Stages of cellulite

Stage of cellulite - how to determine 4, 3, first

Cellulite called changed as a consequence of disturbed metabolism of fat tissue. Disease develops only in women, as fat cells in the female body more. «Orange peel» is formed, usually on the thighs, the legs, the butt, is not as harmless as it may seem, and requires treatment.

Causes of

The first stage of cellulite can see your practical every female after the ripening of the skin, that is, after 20 years. The less predisposing to the development of disease factors, the later starts a serious pathological changes in the structure of adipose tissue.

The effect of «orange peel» due to the violation of microcirculation of blood and lymph in the subcutaneous fat layer.

The causes of cellulite formation are a few:

  • lack of exercise and the habit of sitting leg to leg, leading to stagnation of blood and lymph;
  • wearing shoes with heels and tight, tight clothes. The fact that a high heel forces you to transfer body weight on socks and tight jeans pull together the body. Both disrupts blood flow, causes swelling, and triggers the formation of cellulite;
  • regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, leading to edema;
  • Smoking adversely affects all body systems, especially the heart and blood vessels;
  • hormonal changes in the body or violation of the synthesis of female sex hormones;
  • improper diet with a predominance of fatty or too salty, spicy foods;

  • significant fluctuations in weight;
  • chronic stress.

Direct relationship between stressful conditions and regeneration of adipose tissue can not be traced. However, stress affects the hormonal status, causing physiological changes in a woman’s body.

The mechanism of development

Due to disturbed blood circulation of the liquid excreted from the body properly and in the end begins to seep through the cell membranes into the tissues.

There is a strong swelling – the main reason for the formation of cellulite bumps.

To provoke puffiness may be a violation of water-salt metabolism. Fat cell absorbs water, swells and deforms. Permanent swelling under the skin causes the accumulation of modified adipose tissue.

Over time, the cellulite becomes more noticeable, visually appearing as a clear, obvious dents and bumps on the skin that really looked like a orange peel.

In the human body for the processes of accumulation of adipose tissue respond to alpha-receptors, and the breakdown of fat cells beta – receptors. In women, the first group of receptors is concentrated mainly in the hips and abdomen. That is why the appearance of cellulite often occur is on the legs, buttocks, and waist.

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How to determine the stage of cellulite

As in any disease, the development of cellulite passes through several stages, with corresponding symptoms.

It is important to understand how far along in the process to have time to react to changes-that is, to choose a suitable method of treatment.

At each stage the clinical picture is changing, and ways of influencing the subcutaneous fat layer are different. If at first a woman may cope with the problem alone (if you pay attention to it), then in the later stages require serious treatment.


To discern the origin of the disease in the young, and sometimes at a very young age.

The first stage is characterized by the following features:

  • compression of the skin in the problem area leads to a slight change in skin pattern. Appear light, almost invisible tubercles, which are without pressure do not noticeable;
  • sometimes there is a slight swelling, which is manifested by a characteristic discoloration of the skin;
  • unpleasant or painful sensations do not occur;
  • visually, the skin remains smooth, smooth, preserves the natural pink color.

At this stage already begins a pathological process of deformation of fat cells due to the accumulation of fluid. Metabolic processes in them, first slow and then violated. Experiencing chronic stagnation of body fluids (lymph and blood), although the final stage is still far. It may take years before the first symptoms will be replaced by more precise picture of the disease.

In the first stage, the woman herself can successfully fight cellulite.

The main task is to stimulate limfoidnye, blood circulation, metabolism and to withdraw from the subcutaneous space of stagnant liquid, i.e. to reduce swelling.

You can do it yourself. Will help hard scrubbing, anticellulitis massage, exercise, sauna, cupping (vacuum).

There is a perception that the first stage of cellulite is the norm for the physiology of women. Its body is configured for bearing a child, but because the accumulation of adipose tissue in pregnancy and breastfeeding of course. In any case worried in the first place, but you need to monitor the situation and take preventive measures.


In the second stage, the bumps on the skin are manifested visually: they can be distinguished without special pressure. Swelling becomes more pronounced, respectively condenses the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

When the voltage of the muscles of the thighs, abdomen, legs, small, but clearly structured tubercles appear easily without special compression.

The output of the liquid is slowed down even more, it accumulates in the adipose cell, and pressure to subcutaneous tissues increases. The veins are compressed, the lymph flow slows down, blood flow is impaired.

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The manifestation of the second stage the following:

  • skin feels soft, rough;
  • bumps without squeezing it, almost not visible, but a careful study of the skin hints of «orange peel»;
  • compression of the skin in the problem area making cellulite clear.

At the second stage of the disease to defeat him harder. Will have to work in a complex, hard and long, and the change of habits, addictions and lifestyle is necessary.


The penultimate stage 3 is clearly evident:

  • bumps and dents visually noticeable even at a glance;
  • sometimes the hips are distinguishable capillary mesh, attached the skin a cyanotic tint;
  • when pressed, exude a pronounced fat fraction, easily palpable nodes;
  • the skin, devoid of vitality and natural healthy color.

At this stage, the veins and arteries, literally flattened misshapen fat cells are not able to run properly. Tissues are not supplied with oxygen, as expected, the amount of nutrients in the subcutaneous space tends to zero. In the result the connective tissue degenerates, the volume of lipocytes (fat cells) is further increased, and a membrane partition between them thicken.

Soldering, fusion of the fat cells with each other leads to the clear localization of cellulite. If you touch the skin, it will cool to the touch due to poor blood supply.

Another characteristic of this stage is a symptom – a violation of sensitivity in the affected area. The skin becomes insensitive.


Stage 4 cellulite – final.

It is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • changes the color of the skin, even in the sun tans the skin remains pale;
  • to the touch it is unpleasant, unnaturally cold and hard;
  • in case of accidental injury wounds and scratches heal slowly;
  • lumps of fat become very large and visible all the time when compression of the muscles change shape, and depression among fat depots deepen;
  • in particularly complex cases, the surface of the skin scarring;
  • swelling remains permanently.

It is important that any pressure on the affected area painful. In some cases, the final stage can end with death of tissue, especially if there is persistent bluish color, and pain.

When you need to see a specialist

The exacerbation of the clinical symptoms is reason to seek medical attention. If cellulite is left untreated, chronic circulatory disorders of the normal circulation of lymph and blood will not only increase the rate of formation of subcutaneous fat, but also lead to the rupture of blood vessels and gradual tissue death.

The woman needs to carefully monitor the condition of the skin in problem areas – i.e. where the concentration of alpha-receptors is maximal.

In the first two stages of visual diagnostics is enough: if external changes are absent or slight, ordinary skin care with the mandatory inclusion in the program of exfoliating, moisturizing, relaxing massage.

With the preventive purpose it is necessary to ensure proper nutrition and to prevent stagnation of fluids – blood and lymph.

Physical activity, elimination of bad habits, a healthy diet with restriction of salt, fat, sugar, chemicals, will warn the profound degeneration of adipose tissue. The basis of the diet should be fresh vegetables, dairy products, fruits, light protein foods.

If the disease passed into the third stage, appeal to the doctor necessarily. This may be a dermatologist or cosmetologist with sufficient experience.

Consultation will help to establish the direction of the treatment, to Orient on the methods of struggle with cellulite.

In the third stage, it is quite difficult, but not impossible.

In the transition of cellulite in the fourth stage the patient is in need of serious medical care. The problem of the category of cosmetic goes into the category of dangerous to health. Pain and the danger of necrosis, reduce the quality of life and threaten the health.

So you need to be is important to consult not only the dermatologist but also the gynecologist and endocrinologist.

It is important to have hormone therapy.

Due the normalization of the synthesis of hormones and metabolic processes to connect other methods of getting rid of cellulite:

  • hardware methods,
  • mesotherapy,
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • peels and wraps.

Timely correct assessment of skin condition will help to avoid costly long-term treatment of cellulite.

Photo: Before and after

Cellulite Stages

As 95% of women have some degree of cellulite, it could be argued that it is simply normal. However, it is now being accepted as a real medical condition rather than just a superficial beauty condition. X-rays and thermal imaging, used in the diagnosis of circulation disorders, are now being used to study cellulite.

As Elizabeth Dancey, whose book is revolutionizing how we treat cellulite explains, “There are medical factors that contribute to the development of cellulite: damage to micro-circulation, venous or lymphatic drainage due to waste and toxin build-up. There is always some overlap, which increases as the condition progresses”.


Visible signs: The pre-cellulite stage when skin will show no real visible signs, although bruises and cuts may be slow to heal. When pinched gently between the forefinger and thumb, the skin shows a slight ‘orange-peel’ effect’.

Inside the body: A general slowing in the flow of blood through the microcirculation and the venous/lymphatic drainage. Blood flow in the smaller veins and capillaries comes almost to a standstill: lymph fluid begins to build up in the tissues and some protein may separate out from the fluid and set to form fibers.Tissues will be more susceptible to forming cellulite and to fluid retention.


Visible signs: Close examination of the skin reveals broken veins and skin discoloration. Bruises may appear after the smallest of knocks. The skin feels thicker and slightly tender if pinched gently between the forefingers and thumb. You can also see definite ‘orange-peel effect.

Inside the body: The veins and capillaries are now weakened and break down under the pressure from the backing of blood.  Blood and lymph fluid now seep off among the tissues. This increases the pressure and restricts the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage still further.


Visible signs: Without pinching, the skin appears tethered and puckered- this is known as ‘mattress skin’. It is obviously swollen, defining the appearance of the sweat glands and hair follicles. Fluid retention is now a permanent feature, giving the skin the classical orange peel effect. Bruising occurs spontaneously. The skin feels cold to the touch. Broken veins may be present, and if so, these will be large and often clearly visible below the cellulite areas.

Inside the body: The lymph vessels are damaged and squashed by the increasing pressure, which brings lymph fluid to a virtual standstill. This causes protein to separate out of the fluid and congeal into fibres. The fibres form a meshwork around the fat cells, trapping fluid and creating the courser tethering effect. Fluid retention is now a permanent feature. Blood bypasses the congested area rather than flow through it.


Visible signs: The skin is becoming deprived of oxygen and nutrients, it now bruises easily, is swollen and is becoming tender to the touch because of the fluid causing pressure in the tissues. The skin now feels cold to the touch.

Inside the body: the lymph system is at a virtual stand still, if nothing is done the problem will sure to increase, because the blood and lymph is beginning to by-pass the areas. Therefore diet and exercise have very little effect on the condition.


Visible signs: all of the previous stages are visible, but now with the build up of pressure the blood is forced through the area to respond to metabolic toxins. These cause hot islands amongst the otherwise cold tissue, making the skin appear blotchy, with red-hot islands.

Inside the body: The blood has been redirected around the effected tissue.


Visible signs: the body’s silhouette begins to disfigure, forming bulky solid masses of lumps and bumps. All of the previous stages are present, but the condition can continue to build, due to the body’s natural fat storing receptors. The fibres become thicker and more numerous, forming huge honeycombs of fat, fluid and fibre know as steatomes.

Inside the body: the presence of steatomes and the distorted silhouette show the cellulite to be well established. Fat cannot be naturally eliminated from the cells because of the poor blood circulation. However, fat continues to be stored in the cells because of the preponderance of fat-storing receptors on the surface of the cells.

So the fat increases while the fibres get thicker and more numerous.The areas where the blood now flows are forced to respond to metabolic toxins nearby, by opening up and allowing large amounts of blood to pass though the affected area, forming ‘hot islands’ among the otherwise cold tissue.

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These days a large number of methods for body contours correction as well as cellulite treatment are being used: from classical massage as well as different types of medical wrapping to surgical correction. Therefore, it is difficult for a patient to choose the method that suits him/her best. Moreover, the patient doesn’t know what result to expect. Will it really be effective?

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There are 4 main stages of cellulite (panniculitis). Depending on the stage, it is necessary to decide how to get rid of it and what method to choose:

Stage I - cellulite (orange peel) is visible only when you squeeze it. In this case massages, wraps and medical apparatus are used.

Stage II - signs of cellulite are seen while you are standing; however, if you lie down - they disappear. In this case the effectiveness of massage is low. Hence, medical apparatus is used.

Stage III - signs of cellulite are visible while standing or lying. It is a more difficult stage and the principle of vacuum massage treatment, which is based on the majority of medical apparatus methods, is not effective or little effective. The best treatment method for this stage is acoustic shockwave therapy. This method is often called non-surgical liposuction due to the fact that after the treatment triglycerides are removed from fat cells without harming them. The fat cell volume decreases, which results in visible improvements.

Stage IV - rough, large subcutaneous nodes are visible while standing or lying. In this case acoustic shockwave method or surgical treatment are used.

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  • We use only clinically proven methods for cellulite treatment (their efficiency has been confirmed in clinical trials).
  • Our proposed methods for cellulite treatment produce better results in a shorter period of time (e.g. 4 Exilis procedures often deliver a better result than 20 sessions of a fairly good masseur who performs procedures with the help of his hands).
  • In case our methods don’t help, the only possible effective step is surgical intervention.
  • Exilis or acoustic shockwave procedure (X-WAVE) (BTL) is non-invasive (no anesthesia, no cuts and no surgical intervention are applied). These methods can be used individually or combined in order to achieve the best result.
  • One of the first in Lithuania who started providing these services.
  • Procedures are performed using only the highest quality equipment from world recognized manufacturers (BTL).
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Cellulite – the deposition of the fatty layer under the skin, leading to deformation and stretching of the skin.

Causes cellulite

What is the reason? It is appropriate to talk about it as polymorphic, that is a lot of reasons, and one complements the other. The first stage is heredity… cellulite is Transmitted through the female line.

Please look carefully at its closest relatives: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and You all will be clear. If cellulite is visible from them, the same thing awaits you. But that genes worked, need, and predisposing factors:

1) sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, when the movement of blood and lymph through the vessels 2) poor diet, excessive consumption of foods rich in unsaturated fats: margarine, chips, assorted pastries, pickles, smoked meats. 3) Smoking

4) Endocrine disorders, water and electrolyte disorders, and diseases associated with them, slowing down fat metabolism and the exchange of body fluids.

Just share the four stages of cellulite:

1) the First stage is all women. Yes, if you examine any known model, we will find her cellulite, as female sex hormones, which are responsible for fat deposition, and already there’s a reason…. Another thing is that it is almost invisible. Carrying out diagnostics with a special strip that captures the “warm” and “cold” lesions on the skin, in the best case will always give the minimum number of “cold”, that is cellulite. “Perfectly slim women” we will always find 0-1-th stage. 2) the Second stage – the skin fiber over compacted. 3) the Third is the “orange peel”, which is nothing like soldering adipose tissue connective tissue fibers, poorly visible lying, but well standing.

4) In the fourth stage, respectively, cellulite can be seen in any position.

The first cellulite often appears on the buttocks (“Pope”) and feet.

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite treatment should be comprehensive, not limited to one procedure since to get rid of cellulite quickly is impossible. In the first place are:

1) Diet. It is better to start with communicate with a qualified nutritionist, because you’re “hidden pitfalls”. The thing is, everyone wants results quickly and immediately, sitting down on fasting days, but this is the danger: first, a person loses weight, the elasticity of the skin decreases due to the excretion of fluid rather than fat (fat will need more time), and then when you cancel diet tightens skin, and stretch marks are formed. Alas, everyone has a different body, its physiological state, health… So start with the advice of a professional.

If to speak in General, then remove from power a muffin, sweet, smoked, food, and drinks with artificial colors, do not abuse coffee.

Caffeine in large doses impairs circulation, and in small helps burn fat and used in local cosmetic act, for the correction. But the right proportion, which is contained in the drugs You are yourself not define.

Definitely give up Smoking or at first at least reduce the number of cigarettes smoked.

Very useful for cellulite citrus and green tea, watermelons, bananas, baked potatoes, seafood, greens.

2) Sport, do not try to help “iron friend”, if possible take a walk on foot.

3) Home remedies for the correction of cellulite is the various ointments and creams. A lot of them and I will not write their names, lest he regarded it as an advertisement… I will just Say that they are in most its contain seaweed, citrus, caffeine. Algae, in addition to the mass of useful properties, improve blood circulation due to the substances that are in them, and iodine has biodegradable properties. Citrus fruits and their antioxidant properties rejuvenate the skin, oxidized fats, and improve blood flow. These same properties, blue clay, oil bath with citrus and Apple cider vinegar when applied to the skin, in addition to the main property and still struggling with spider veins ( couperose). Many love to make wraps with creams, gels , increasing the temperature has drainage properties, but be careful, because varicose veins is a contraindication, as for the anti-cellulite massage.

4) Massage, which can be manual, cupping. It is conducted with a variety of creams, oils. Popular now massage, which is due to biologically active substances contained in honey, has anti-cellulite properties, properties to remove excess fat deposits. But be careful, with all the positive things allergic reactions nor uncommon. The very effective combination of anti-cellulite massage with the peelings, but don’t forget what I said above… Now many professional cosmetic companies have developed effective methods of correction of cellulite cosmetics, called lines.

5) Hardware techniques when using different types of currents adjust Your figure. The most popular are machine Futura RHS (biostimulation of tissues, light therapy, ultrasound), LPG (vacuum therapy). The overall effect of them is aimed at fat burning, skin rejuvenation. They are very appropriate when too lazy or busy to go to the gym.

6) Mesotherapy – injections of various drugs in problematic zones and biologically active points.

7) Liposuction. For me, it’s the method that you want to go last. Because fat is not a foreign body in the body. He participates in the cell structure, metabolic processes, and of coarse its removal is unlikely a positive impact on the body. So in the 80-ies appeared ultrasonic liposuction based on cell disruption by ultrasound. Now came to the aid of a vacuum. We must not forget that excess skin while reducing the amount of fat no one will be removed or will need another intervention. So this technique should be approached wisely.

In cosmetology developed different methods, different professional cosmetic line. They are trained to do the procedure without learning is impossible, it for use against cellulite creams that have to pick up a cosmetologist, and wraps, and all other methods of cellulite. If someone for example owns glycolic peels, can’t do peeling with fruit acids, if not specialization. Even diet must appoint a nutritionist, because this is done with consideration of the peculiarities of the patient and contraindications. So only one thing to see a specialist and he will pick up the program, what you need for You.

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