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By Megan Crozier

Fun fact: cellulite only affects women. We just can’t catch a break, can we? Despite popular belief, it’s not actually a result of being overweight or having excess fat. Have you noticed really skinny women who have cellulite? Or larger women who are completely toned without a wrinkle in sight? This is because cellulite is an issue of the integrity with the skin, not being overweight. So, whether or not you’re at your goal weight, you can still take steps to reduce cellulite.

What Causes It?

Like most of the symptoms that go on with our body, cellulite is a sign that there is an imbalance. Headaches, allergies, skin issues, poor sleep, low energy, not able to lose weight – these are all the complaints I hear that could be due to a build up of toxins in your body.

Cellulite can be an indication that your lymphatic system is having a hard time getting rid of these toxins. If your lymph and liver get overloaded, toxins move into fat cells rather than get released from the body. Collagen degeneration also contributes to cellulite. This protein is responsible for the skin’s “tone” look and firmness, and also contributes to the health of our hair and nails. Since collagen degeneration is caused by nutrient deficiencies, toxic overload, and cellular dehydration, addressing these factors along with a clogged lymphatic system will help you get smoother, firmer, healthy looking skin.

How Can You Reduce It?

So now that we know that weight loss doesn’t necessarily fix cellulite, what can we do right now to reduce it? These are suggestions to cleanse the liver, stimulate the lymphatic system, and regenerate cells that you can implement right away.

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink water with minerals for a healthy liver and lymph support. Add a pinch of real sea salt, ConcenTrace minerals drop, or coconut water to make sure you’re getting the minerals that are taken out through the filtering process.
  2. Dry skin brushing. This not only feels great but also stimulates blood and lymph flow, ultimately getting rid of toxic build up in your skin. There’s anecdotal evidence that it results in tighter, more glowing skin. Find a natural bristled brush like this one and brush towards the heart. Do it daily before you shower for best results.
  3. Exercise. This is an easy way to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase blood flow, and build muscle.
  4. Limit toxins – Try to control both environmental (lotions, shampoo, laundry detergent, soaps) and internal toxins (processed foods, artificial sweeteners, food allergens). Try to DIY your own skincare products and buy foods with the least amount of ingredients. For a list of specific brands to look for at the grocery store with approved ingredients, you can request my Shopping Guide with recommended brands here and I’ll email you a copy!
  5. Drink and supplement with herbs to cleanse the liver. A few of my favorites are lemon squeezed into water, milk thistle, dandelion root tea, and camu camu powder. Beet juice is also a great liver cleanser that you can buy or make yourself.
  6. Collagen peptides. Collagen and gelatin (the cooked form of gelatin) are found in the connective tissues and tendons of animals. But, since we usually don’t eat these parts, you can supplement with a good quality powdered form. I only recommend Vital Proteins or Great lakes, which you can dissolve into water, mix into a smoothie, or just sprinkle on top of your food. Bonus: collagen also helps with digestion, hair and nail growth, fat loss, and a healthy metabolism.
  7. Balance hormones. Estrogen and progesterone play a role in skin structure, so addressing imbalances can help with cellulite formation. If you have cellulite especially on the front of your thighs this is a sign of estrogen dominance. With the proper foods in your diet, stress management, and a detox program, you can start to rebalance your hormones for good.

Of course, as when addressing most unwanted symptoms of the body, none of these methods will be as effective if you’re not eating a whole foods diet rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats in general (no canola or vegetable oils), quality protein free of hormones and antibiotics, and vitamin rich greens and vegetables. Pick a few of the 7 steps above to implement consistently for the next 2 weeks.

What do you think? Do have cellulite? What have you done to try to reduce it?

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What Do I Do About My Cellulite?

I have cellulite.

No part of me was happy to write that. Having cellulite is one of the hardest things for me to get over, when it comes to my body. I remember being a teenager, and seeing a tabloid headline about how awful it was that Britney Spears had cellulite at such a young age. I had cellulite, too, and I was younger than her! What was wrong with me?

The answer: nothing. Nearly every woman has cellulite (and some men do, too). It’s not because we’re wrong, it’s not because we don’t exercise enough, it’s not because we’re terrible people.

You don’t believe me, right? Well, even at my sickest during my battle with anorexia, when I was skin and bones and working out non-stop, I still had cellulite.

As women, our connective tissue is built differently. Men have sort of a basket weave texture, while we have more of a Venetian-Blind texture. When the fat layer underneath presses up against it, it bulges through between the strips of tissue. Men don’t generally have the same problem, as their “basket” keeps things looking smoother. They also have thicker skin (lucky bastards).

Cellulite is not our fault, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s like feet – all of our feet are kind of ugly-looking. We do our best to pretty them up with pedicures and nail polish, but they’re still kind of ugly. That doesn’t stop us from wearing sandals, though, so why should cellulite stop us from baring our legs?

Ugly feet are the norm nowadays, so why not cellulite-y legs? If we all reject the notion that we have to hide our cellulite, maybe we’ll all feel a little bit better about ourselves.

Let’s stop hiding, and start admitting it – we all have cellulite! Who’s with me? Let’s wear shorts – both in yoga class and in daily life. Let’s put on a bathing suit and ditch that stupid sarong! Let’s stop being ashamed of our cellulite because we all have it, just like we all have ugly feet.

It isn’t easy, blazing the trail, but if we stop hiding, maybe we can encourage others to do the same. Hey world, I have cellulite, and that’s okay!


What to Know about Cellulite

Cellulite is not a new skin problem at all. Of course, almost all of you have been familiar with this name of cellulite and even almost all of you have ever been suffering cellulite in your life. Sure, almost all people have been familiar with this kind of skin problem, especially for women who are often getting so frustrated because of the existence of this problem called cellulite. Many women who are suffering this problem is often feel so depressed since it is hard to deal with especially if we do not really know how to deal with this kind of skin problem. The appearance of cellulite which look like the bump, dimple or even lump which similarly look like the orange peels often makes women feel that frustrated. That commonly happens to their buttock, belly, or even thigh. Those are the most frequent place which becomes the favorite place of the cellulite. If you are also suffering from this depressing skin problem, go on finding the complete information about cellulite is a good beginning so that you will really know about it and know how to deal with that and what you can do for not to make it exacerbated.

Knowing Well about Cellulite

Cellulite can be really a worse nuisance especially for women. It will destruct the look and beauty. That is actually the fat cell protrusion. That happens through the connective fibrous tissue which is located in the upper layer of your skin. Cellulite can happen to anyone but the women become the riskier ones. People with the light skin will find their cellulite to be much more notable. Cellulite also can happen because of various factors as like the aging, hormone, genetic, weight loss, weight gain, and so on. That also often happens to women after delivery. The unpleasant look will make the people who suffer it, especially women, feel uncomfortable and also unconfident. You also need to notice that cellulite does not only happen to people with overweight but also the people with ideal yet healthy body weight can also experience it.

What might Cause Cellulite to be Exacerbated

For sure, no one who suffers from cellulite want to make their cellulite looks exacerbated and has the worsened look. It is better for them to know well what can make the cellulite to be much serious and look worse, as like bad body metabolism, the lack of workout, smoking, having bad diet, and so on. Those are some of the factors which can make your cellulite to be much worse. In addition, stress can also play a great role on worsening your cellulite. It is important for you to always maintain your healthy lifestyle and make it balance. Getting rid of the stress will also be helpful much.

How to Get Rid of the Worse Cellulites

As we have said before, actually cellulite is such a normal thing and condition but many people often get frustrated because of its worse appearance that often destruct their appearance too. Of course, you can find so many ways to treat it but the most wise way and effective way yet safe is by seeing a physician, as like a dermatologist and consult your cellulite problem to her or him. They will give some recommendation regarding to the proper treatments you can do on dealing with the cellulite problem. That is including on using the safe yet right product too.


The Top Causes of Cellulite and What to Do About It

Let’s face it: Cellulite is frustrating. These dimples affect roughly 80–90 percent of women, according to a 2015 study on cellulite by the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. And for such a common frustration, many of us have no idea what causes cellulite—and, more importantly, how to prevent or treat it. Fortunately, there’s enough research and data out there to help us identify, treat and prevent cellulite. Learn what really causes cellulite and how to effectively treat or prevent it below.

The Culprits: Causes of Cellulite

Genetics play a significant role in increasing the likelihood of cellulite, but they’re not the only factor. It takes many layers to form the skin, and when these layers aren’t in harmony, cellulite occurs. Under the epidermis and dermis, the skin’s shallowest layer of fat sometimes pushes against the connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker and create a bumpy texture. It’s thought that when the skin’s connective tissue weakens, these fat protrusions develop more easily. Aging and thinning skin can exacerbate the process, while, estrogen, insulin and thyroid hormone imbalances may also contribute. In short, genetics, connective tissue weakening, aging and hormone imbalances can all cause cellulite.

A Few Myths to Ignore

Have you ever heard that “Cellulite only affects women of a certain body type”? It’s not true! Cellulite can affect men, although rarely, especially those suffering from hormone imbalances. And, yes, thin women can get cellulite, too. While the effect is heightened by weight gain, this issue affects women of all shapes, colors and sizes.

“Liposuction is a cure-all for cellulite” is another common myth. Despite these claims, its effects vary per person—some may see improvement, while others might actually experience more pronounced pock marking.

Healthy Habits to Treat/Prevent Cellulite

Healthy skin reflects a healthy diet—and vice versa. If you’re consuming a lot of fat, carbs and salt, your skin is likely to show it, so watch what you’re putting into your body. Even if you already have a bit of dimply skin, regular aerobic exercise and resistance training can help cut back on your body fat content, which can improve the texture of the skin. Your best line of defense might be the weight room. Firm muscle tissue contributes to smoother, more even skin, so start practicing your squats and deadlifts. A more sedentary, unbalanced lifestyle leaves you open to cellulite formation—so stay active and healthy to stay smooth.

Additional Cellulite Treatment Options

Cellulite treatment options include everything from body lotion to more innovative, in-office approaches. Shock-wave therapy is one particularly innovative option. This noninvasive procedure uses low-energy waves to bolster the proteins that make up the skin’s connective tissue, potentially easing the appearance of cellulite over time. Topical caffeine- and aminophylline-based products (like this one by Mio with shea butter and caffeine or this one by Jan Marini with aminophylline and glycolic acid) can also help to smooth lumpy skin by limiting fatty tissue production at the source.

Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all cause for cellulite, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We recommend trying a multi-faceted approach, like a combination of a healthy diet, active lifestyle and a topical treatment.

This article has been reviewed by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Emmy Graber.


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