Best cellulite treatment reviews

Best Cellulite Treatments Reviews – What Should You Choose?

Do you suffer from cellulite and looking for the best ways to reduce its appearance? Tired from all of these cellulite treatments that simply don’t work?

Let’s face it, cellulite is one of these conditions that can simply ruin man’s and especially woman’s life. There are many products on the market that promise to reduce cellulite and even make it disappear completely, however the big problem is that most of these products simply don’t work.

This site is dedicated to help you getting rid of your cellulite fast and safely. In this page you will find honest and in-depth reviews of the best cellulite treatments today.

Unlike most of the cellulite treatments reviews sites online, our site is not financially motivated and just because one treatment is more expensive doesn’t mean we will give it a higher rating. If there are some cons we will happily let you know about them.

If you don’t want to throw away your money for absolute crap products we will strongly recommend to take a look at our top cellulite treatments reviews. All you have to do is to dedicate few minutes from your time and we promise that it’s going to save you lots of money.

Without additional words, here are our top recommendations and cellulite treatments reviews….

Our #1 Pick For The Most Effective Anti Cellulite System

Product’s Name: The Truth About Cellulite

Creator: Joey Atlas

Cost: $99.99 – Now For $49.95

Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee For 60 Days

Average Rating: 96/100

Short Review Of The Truth About Cellulite: (click here for the complete Truth About Cellulite review)

Overall Effectiveness: 9.5

Intended To Reduce Cellulite Appearance: 10

Intended To Visibly Smooth And Tone Skin: 9.5

Amount of Content: 10

Quality of Content: 9.5

Anti Cellulite Exercises: 10

Customizable: 9

Customer Service: 9.5

Affordability: 9.5

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Our #1 Pick For The Most Affordable Cellulite Reduction Program:

Product’s Name: The Cellulite Factor

Creator: Dr. Charles Livingston

Cost: $47 – Now For $37

Guarantee: 100% Money Back For 8 Weeks

Average Rating: 93/100

Short Review Of The Cellulite Factor: (click here for the complete review)

Overall Effectiveness: 9

Intended To Reduce Cellulite Appearance: 9.5

Intended To Visibly Smooth And Tone Skin: 9

Amount of Content: 9

Quality of Content: 9.5

Anti Cellulite Exercises: N/A

Customizable: 9.5

Customer Service: 9

Affordability: 10

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Our #1 Pick For The Most Effective Cellulite Cream: Product’s Name: Dermology Cellulite Solution Cream

Company: Dermology

Cost: From $49 For One Month Supply To $149 For Six Month Supply (3+3 special offer)

Guarantee: 100% Money Back For 90 Days

Average Rating: 92/100

Short Review Of The Dermology Cellulite Solution Cream: (Click here for the full review)

Overall Effectiveness: 9

Intended To Reduce Cellulite Appearance: 9.5

Intended To Visibly Smooth And Tone Skin: 9.5

Amount of Content: N/A

Quality of Content: N/A

Anti Cellulite Exercises: : N/A

Customer Service: 9

Affordability: 9

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Well, these are our top recommendations and we personally believe that they are the best cellulite treatments you can find on the market today. Of course, every person is different and one product can produce different results for different people, however, by sticking to one of the products that we recommend above you will probably see at least some kind of improvement in only several weeks.

Final Words:

After you choose one of the best cellulite treatments here make sure that you are following a healthy and balanced diet plan.

In addition, if you want to get the best results possible then we will highly recommend combining one of the top anti cellulite programs with an all natural cellulite cream. This way you can really see amazing results in a very short time.

However, if you don’t have enough money to spend on both products then we will recommend to opt for an anti cellulite program that will probably give you better results in the long term and will also cost you less than cellulite creams 🙂

This way or that way, we hope that you will find the information in our site to be useful. Below is also one video from Youtube that covers several other cellulite treatments that we didn’t test but may worth a look… We wish you the best!

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Best Cellulite Treatments That Work

Ask any woman about cellulite and she will know exactly what you mean. Three out of four could even show you some. Here’s my medical review of the best cellulite treatments that work. These include creams and gels that sink into the skin and can improve the appearance of cellulite when combined with massage, exercise and dietary changes.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the name for the dimpled, lumpy appearance of skin that mainly develops in the hips, thighs or buttocks. In Europe, cellulite is considered a medical condition, known as hydrolipodystrophy, and is treated by injecting tiny amounts of drugs beneath the skin to stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

In the UK cellulite is not a recognised medical condition – so much so that when asked about cellulite on breakfast television, a popular TV doctor (who was male) went on to describe the very different condition of cellulitis which is a serious bacterial infection of the skin.

Cellulite develops when fat cells become over-loaded. Islands of swollen cells bulge outwards and become squashed by the tough strands of fibrous tissue that tether the skin together. This produces the typical, dimpled effect that resembles orange-peel.

The blood vessels and lymph vessels running alongside these fibrous strands become increasingly compressed as fat accumulates. Squashed lymph vessels reduce the drainage of fluid away from affected areas so that swelling and tissue compression increases and cell wastes build up.

Cellulite contains a higher than normal concentration of sugar-protein molecules which have moisture-attracting properties and can bind up to 10 times their own weight of water. This causes affected tissues to become waterlogged. Unfortunately, the body responds to fluid accumulation and the build-up of waste products by laying down increasing amounts of fibrous strands which makes the problem worse.

At the same time, squashed blood vessels reduce the supply of oxygen and nutrients to areas of cellulite. This results in poor blood circulation so that cellulite usually feel colder to touch than non-affected areas.

Over a period of several years, the cell membranes of undernourished, swollen fat cells also harden. This gives established cellulite its characteristic waxy, gritty, lumpy feel.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is almost exclusively a feminine phenomenon. The female hormone, oestrogen, is thought to play a role as it regulates the storage of body fat around the hips, thighs, bottoms and knees.

Some agricultural chemicals have an oestrogen-like action that may contribute to cellulite formation, although this is controversial.

Lack of exercise can play a role by reducing muscle tone and promoting a more sluggish circulation. Excess salt in the diet also contributes as sodium causes water retention. Select low-salt products and do not add salt during cooking or at the table.

It is often claimed that artificial sweeteners are associated with cellulite, although there is no scientific evidence to support this. Cutting them out will make your diet healthier. Use stevia as a natural sweetener and sugar alternative instead.

Gradual weight loss through diet and exercise will reduce subcutaneous collections of fat, but avoid crash diets.

Best cellulite treatments

Massage is the key to improving cellulite. Massaging active ingredients into the skin will help them sink in to open up the circulation, reduce fluid retention and promote fat burning. Although this sounds too good to be true, there is a growing body of evidence that some active ingredients are effective for treating cellulite.

Massage for cellulite

Massage reduces the appearance of cellulite by increasing local blood circulation and lymph flow. This brings more oxygen and nutrients into the area, and promotes the elimination of retained fluid and cell wastes. In the short-term, this has an immediate effect on the area so it looks smoother and less dimpled. In the long-term, regular massage will improve circulation and reduce cellulite accumulation.

A trial investigating the effects of massage in 60 women with cellulite found that mechanical massage, manual lymphatic drainage and connective tissue manipulation were all effective for thinning subcutaneous fat. Thigh circumference decreased by an average of 0.5 cm in all groups as did the thickness of fat deposits in the thigh, abdomen and hips.

Manual massage devices are available in all shapes and sizes. Some have small needle-like projections to increase circulation, some are curved to fit the shape of the thighs while others vibrate for greater stimulation.

Dry skin brushing for cellulite

Dry skin brushing stimulates the circulation, brightens the skin and helps to break down fatty tissues and cellulite. Brushing promotes the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes via the lymphatic system.

Use a natural bristle brush for the best, non-abrasive effect. Use the dry brush on your dry skin BEFORE taking a bath or shower. Use long, stroking movements from the peripheries towards the heart so brush up your arms, legs and buttocks.

A daily skin brushing will leave you feeling refreshed, energised and invigorated as if you’re glowing from the inside out.

Skin scrubs for cellulite

Dead Sea mineral salts were used by Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba as a beauty treatment. Today, these minerals and other salts are popular anti-cellulite scrubs. When massaged into the skin, mineral salts stimulate circulation and exfoliate dead cells leaving your skin feeling smoother, softer, and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Coarse coffee grounds are also popular to exfoliate the skin and contain caffeine. Green coffee bean extracts contain chlorogenic acid and caffeine which, then taken orally, have been shown to stimulate fat burning, and caffeine also has a diuretic action to reduce fluid retention.

It is unlikely that applying coffee grounds to the skin as a scrub that is immediately washed off will have the same effects. Coffee scrubs certainly smell great, provide excellent exfoliation and help to stimulate and invigorate affected areas and are a useful alternative to salt scrubs.

Anti-cellulite creams and gels

Anti-cellulite creams and gels contain a variety of ingredients that are believed to stimulate circulation and reduce fluid accumulation.

Caffeine, aminophylline, ivy extracts, seaweed, forskolin (Indian Coleus), Co-enzyme Q10 and l-carnitine are used to stimulate  blood flow, cell metabolism and promote the release and burning of fatty acids as fuel.

Horse chestnut, Gotu kola (Centella asiatica), Birch oil, Butcher’s Broom, vitamin C and retinol (vitamin A) are used to promote collagen formation, to strengthen connective tissues, improve elasticity and reduce dimpling and fluid accumulation.

Ginkgo biloba improves circulation through small peripheral blood vessels and may improve blood flow in affected areas.

Aromatherapy essential oils of Juniper, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Geranium, Lemon, Cedarwood, Cypress and Grapefruit are used in various combinations in massage oils and creams designed to boost circulation and reduce cellulite.

Menthol (mint extract) is often added to products to provide a refreshing, cooling sensation on the skin.

What is the evidence that cellulite products work?

Whether or not ingredients in creams, gels or oils can sink into the skin to produce beneficial effects against cellulite is hotly debated. There is some clinical evidence that they can work, however.

Laboratory studies have shown that adding a ‘cocktail’ of ingredients to mature fat cells and ‘aged’ fibroblasts such as those involved in cellulite, can have beneficial synergistic effects.  A combination of seaweed extracts and CLA simulated pro-collagen I production. When used by women with cellulite, dermatologist assessment and ultrasound imaging showed a significant decrease in fat thickness compared with placebo after 12 weeks with a clinical improvement.

One study involving 15 women with cellulite found that after 6-months of applying topical vitamin A (retinol) skin elasticity was increased by 10.7% and viscosity decreased by 15.8% in the treated area to help smooth the skin surface.

Another study involving 46 women compared an anti-cellulite product containing retinol, caffeine and ruscogenine (Butcher’s Broom) against a placebo cream. The active product was significantly more effective in decreasing the orange peel appearance of cellulite and increased blood flow through tiny capillaries in the skin.

A trial involving 52 women with cellulite tested the effects of using an aminophylline cream or placebo twice a week for 12 weeks. Results were assessed subjectively by the women and by a cosmetic surgeon. Only 3 out of 35 aminophylline-treated legs showed an improved cellulite appearance. The authors concluded that aminophylline cream was not effective in improving the appearance of cellulite. However, the cream was only applied twice a week – more frequent treatment, such as daily or twice daily use – might produce better results.

Three studies investigated the effectiveness of a topical cosmetic slimming product combining caffeine, carnitine, forskolin (Butcher’s Broom) and retinol. When added to skin/fat cells in the laboratory, both caffeine and forskolin stimulated the release of fat (glycerol) while retinol and carnitine stimulated skin cell proliferation, which leads to an increase epidermal thickness. When 78 women applied the combination cream or placebo twice a day for 12 weeks, significant reductions in the circumference of abdomen, hips-buttocks and waist were noted after 4 weeks. Orange peel and stubborn cellulite also decreased significantly more than with placebo from 4 weeks of treatment and tonicity improved from 8 weeks.

Anti-cellulite wraps

Anti-cellulite underwear and wraps are said to sculpt and redefine the profile of hips, bottom and thighs. Contouring underwear have panels that compress and massage affected areas, warm the skin and improve blood flow.

Wraps improve the penetration of anti-cellulite gels such as seaweed extracts to improve their penetration into cellulite. By reading the reviews of people who have used them you can form a view of how helpful others have found them.

Dietary changes for cellulite

Follow a low-fat, wholefood diet that is as organic as possible. Eat a plant-based diet, as animal-based foods contain hormones that may affect cellulite development.

Cut back on carbohydrates, especially sugars and refined flour, to follow a low glycemic index (GI) diet. This will reduce your secretion of insulin, which is the main fat-storing hormone in the body. A lower carbohydrate diet is also associated with less fluid retention as insulin as affects the kidneys to reduce salt excretion.

Omega-3 fish oils have a beneficial effect on the circulation and the suppleness of cell membranes, so eat oily fish regularly (preferably organic or caught from clean waters with the least pollution.

Use healthy oils (eg flaxseed, pumpkin, walnut, olive, avocado, rapeseed oils) for cooking and in salad dressings.  Eat as many raw green vegetables as possible.

Drink 2 to 3 litres of fluid per day including water, herbal teas and unsweetened and diluted fruit and vegetable juices to aid the flushing away of toxins.

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The Best Cellulite Treatment Is Simple… But It’s Not Always Easy (cellulite removal secret you’re not supposed to know)

Is there anything worse for bathing suit season than lumpy cellulite jiggling around your thighs? An estimated 80 to 95 percent of women carry cellulite somewhere on their bodies, but it remains one of the main appearance problems women would like to banish for good. But, is cellulite removal realistic or even possible?

What Is Cellulite?

In simple terms cellulite is just fat, no different than any other fat in the body. It’s the unique structure of a woman’s connective tissue that causes the dimply appearance of cellulite on the skin. In some circles it’s thought to be a skin problem. That is true to some extent, especially for women who have a low body fat percentage. These women in particular benefit most from cellulite cream and other skin care related cellulite treatments. For the majority of sufferers though, excess fat is the primary source of the problem.

 For women in particular, fatty tissue forms in honeycomb-shaped compartments. As those compartments fill with fat, they push into the outer layers of skin and the fat may bulge between the layers of connective tissue. The result is the dimply “orange peel skin” we all know so well. Also interesting to note… Men store their fat in diagonal compartments, which is why cellulite is rare in the opposite sex.

Do Cellulite Reduction Treatments Actually Work?

There are a lot of so-called miracle anti cellulite products that promise to rid the body of those unsightly dimples. They range from topical cellulite creams to expensive vacuum-powered spa treatments. Cellulite massage machines can also be purchased for use at home. The unfortunate truth is that there is no way to completely rid yourself of cellulite in most cases. Treatments might lessen the appearance of cellulite by tightening the skin but so long as the fat remains, so will the dimples. Reducing cellulite is typically much more realistic than total cellulite removal for most people.

A Fat Loss Diet Plus Cellulite Exercise Plan Can Help

The biggest changes in the appearance of cellulite will come about by reducing the amount of fat that’s carried on your body. That means eating a healthy diet and burning off the excess fat with the right types of cellulite exercises. When it comes to cardiovascular activity, a minimum of twenty minutes of moderate intensity cardio is needed to prompt your body to start burning fat as fuel. The longer you can maintain that moderate pace the longer you will burn fat during and after your workout.

Experts also recommend that some workout sessions include interval training, short bursts of difficult exercise followed by a recovery pace repeated over the course of the workout. Try to fit a twenty to sixty minute cardio workout in to your schedule 3 to 5 times a week for noticeable results.

Don’t overlook strength training when trying to combat cellulite either. Though you can’t “spot reduce” fat, by exercising your thighs or butt, you can firm up the muscles underneath. Weak muscles underneath a layer of fat can add to the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Work your legs or other cellulite-prone areas 3 times a week. If your thighs are the problem, try doing lunges moving forward and to the side as well as squats with your feet close together and far apart. Hang on to the back of a chair and lift your legs backwards to tone your backside.

The Cellulite Treatment That Works

The key secret to finding the best cellulite treatment for hips and thighs is really the same for slimming your arms and tightening your stomach: fat loss. Though diet is the key factor that will determine your success at fat loss, don’t rule out the assistance that regular cardiovascular and strength training offer. Exercise certainly can make a difference in the appearance of unsightly cellulite, so don’t skip the gym or an effective home workout plan if you’re trying to rid yourself of orange-peel thighs.

Expert Cellulite Exercise Video

Cellulite Exercises for Butt & Thigh Cellulite Reduction

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Best Cellulite Treatments Review

The appearance of cellulite happens to almost all people. Thankfully, there’s no longer any need to live with such flaws, given the presence of effective treatments like anti-cellulite creams.

If you are looking for the most effective cellulite treatment, you can use the brief cellulite treatment reviews below to make the selection process easier for you. It must be noted that caffeine is one of the key ingredients in most effective cellulite cream.

The market may be packed with endless anti-cellulite creams. But as long as you are familiar with the key ingredients (caffeine, bladderwrack extract, and to some extent, aminophylline), finding the best product to get rid of cellulites will be easy.

Add in exercise, diet changes, and water therapy as part of your natural cellulite treatment regimen (anti-cellulite creams rated below), and you will get the best results.

Best Anti-Cellulite Remedies Comparison Table

Top Natural Cellulite Treatment Reviews – Summaries

LEGTONE ANTI-CELLULITE – Is the LegTone Cellulite Cream for You? Almost 90 percent of women have cellulite, which is the top reason why there are many products in the market that are now targeting this problem. With so many to choose from, one of the standouts among these products is LegTone Cellulite Cream.

This is made from natural and herbal ingredients that make it safe for general use. It has horse chestnut seed that reduces the fluid build-up underneath your skin, wild yam root that removes body toxins, butcher’s broom that improve your blood circulation, cleavers herb that cleanses harmful toxins from the blood, guarana seed extract that reduces the ability of your body to store fat and birch extract that detoxifies and purifies the blood.

Aside from these ingredients, it has other healthy and safe herbs and oils that include Vitamin E, lemon, cocoa butter, shea butter, basil, Aloe Vera, flaxseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, rose oil and geranium. All these elements boost the product’s ability in making the skin look healthier and softer.

Some LegTone Pros Helps Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Moisturises and Hydrates Your Skin

Helps Reduce Uneven Skin Texture

Helps Tighten and Smooth Skin

You can use LegTone Cellulite Cream after you have taken a shower. First, you have to dry brush your skin by massaging it in a circular motion. This will help blood flow, which will get its boost after you have applied the cream on the problem areas of your body. Do this twice a day and keep on performing the regimen until you have completely gotten rid of cellulite.

Why is it important to get rid of cellulite? Aside from making your skin appear old and soggy, the appearance of cellulite is an indication that there is a buildup of fat and harmful toxins and wastes under your skin. It typically develops on the arms, thighs, legs, buttocks, abdomen and stomach.

LegTone Cellulite Cream comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can try it first to see for yourself if it is true to its promises. FULL REVIEW HERE – LegTone Anti-Cellulite Solution Review.


REVITOL CELLULITE SOLUTION – Revitol Cellulite Solution is one of the most familiar brands in the market today, mainly because of its affordability and loads of claims.

However, its advantages and disadvantages are more than an issue of practicality. Read this comprehensive review before you buy Revitol Anti-Cellulite Solution.


It works like an ordinary lotion that you have to apply twice a day after taking a bath, preferably once in the morning and another before going to bed. You can use an anti-cellulite massager, although the manufacturer does not require it.


  • Natural ingredients – It has 41 ingredients, most of which are naturally derived, so you are guaranteed safe from harsh chemicals and adverse reactions. It contains caffeine to improve blood circulation and speed up cellulite removal; coffee extract and green tea extract to nourish the skin with powerful antioxidants; and aloe vera and vitamin E to soften and smoothen the skin. The product is also commonly called Revitol Natural Cellulite Treatment Cream for that matter.
  • Works for both Men and Women
  • Low price – It is sold for no more than $40 while many of its competitors are sold for more than $70.
  • Skin softening and smoothening – You can already feel the changes upon first application, and see skin tauter after a few weeks.


  • Can be purchased only online.
  • The money-back guarantee is only applicable to unused and unopened bottles.


Does Revitol Cellulite Cream work? Yes it does, but not to a level that most consumers expect. It gets rid of cellulite slower than it promises, but you can see a slight change after three weeks or so.

It cannot compete with the bestselling anti-cellulite creams, but do remember that it is also priced way lower than the rest.

Surprisingly, it works better as a skin softener than an anti-cellulite cream. It may not get rid of cellulite satisfactorily, but it will certainly make your skin more hydrated and smoother right at the first application. FULL REVIEW HERE – Revitol Anti-Cellulite Solution Review.


DERMOLOGY CELLULITE SOLUTION – You are set about your goal and that is to get rid of cellulite. It is never easy, especially when you are past your teens and there is a lot of excess fat that you ought to lose.

There is one product that you are currently contemplating on. This led you to search for a Dermology Cellulite Solution review. A lot of people who have tried the product can attest to its effectiveness. Before you buy Dermology Anti Cellulite Solution, it has to be clear that the product does not perform miracles overnight. It takes time before you see major results.

Does Dermology Cellulite Cream work?

It does and in a very safe manner. The product contains natural ingredients that help in getting rid of cellulite without causing skin allergies. Its main ingredient is caffeine that works by boosting the blood circulation in the skin. It also prevents the accumulation of fat in your problem areas, which include the thighs, belly and buttocks.

The Dermology natural cellulite treatment cream is absorbed by the skin fast and without leaving a sticky feeling. It also doesn’t have a strong odor, which is common among other similar products. This can be used by both men and women, no matter the skin color.

Make this a daily skin regimen. With continued use, the toxins that are trapped in the skin will be eliminated. When this happens, your skin will be regenerated, leaving a tighter appearance. This will also make your skin softer. The product doesn’t promise a miracle. In order to get rid of your cellulite completely, you have to team it up with proper diet and exercise.

It has currently an ongoing promo of “Buy Three, Get Two Free”. If you aren’t satisfied with it, you can return the unopened items within 90 days upon purchase and you will get your money back. FULL REVIEW HERE – Dermology Anti-Cellulite Solution Review.

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