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Thin Thighs Program Review – How To Get Toned, Slim Thighs & Sexy, Cellulite-Free Legs

Many times you can spot a few common characteristics when it comes to cellulite removal problems. Often excess body fat, poor dietary habits and a buildup of toxins in the body are to blame. Victoria Johnson’s Thin Thighs Program promises to turn everything around including help you learn how to lose thigh fat, get rid of cellulite on legs and ultimately get the slim thighs and sexy legs you’ve always dreamed of.

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Thin Thighs Program

When I first took a look at this product, I was impressed by the sheer volume of information. With the primary program itself and all the extras added in, you’ll find yourself with a complete education and plan for getting the trim, cellulite-free lower body you want.

And while all the extras add additional value and are quite good, you would be well-advised to focus on the main plan and just a couple of the bonuses first. Otherwise you might be overwhelmed by too much information and never actually start the Thin Thighs program.

It should be noted that this is a complete fat loss and thigh sculpting program. It’s not the latest scheme to rid your body of cellulite overnight. Although you must actually follow the program and do as it instructs to lose excess body fat and get smooth, firm thighs and a tight lower body, you will see results with consistent action.

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About The Thin Thighs Program & The Bonuses I Recommend Using Right Away

Main Program – This is the comprehensive guide that will get you where you want to go. Victoria covers the basics as well as her philosophy on fitness and health. She has quite a story of her own and is well-qualified to teach you how to do exactly what she has done with her own body. She’s also a great source of motivation which is overlooked in so many fat loss programs. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do in this section as well as the “why” behind it.

Must-Have Bonus Items – While there are many extras included with your program (at least at the time of this review), in my opinion you’ll want to start with these 3 first:

1) Thin Thighs Program Quick Start Diet – Comes complete with diet plan, daily menu examples and tasty but healthy recipes. And, as with the main program Victoria includes a lot of inspiration through out the manual. This could actually be a separate product on its own.

2) Quick Start Diet 2-part Audio – You’ll also receive the audio version of the diet plan available as an mp3 download. It’s perfect for on-the-go listening and to reinforce the concepts taught in the book.

3) Cellulite Solution 2-part Audio – This downloadable mp3 recording gets right to the heart of the matter – how to get rid of cellulite specifically. In this program, Victoria shares everything she’s got to help you finally lose those “lady lumps” as she likes to call them. It’s the perfect component to the Thin Thighs Program and should be listened to multiple times for the motivational component especially.

As mentioned earlier, there are several other great bonuses included with the program. You can see them all here.

Do I Recommend The Thin Thighs Program?

For those who have excess fat and cellulite on their lower body, jiggly thighs and a general lack of muscle tone, yes, I absolutely recommend this program. However, I do not advise anyone who is not willing to read and listen to the program materials and actually follow the program to buy it – it will be a waste of money if you’re not going to use it.

But, if you’re ready to take action against your problem areas and get the amazing lower body and sexy thighs you’ve always wanted, now’s the time. Victoria gives you everything you need to get the type of body that turns heads. And, because the program is available digitally as a downloadable e-book and mp3 audio files, you can access it instantly once you complete the order form. Plus, your order is secure and covered by a full 60-day money-back guarantee.

Are you ready for thin thighs and sexy legs guaranteed to turn heads? Click here now to get started with the Thin Thighs Program.

Cellulite on Thin Women

Embarrassing and unsightly, no one likes cellulite, on themselves or anyone else. But while most people have no trouble identifying it, scant few understand exactly what cellulite is.

Cellulite is fat that protrudes out from the lower layers of skin into the dermis, or outer layer of the skin. Cellulite gives a dimpled appearance to the skin, often grotesquely described as a “cottage cheese” look. Commonly cellulite is seen on the rear end, thighs, and lower legs, though it can appear elsewhere. That is why there is also cellulite on thin women.

Surprisingly, modern science still knows very little about the cause or causes of cellulite. We do know, however that between 85% and 98% of women (that’s almost all women) have at least some cellulite somewhere on their bodies. So, contrary to popular misconception, then, and despite how used to seeing cellulite on obese people we may be, cellulite is not a derivative of being overweight.

Science has also observed that cellulite is less common in men, leading many researchers to believe there is hormonal component to its formation. Prevailing theories suggest that the appearance of cellulite could be related to one’s diet, more specifically the ingestion of large amount of trans-fats as well as foods like pasta, white bread, and other foods heavy in white flour. Again, this is suspected, but not yet “known” or proven.

As is the case whenever a perceived new problem arises in our culture, manufacturers scamper to produce and release countless products targeting the cellulite-afflicted. You’ll find gels, lotions, pills and more all promising to rid you of that unsightly cellulite. Do they work? So far there’s nothing but anecdotal evidence supporting these products at best.

Another false hope in the battle against cellulite is liposuction, the removal of fat from the body through surgery. Liposuction does not suck out cellulite.

Some sufferers have found that certain kinds of massage may produce a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the body, but not a reduction in the actual existence of it. This is because there are no blood vessels in subcutaneous fat, so when the body is massaged and circulation below the skin is stimulated, the surface of the skin appears smoothed out. Massage, then, is only a superficial solution to cellulite, and one with effects lasting only for the short term.

The only steps so far that have shown to make any real and lasting reduction in cellulite are the same steps advised for proper and effective weight loss: a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting plenty of both exercise and rest seems to be the only known remedy for unsightly and embarrassing cellulite. It’s not reinventing the wheel, and it’s no quick fix – but it works. And when it comes to looking and feeling good, what works is all that matters.

Your Weekly Anti-Cellulite Menu for Thinner Thighs

Last week you discovered the first part of our weekly anti-cellulite menu to get thinner thighs. Here is the last part, so your menu is now complete!

The second part of your anti-cellulite menu



  • 1 cup of tea with lemon
  • Light pancakes with maple syrup
  • 1 0% fat plain yogurt


  • Oven cooked potatoes
  • 1 chicken breast
  • Mushrooms
  • 1 fruit


  • Grilled fish or prawns
  • Stir fried vegetables
  • 1 0% fat yogurt with cinnamon



  • 1 cup of tea
  • 2 slices of whole grain bread with margarine
  • 1 0% fat fruit yogurt


  • Peas or green beans
  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 slice of whole grain bread with 2 squares of chocolate
  • 1 fruit


  • 1 omelette
  • Broccoli
  • 1 piece of cheese or a yogurt



  • 1 cup of tea with lemon
  • 1 glass of orange juice
  • Muesli with skimmed milk


  • Pasta
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Red meat


  • Italian Bresaola
  • Vegetable soup
  • 1 0% fat yogurt with cinnamon


Sunday is your treat day, but don’t go too crazy on quantities! You can treat yourself to that new yummy recipe you found or create your own using the guide lines of this menu. Treat yourself to a nice breakfast and a nice desert for lunch. Don’t forget to still have a light dinner, the evening and night is the time your body stocks fat the most, so having a rich meal for dinner could ruine your weekly efforts.

For quicker and better results, don’t forget to use your CelluBlue Cup regularly during the week and week-end with body oil. A 5 minute massage everyday is enough to help get rid of cellulite and smooth and tone your skin. Also add targeted workout sessions of physical activity to your weekly routine to work on your lower body muscles!

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Reducing Cellulite with VelaShape

Sexy, thin and firm body, who wouldn’t want that? All our lives (especially us girls) we have been trying so hard, in every possible way to lose weight, tighten our bodies and get rid of that stupid cellulite.

We have all tried millions and millions of diets that are so exhausting and all for nothing. Worthless hours wasted in the gym and worthless hours of sweating and working out.

Countless restrictions on the food we eat and countless failures. It seems like no matter what we do and how hard we try we just can’t look like we want to and can’t achieve our goal.

And this can be really frustrating, especially when there are women who look absolutely amazing and perfectly toned everywhere around us.

Have you ever wondered how they do it? How they managed to have those bodies?

I don’t know for the rest of you, but I feel that I’m on a diet my whole life. Every day I try to find some new way to lose weight, new way to tighten my body, new foods with twice less calories, and at the end of the day – no results.

And then I start all over again. If you see the bigger picture, most of you are probably doing the same thing. And oh, don’t even let me start talking about cellulite.

A disgusting layer of fat which looks like orange skin, and we can’t wear bikinis or shorts because of it.

Now that’s the real problem. Cellulite is so stubborn that we can’t find a way to get rid of it no matter what we do.

If you are one of us sufferers, this will cheer you up. There is something that you can do to stop all these struggles. Have you ever heard of VelaShape?

What is Velashape?

VelaShape is an extremely efficient device that is used for a laser procedure which is non-invasive.

VelaShape uses radio frequency and infrared light energy to shrink the fat cells in the treated area.

VelaShape is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cleared and safe to use. It is claimed that it firms and tones your body with as little as 4 treatments.

Who wouldn’t want to get visible improvement after only 4 treatments?

How does Velashape work?

The VelaShape device works with multiple techniques and methods combines. It works with a Bi-Polar Radio frequency plus an Infrared Light Energy.

Apart from these, it also has a Vacuum and a Mechanical Massage. The process of using the VelaShape procedure implies heating the treatment area because of the infrared light.

It feels like a massage and it is not uncomfortable at all. The Vacuum and the rollers for the Mechanical Massage make the skin soft and smooth in order to receive the treatment heat energy better.

This treatment increases the metabolism of your energy storages, lymphatic drainage is also increased and the size of your fat storage cells is significantly decreased.

Expected Results

VelaShape is a device that will provide a complete body changing treatment. There have been millions of happy and successful people who have had amazing results for as little as only 4 treatments.

Using VelaShape will provide you with a smooth, soft skin, with very noticeable cellulite reduction.

Apart from the cellulite loss, you will also experience a complete body reshaping by treating the areas you wish to change and reshape.

In short, VelaShape can completely change your body and make it thinner, with no cellulite and tight.

Areas of Treatment

Like we said before, VelaShape is an FDA cleared device and it is safe to use for treating many areas of your body.

VelaShape can be used on your thighs, buttocks, abdomen and stomach, legs, your love handles, arms and back.

Who can use VelaShape?

VelaShape is a safe treatment for almost everyone. It is proven that VelaShape can be used on all skin types, colors and tones.

Most of the people are perfectly suitable for a VelaShape treatment. However, if you suffer from some condition, talk to your doctor or the person treating with VelaShape in order to see if it’s okay for you to use this treatment.

Pain or Consequences

We mentioned several times that VelaShape is a perfectly safe and healthy treatment. The process itself is not painful and it feels like a heated massage.

After the treatment, many people have felt like a small heat in their skin tissues and little redness is a normal and common thing.

Apart from the heat feeling and redness, there is nothing else that can affect you in a negative way.

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