Massage cellulite away

How to Massage Cellulite away?

The primary objective of an anti cellulite massage technique is to melt away the fat and reduce the appearance of conspicuous cottage cheese look of the skin. Anti cellulite massage technique works on fat cells of our body and help these cells to detach from the tissues and reabsorb evenly. This type of specific massages is performed on those areas of the body that are most susceptible to cellulite. Legs, hips, buttocks, and abs are most prone to developing cellulite.

We all fancy a slim body, and anti cellulite massage techniques is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the cellulite. Ensure that you take help from professional person who uses a cellulite cream or anti cellulite lotions while performing the massage techniques on your skin. The results are best achieved under the realms of a professional masseur in a cellulite clinic or a spa.

Mentioned below are few simple anti cellulite massage techniques to reduce cellulite.

Tip: Massage along with a cellulite cream for improved results

Technique #1: Start with full preparation

In order to achieve a cellulite-free skin objective, it is imperative to employ all techniques with full preparation. You should make sure that you leave no stones unturned in ensuring success toward the end of these techniques. Firstly, start by preparing your skin for the treatment by applying natural body massage oil. Application of the oil will improve your circulatory system and also stimulate a significant blood flow in your capillaries and peripheral veins.

Technique #2: Knuckle massage

As per this technique, use your fists for massaging the ugly cellulite bulges. Hit or press the affected areas gently by using your fists. The crushing movements will eventually break down the fats.

Technique #3: The ‘S’ styled massage

Here the cellulite bulges are massaged in the form of the English alphabet ‘S’. Start this technique by standing straight and placing both of your thumbs in right angles with your thighs. Next, grasp a big section of the cellulite-affected area of one thigh with both hands and massage in the form of ‘S’ by gently twisting the flesh of your thighs in reverse direction.

Technique #4: Wringing massage

Wringing movements will help in reducing cellulite remarkable well. Keep your muscles relaxed and then tightly hold a portion of cellulite-affected area of your thighs with both of your hands. Now twist the area in such a way that you are wringing out excessive water from clothes.

Technique #5: End it

An anti-cellulite massage treatment should be finished in a professional manner in order to achieve desired results. Ensure that you massage your skin once again starting from feet and going upward.

Anti Cellulite DIY Massagers

There are many anti-cellulite massagers available in the market that claim high promises and even produce results. These massages provide the boost to your massage routine for better results. The massagers come in two basic types.

Electric Massage Machines

1. Bliss Fatgirlslim Lean Machine: 

This is a vacuum massager and comes with a anti-cellulite massage cream. The cream itself is not bad but you can always ditch the cream or use another one of your choice.

The brand/manufacturer says this is used in all of their spas as well and claim that this treatment is infact Spa grade when used at home as well. The product has some good reviews but check it out for yourself.

The massager + cream pack is a bit pricey. But you may get it on offer pricing. Buy the Product Here or click here for the latest offers.

2. Verseo Rollercell2 Massage System

This is a roller based massage system. You have different types of rollers for different types of massages. You can mix and match. They do provide a guide but you will need to learn how to use it effectively.

All in all it is a professional grade massage system and comes with a massage gel to keep your skin lubed up while massaging. But you can always change it with your own cellulite cream or use some other lube.

Price is manageable. Buy it Now here or click here to check the best offers.

3. Carejoy® Handheld Massage Machine

This is a simple hand massager which sends vibrations throughout the muscles. There are a few different attachments you can try.

It is light and convenient to handle. Can handle different angles and provides vibrations of over 2500 times per minute.

Package doesnot include a massage cream/gel. Accordingly the price is lesser than the other two options.

Reasonably priced. Buy it Now here or click here to check top offers.

4. Anddas Professional Handheld Massager

Another handheld massager but with more attachments. Helps in removing cellulite while stimulating blood flow.

Again the package doesnot contain any massage lube/cream, but you can use one with this product for a more powerful effect.

Has silicone flat roller massage head, suitable for painful cellulite.

Reasonably priced. Check the best offers here.

5. Fashion HSF Vacuum Body Massager

It is a handheld vacuum massager combined with rollers. Works on both the cellulite and body fat.  Has a charging holder for ease of use. Includes red LED lights and the manufacturer claims it helps in skin rejuvenation, though I have my doubts.

You can use any massage lube or other anti-cellulite creams during massage. The product itself is cheaper than the rest. Quality is ok. You can check the customer reviews here.

Price is cheaper. Buy it Now or check the best price offers.

Massage Mitts

These, as you can see, are mitts. These help provide extra stimulation to your skin in comparison to massaging with your hands. As there is no auto-electric motor so you will need to do all the work. But the good thing is you get more control on how to massage.

There is really not much difference between these mitts. The only thin you can consider is the durability and the price. Let me know if and why you prefer one over the other.

1. Scala Cellulite Massage Mitt: This is one of best selling cellulite massager online. Check the best deals on this over here.

2. Olabeauty Anti Cellulite Massager Mitt

3. Art Naturals Cellulite Massager & Remover Brush Mitt

Massaging with Cellulite Creams

As mentioned above massaging is a great technique you must try for cellulite. Many experts believe that you can get much better results if you couple this with cellulite creams. Here are the top cellulite reduction creams. Click on links below to know more:

Dermology Anti-Cellulite Solution

Revitol Cellulite Cream

How To Massage Cellulite Away

I’m just gonna get straight into it today because I have a tiny rant and then a hugely awesome DIY trick for ma ladies.

A few weeks back I was hmm’ing and haw’ing over this cute bikini (I’m prepping early for my winter vaycay away!) I was trying one at one of my favourite shops. I loved (most of) it from the front but when I turned around, all I could see was cellulite.

Now I’ve told myself that maaaybe the fluorescent lighting had something to do with the atrocity at which I was staring at, but all in all I needed to do something about it.

Naturally, I hit the big G and started searching for any DIY tips on how to get rid of cellulite and found this one method that is not only free but feels good too!

The good news is, I think it’s working! The bad news, ummm, well, I don’t have any.

So keep scrollin’ because I’m about to teach you how to massage cellulite away. Don’t you already feel kinda relaxed?

Cellulite 101

Before we get into the juicy stuff I guess I should break down what the heck cellulite really is and why we ladies are really the only ones ‘lucky’ enough to get it.

Simply put, us gals are more prone to cellulite because we have a larger percentage of fat than men. Lucky, aren’t we?

And because we have a larger fat percentage, sometimes our body needs a place to store that extra fat tissue. Our body’s favourite place to put it? Our legs and our butts. *sigh*

Now, a big part of this fat content exists in the deep layers of our skin (otherwise known as our dermis) and is held in place by connective tissue fibres. Cellulite then forms when these connective fibres pull down tightly on the skin, giving us that horrendous cottage cheese look we all cringe at.

So, how do we help release some of this tension?

How Massaging Helps To Fade The Look of Cellulite

Fortunately, there are a couple of different deep tissue massage techniques that can work better than some of the most popular cellulite creams on the market today.

And while there are products, like Finulite, that help to seriously fade the look one’s cellulite, some of us may just want to save a bit of that cash money and give this old-school method a go.

By applying a firm pressure to the connective fibres that hold your fat cells in place, you can help to release some of the adhesion and improve the skin’s overall elasticity in your target areas.

When you do this you are essentially allowing these fibres to stretch easier, alleviating some of the pressure being forced onto the fatty tissue deep inside our skin.

Now if there is one kind of consistent beauty procedure I don’t mind doing, it’s getting massaged! Even if that means I have to massage myself.

The process is quick and simple, just pinch your skin and roll it slowly between your fingers and thumb.

Repeat at least 5 times for each pinch of skin you grab.

It might not feel the greatest at first but if you stay consistent in your massaging, you should start to feel the tension easing up slightly.

Do this 3 or 4 times a week and after a few weeks you should start to notice a reduction in the severity of your cellulite lumps and bumps.

It may not get rid of your cellulite completely but hell, I’ll take a gradual fading over full-on cellulite any day of the week!

And that’s it! That’s all you need to do!  *happy sigh* I love me a good DIY quickie!

Now, I want to hear from you ladies! Do you have any solid DIY cellulite solutions we chicks should know about? If so, share them in the comment section below!

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Best Products to Roll or Massage Away Your Cellulite reports that cellulite affects 80 to 90 percent of women, and according to Cosmopolitan, cellulite doesn’t discriminate; it targets people both petite and plus-sized (and anywhere in between) and can show up at any age. Though not medically dangerous, it is unsightly for sure.

A quick Wikipedia search spells it out in super-sciency fashion, “Cellulite is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and nodularity, often in the pelvic region (specifically the buttocks), lower limbs and abdomen.” In layperson’s terms, cellulite makes your rear and thighs look lumpy or cottage-cheesy and is even sometimes described as orange-peel skin.

While it is possible to work hard on a self massage (see video below), we recommend tackling cellulite with a massager.

However you want to describe it, whenever you got it and wherever you have it--you undoubtedly want to know how to get rid of it. Cosmopolitan says that “while there's no magic wand you can wave to make a dimply derriere disappear,” there are ways of discouraging those pesky fat deposits building up beneath the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer!

One of those ways is cellulite massage, which can help the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite. No, you don’t need to run off and make a spa appointment with a high-end masseuse, you can DIY a massage for cellulite to help banish that cottage cheese back to the fridge for good.

As this is a New Body Essentials blog, of course I believe that the New Body Essentials Anti-Cellulite Massagers are the best. It is a two-piece kit that comes with a brush and a roller.

Both products can be used to massage cellulite on thighs, bottom, arms, legs, calves and anywhere else you want to massage fat away. The brush handles are ergonomic and comfortable, designed to be firm and non-slip--all the better to help maintain a good grip. Plus they look great and are compact enough to carry with you when you travel.

Another good option is the MEILI Body Cellulite Remover Massager Fascia Brush. Fascia is the scientific name for the fibrous connective tissue in our bodies. This cellulite massage brush is designed to stimulate both the dermal and sub-dermal fascia, improving and increasing blood and lymphatic circulation and tightening skin so it looks smooth and healthy. This brush is best used with a cellulite cream and shows the best results when used every day.

The design of the brush makes it fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and is easy to maneuver for a very nice, do-it-yourself cellulite massage.

If a cellulite brush isn’t for you, try the Glo910+ Professional Anti-Cellulite Massager. Unlike some of the other products listed, it’s electric (boogy-oogie-oggie-oggie)! Some combination of LEDs and infrareds work to penetrate to different depths of the skin, busting up fat cells and sending them out to be eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Fairly large and looking like something out of the space age, it comes with the lipomassager, 16 LEDs and 16 infrareds, a cellu-active massage roller, a cellu-detox massage roller, a lifting-clean massage roller, a body scrub massage head, a power plus, detailed instructions and a cosmetic bag for storage!

The Cloud Fit cellulite massage roller is designed to break up calcified fascia (or fatty deposits) in order to promote smoother looking skin. This item is a must have because not only does it offer great massages for cellulite, it’s great for general muscle pain and tension caused by athletic activity.

This multi-function cellulite roller massager is small and portable enough to fit into your luggage during travel and it works great with all your favorite lotions and creams.

Last, but not least, is the Topwon Palm Shaped Massage Glove. This glove/roller comes with nine 360-degree rolling balls embedded into it that enable a firmer, more consistent massage experience.

The rotating spheres help increase circulation and the resulting increased blood flow helps promote the growth and production of smoother, firmer skin.

The glove is easy to use and easy to clean and only requires the application of firm pressure during the massage.

Hopefully you found these massager reviews helpful and are well on your way to massaging cellulite away from your life for good!

Did You Search It?

A recent Telegraph article revealed that How to Get Rid of Cellulite, “is googled every .71 seconds.” The article also states that “most of us are predisposed to have cellulite, but lifestyle factors including obesity, excessive carbohydrate intake, prolonged periods of sitting and smoking can make it worse.” Knowing all this, it seems just too good to be true that we could massage our own bodies to remove or diminish cellulite.

Massage for Lean Tissue

But, in doing cellulite massage, all we are really doing is breaking up and loosening the connective tissue that protects and separates our muscles so that our fat can lay flat (instead of wrinkled and puckered up) under our skin. By aggravating the skin with massage, using any one of the products listed above, we are able to create a little bit of swelling that makes the surface of the skin look smoother. Additionally, we increase and improve circulation so that our connective tissue can get stronger and leaner.

The only other way I know to get my body stronger and leaner is to work out. And wouldn’t you much prefer to remove your cellulite with massage than spending hours in the gym? Besides, ABC News said that regular exercise practice cannot cure cellulite and WebMD said that “some people are destined to have cellulite no matter how hard they work out.” So, get to it, I say. If relaxing and rejuvenating my body and spirit with a little personal massage will also help eliminate the lumpy areas on my bottom and thighs, then I’m all for it. And you should be too!

What’s your favorite massager?

Did we profile your favorite one? If not, tell us what your favorite product is and why in the comments below!

Vacuum the Cellulites Away with Cellulite Massage

Are you living your life around the idea that celluliteis genetic and that all your efforts in getting rid of it are just going down the drain? Are you tired of rummaging through tons of information on the Internet about how to get rid of your cellulite?  Do you end up wearing clothes that cover up all your cellulite as much as you can and try to hide it as long as you can?  If you say yes to any of these questions, then I say, ‘Cheer up! There’s hope.’  There really is.  And when I say hope, I don’t mean spending a chunk of your bank account on expensive liposuction and other procedures that promise to get rid of that dreaded cellulite.  I am also not referring to some slimming pills or any other pills that swear to get your skin smooth and cellulite-free in no time at all. Studies show that 90% of women have cellulite.  And this cellulite grows bigger as we grow older.  The good news is, you can get rid of that ugly cellulite and you don’t have to live with it for the rest of your life.  If you want to know how, then Cellulite Massage will give you the answers you have been looking for. 

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite Massage is a body-contouring device that is specially designed to help you lose that cellulite through the process of Vacuum Therapy.  What this amazing device does is it creates a vacuum around a specific problem area and sucks it in to lift the cellulite away from the muscle it is attached to.  This encourages proper blood circulation that also promotes natural drainage of the lymph.  Here are the benefits you can get from using Cellulite Massage:

  • Promotes blood circulation that rejuvenates the skin cells
  • Prevents and gets rid of cellulite
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Tightens the skin
  • Leaves the skin smooth
  • Improves texture and tone of the skin

Customer Reviews

Pros –

  • Cellulite Massage is very handy and easy to use. It does not involve Rocket Science or any of that sort.
  • It delivers to the promise of getting rid of that cellulite through the Vacuum Therapy technology that is incorporated in this device.
  • It’s battery-operated so you can go ahead and just recharge Cellulite Massage when the battery runs out.

Cons –

  • Some customers have complained that the device is not durable and does not last long.


With $61 savings when you order this product and a huge amount of relief that you will get from the benefits of Cellulite Massage, I say the amount you spend for this product is totally worth it.


Just like any other products and treatments, Cellulite Massage is not meant to replace your healthy diet programs and exercise routines for a healthy body.  Best and long lasting results are achieved when the use of this product is combined with your health-related programs.

To sum it all up, cellulite loss is at an arm’s reach.  All you need is the perfect program that works for you and the perfect tool that gives you what you need to achieve your goals. Put an end to those days when all you can think about is covering up your flaws.  With Cellulite Massage, you can say goodbye to your cellulite. 


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