Dermaroller before and after cellulite

Derma roller before and after photos

The derma roller offers a simple and cost-effective solution to many skin conditions. These derma roller before and after photos show some of   the amazing results that are achievable given time and repeated treatments.

The most common type of acne scars appear as indentations in the skin and are caused by a loss collagen occurring as a result of inflammation. Acne scars can seriously affect confidence and self esteem, even after the acne itself has been treated. Most cases of acne scarring can be significantly improved with a course of derma roller treatments. Try the Dr. Roller Complete Acne Scar Repair Kit or the DRS Dermaroller Complete Acne Scar Repair Kit for best results. 

Derma roller before and after photos for acne scars

Scars are made up of abnormal skin tissue that forms when a wound heals. The derma roller works by breaking down scar tissue, replacing it with new, healthy skin cells. The derma roller won’t always completely remove scars, but it can significantly improve their appearance in the vast majority of cases. For best results use in conjunction with Vitamin C or EGF Serum.

Derma roller before and after photos for scars

Stretch marks occur when rapid weight gain causes the skin to tear. The derma roller offers a simple yet successful stretch mark treatment, by stimulating collagen production and speeding up cell turnover. This process breaks up existing stretch marks and thickens the skin, causing stretch marks to gradually fade and be replaced by healthy, smooth skin. For best results use with EGF Serum or Vitamin C Serum. 

Derma roller before and after photos for stretch marks

Cellulite is simply an uneven layer of fat beneath the skin which makes the skin appear bumpy and dimpled. The derma roller cannot completely remove cellulite, however you can use a derma roller to thicken the skin, which should make cellulite less visible. You can also use a derma roller to dramatically enhance the efficacy of anti-cellulite cream. 

Derma roller before and after photos for cellulite

Wrinkles usually appear first around the lips and eyes where the skin is thinner, and on the forehead due to repeated facial expressions. They appear as we age because our bodies produce less collagen and elastin (proteins that give the skin its firmness and elasticity) which makes the skin thinner. The derma roller tricks the body into producing new collagen and elastin, creating thicker skin with increased elasticity, gradually smoothing out wrinkles.

Derma roller before and after photos for wrinkles

Sagging skin can have a number of different causes, including a loss of elasticity, a loss of fat, gravity, pregnancy or major weight loss. The derma roller can improve mild skin sagging by creating new collagen and elastin, which thickens and firms the skin. Unfortunately though for extreme cases of sagging skin, only plastic surgery will be effective. 

Derma roller before and after photos for sagging skin

Derma Roller for Pores

Pore size is genetically determined and unfortunately there is no way to directly make pores smaller. However the derma roller can make pores appear less visible in two ways. Firstly, the derma roller will remove dead skin cells and dirt that can block the sweat glands – this will make pores look less visible. Secondly, the derma roller stimulates the production of collagen, which thickens the skin and makes pores look smaller.

Derma roller before and after photos for pores

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of skin due to an overproduction of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin colour. It usually results from sun exposure, but can also be caused by other factors, such as acne or burns. The derma roller speeds up the turnover of the skin, which evens the skin tone and removes areas of hyperpigmentation and sun damage very effectively. For best results use with a skin brightening serum, such as Vitamin C Serum. 

Derma roller before and after photos for hyperpigmentation and sun damage

Derma Roller Before & After Pictures|Acne Scars, Stretch marks etc

Derma roller treatment alone may not be enough to remove scars completely, but it may be helpful to significantly improve their appearance. For best results we recommend skin needling treatments in conjunction with derma roller serums.

Our best serum for scar treatments is the EGF Serum – formulated to improve cell regeneration and collagen synthesis.

Derma Roller Before And After Pictures For Scars

Derma Roller Before And After Pictures For Acne Scars

Derma Roller For Wrinkles

As we age, our skin seems drier, thinner and with reduced elasticity, as a result of this we see that our skin is no longer shining youthfully and fine lines appear. This happens because inside our skin hyaluronic acid and the number of cells that generate the substance are greatly reduced as we age.

Derma roller treatments slow down the aging process by stimulating collagen self-regeneration that improve appearance of wrinkles and skin pigmentation like aging spots as well. Derma roller also helps to enhance skin elasticity & reduce open pores.

Also view our bestselling anti-aging dermaroller serum – Coenzyme Q10 serum in store.

Derma Roller Before And After Pictures For Wrinkles

Derma Roller For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the result of damaged elastin, which makes up the part of the dermis layer. Stretch marks appear especially with someone who experiences sudden weight gain as happens with pregnant women or even body builders. Derma Roller treatments are effective to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Like treating any other scars, best results will be achieved when derma roller is used with suitable skin serum. For treating stretch marks we recommend our special Derma Roller Stretch Mark Kit that includes a derma roller with great serums to reduce stretch marks.

Derma Roller Before And After Pictures For Stretch Marks

Derma roller For Hair Loss

Hair loss may be caused by many reasons and it is very important to cure the cause. Derma roller treatments help to reduce hair follicle exposure and suppressing seborreic dermatitis, which improves the scalp and prevents hair loss.

Derma roller treatments for hair loss should be performed in combination with suitable hair loss drug.

Derma Roller Before And After Pictures For Hair

Derma Roller For Skin Whitening

Derma Roller treatments are great to be used for improving your skin tone, texture and reducing pigmentation concerns like aging spots. For best results we suggest using a whitening derma roller serum – our Vitamin C serum is a great skin brightening agent.

Derma Roller Before And After Pictures For Whitening

Genuine Dermaroller Before and After Reviews

Before and After Effects

There are virtually no negative side effects, and none have ever been reported in over 150,000 procedures performed worldwide. Proven that genuine dermaroller is effective, we can see the positive effect on the figure below.  Different needle lengths will change the overall outcome; though there are different needle sizes, ranging from .3 mm to 1.5 mm, 1.5 mm needles are best used on scars. Use the Roller as part of your daily routine – you can roll every day if you wish, but consider allowing your skin at least a couple of days of rest each week to attain achievable result.

So What Are Dermarollers & How Effective Are They?

Tired of seeing your wrinkles as you are getting older? Or having many acne scars?  Or having problem with stretch marks? Well, here’s good news to you, the dermaroller is the key to a beautiful and fair skin you want to achieve. What is this dermaroller? Is it effective? How can I use it to have significant result? These are some questions that are linked to dermaroller.

Genuine Dermaroller

To answer the questions, let’s take a glimpse on what is dermaroller is. Dermaroller is a pretty unique type of beauty tool designed for skin needling therapy. A dermaroller is a form of skin needling that is able to stimulate your skin’s natural own collagen production to bring out production of new cell rejuvenation and allowing the skin care products delivered to your skin effectively. Dermarollers use needles of different sizes according to your cosmetic needs.

How To Use The Dermaroller?

Before using it make you have the following: treatment creams, a numbing cream (if you prefer to have one), Antiseptic such as alcohol (it must be 70%), the roller, of course (be sure to read the manual carefully before using it), and lastly, cotton pads.

Here’s how to do in using your Dermaroller:

(1) Clean the skin in the area that you’re treating and (I use a gentle anti-bacterial soap).

(2) Apply the cream of your choice on the skin and massage lightly. (If you are using a numbing cream, apply thoroughly to the area you want to treat before applying the cream.).

(3) Roll the area in up and down pattern, applying some pressure (usually you don’t need to worry about pushing too hard as the maximum the needles can penetrate is their own length). You will become accustomed to how much pressure you can apply without causing any discomfort. Focus on areas with stretch marks, cellulite, discoloration and scars as well as thighs, buttocks, underside of arms, stomach, and areas with hyper/hypo pigmentation and lost elasticity.

(4) After rolling, gently apply and massage more of the same cream.

(5) In cleaning and storing the roller, Wash the roller under warm water again for a few seconds, and then spray the roller with alcohol a few times. Let the roller dry in open air for at least 10 minutes before putting it back in its case. Submerge roller in Hyrogen Peroxide or Alcohol to disinfect.

(6) Leave your skin be for at least an hour, wash it with cold water afterwards if you must (I usually don’t until the next day). Don’t use any harsh soap on the treated area for the next couple of days.

Most users are making a mark on the effectiveness of dermarollers. Many of the users say that they have seen intense result on their skin after using it regularly. Most of them, who have problems with stretch marks, have agreed that it dramatically changed the marks. Although many reviews love their rollers, few are less pleased in the product.

Dr. Renita Lourdhurajan, a dermatologist, say that  dermaroller is quite effective for acne scars, and works very well in darker skin types. The results take some time to show, and a second set of sessions may be considered after 4-6 months. The Dermaroller is more effective according to most users reviews and still used because it can improve the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Stretch marks
  • Deep acne scars
  • Cellulite, dull skin

Dermaroller before and after effects (18 weeks)

If this is not the page you’re looking for you can return to Best Home Microdermabrasion.

Also see: Microdermabrasion Benefits and Side Effects.

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Dermaroller Before & After: See the Results For Yourself

Thinking of hopping on the bandwagon and trying out derma rolling? 

You might well be wondering if it really works! 

Well, before you go sticking needles in your skin without the facts, we're going to simplify things for you.  

We'll discuss everything you need to know about derma rolling and how it can become part of your beauty regime and what benefits you can expect.

One thing's for sure, you’ll be so amazed by the derma roller before and after results that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t give it a go sooner.

So, let's get the ball rolling...

Derma rollers are a unique beauty tool designed with a roller head covered in tiny needles. They penetrate the top layer of your skin creating slight abrasions.

You might be wondering why anyone would voluntarily stick needles in their skin. Trust me, it's not as crazy as it sounds. It actually makes an awful lot of sense! 

It's really quite clever. By creating micro-injuries, your skin is triggered into producing collagen to heal and begin repairing the area.

This collagen is crucial for keeping your skin young. Collagen and elastin production leaves your skin plumped up, tightened and looking younger.

Aside from producing collagen, derma rolling is a form of exfoliation clearing out your pores and stimulating blood flow for a glowing complexion.

It can also help with absorbing the beauty products you put on your skin. 

Derma rolling is great for all kinds of facial and body markings such as stretch marks, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, and almost any blemishes you wish to banish.

Many people claim to have seen 60-80% improvements from using derma rollers within 12 months.

By using titanium needles it breaks down old scar tissue and promotes blood flow to stimulate healing and produce new collagen without damaging your skin. 

Not only is derma rolling great for acne scarring but many people also rave about the derma roller stretch marks before and after results they see.

When selecting the best roller look for a reputable brand.

Like with most things, if you go ahead and simply google it you'll be met with tons of options and leave yourself feeling overwhelmed with the variety.

Purchase a roller with titanium needles as these are the strongest and most durable option out there.

This isn't really the time to be looking for the cheapest product.

After all, when it comes to invasive treatments such as derma rolling you'd rather use a good quality product.

For needle sizes, check out this useful overview of the options available and their uses. 

You can really maximize your serums by using them after derma rolling.

Your pores will be open and exfoliated and so this is the optimum time to use your favorite face serums.

Just be sure to that it can be used on derma rolled skin.

A great option is this best-selling Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin by Cosmedica available from amazon. 

Check The Best Price Here

To maintain and clean your roller you'll need to use at least 75% alcohol.

Often, your derma roller product will come with a cleaning tray which allows you to fill it with the alcohol solution and submerge your roller in there.

Leave this to work its magic for a while from 1-3 hours if possible, then run under warm water and allow to air dry on a clean paper towel.

Do this after every use and remember, never share your derma roller.

Now you know all there is to know about derma rolling, you can go on to find the best product available and use it safely at home and enjoy your derma roller results.

If you’re a little uneasy before your first go, check out some handy youtube videos with demonstrations to put your mind at ease.

A great one to watch is this derma roller before and after tutorial.

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