heavily contribute to the formation of cellulite. Strong collagen means firmer and tighter skin.
  • LEMON OIL – A great essential oil to have as an ingredient due to its ability to firm and smooth the skin as well as having cleansing properties.

  • GOTU KOLA – This herbal extract is one of the active ingredients in the cream. Its fantastic as a blood thinner which can boost circulation, and also has the ability of IMPROVING the elasticity of the skin.

First Impressions of TriLASTIN Cellulite

Since the majority of cellulite creams work in around 30 days…that was how long I gave TriLASTIN Cellulite to see if I could get any results.

I used it twice a day morning and night. The great thing I noticed about the cream was how QUICK it dried, and that’s a big positive if you are in a rush to go out. The last thing you want is leaving out the house feeling greasy.

I also loved the refreshing smell and the chemical odors in the cream are noticeable without being overbearing.

It did take me about 3 weeks to see any results and I noticed my skin being a little SMOOTHER and a bit more TENDER. My cellulite was somewhat reduced but not enough to be not noticeable – at least there was a result there before 30 days which is promising.

Pros & Cons of TriLASTIN


Great boost in the production of collagen – an essential component of reducing your cellulite
  • If you dont get any results for your cellulite, at least your skin will feel hydrated and soft
  • A fantastic 90 day money back guarantee which is 100% refund. Definitely a massive pro!
  • It dries quickly in under a minute
  • Has a hypoallergenic rating so the chances of obtaining any allergies is minimized
  • Gives a great stimulation to the production of elastin and collagen
  • Unique technologies involved in the production of the cream – SDDS & LipoTrisome


  • Its definitely expensive compared to other creams which have the same effect
  • Although the smell is pleasant enough, if you have a sensitive nose you will notice some chemical odors
  • Contains preservatives so not recommended for use by pregnant women
  • There is a lack of quality customer reviews concerning the product

Will I Stick with TriLASTIN Cellulite?

Since it has a 90 day money back guarantee I will still continue to use it but I am skeptical anything much will change after getting my initial first results.

Because one bottle costs so much you really have to make sure you get full value by also dieting and exercising at the same time.

The cream is not going to physically reduce your cellulite, its the magic of the SDDS technology that is going to mask your cellulite very well, and that is the beauty of this cream.

Final Thoughts

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I love the fact that it has innovating technologies which means some proper research has been undertaken in the development of this cream. And its a massive bonus to have a 90 day money back guarantee, not many other of the companies will give you such a large trial time.

And its also promising that I saw SOME result after 3 weeks of use….which is a good sign.

However it is damn expensive for a bottle! There are other creams out there who give as good results and are cheaper. Read about my other creams here to see the differences.

Also, the fact that you might have to purchase the TriLASTIN HT cream to get full benefits – that is just an added cost to an already expensive standard alone cream.

I am also grateful that the minor chemical odor did not distract me at all, but if you have an extra sensitive nose you might be annoyed by that smell. Rest assured that chemical smell will NOT LAST and should disperse after an hour or so after applying the cream.

If you don’t mind paying that much and are looking for a fairly quick, if minor result then by all means go ahead and purchase the TriLASTIN Cellulite CF. Heck, even purchase the TriLASTIN HT to get more bang for you buck by using both together for an effective double combination!!

Final Grade = B

Yes, a little pricey, but with a  fantastic 90 money day back guarantee, its worth a try!

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