Cupping for cellulite

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction and Body Cupping

Most of us are not immune to Cellulite. Cellulite affects most women and also some Men.  Hormones have a huge influence over Cellulite and as women's hormone levels change and oestrogen decreases, we typically see more and more dimples, waves and cellulite. Science is now learning more and more about fascia and it's role in many aspects of electricity transfer, moisture absorption and its ability to block absorption, how hormones affect its texture and response and its role in pain and bodily structure.  So what does that have to do with Cellulite? Well, fascia is the web matrix that determines our shape, how much moisture is allowed to enter our tissue, and also can strangulate tissue holding cellulite in places we don't want it.  

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2.  For best results, perform this procedure in the shower after you have lathered up with soap or body wash. (preferably a product using natural ingredients with no sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, triclosan or other harsh chemicals).  If performing outside the shower, then you will need to apply oil or cream to your skin in the area where you are working prior to cupping for lubrication and easier glide. 

3.  In the case of saddlebags and or cellulite below the hips, you will want to apply the cups on the outer area of the hips and gently slide the cup towards the inguinal lymph nodes located on each side of the groin as pictured below.

It is important to move all the lymph and fluid towards these lymph nodes with each glide.  first take the cups, suction to the skin and glide over the hips and buttocks in an upward motion, coming across the hips to the front to open the pathways to the lymph glands. Once you do this several times, you can then work on the cellulite areas making sure that whatever direction or motions you slide the cup around, you  always finish by long sliding strokes upwards to the hips and then over around to the front to guide it to the lymph glands.

4.  As the tissue softens, begin gliding at a faster speed than you started with but continuing to drain towards your inguinal lymph nodes.  You will begin to feel heat in the area you are working on. This is great!  This helps to soften the tissues making it more pliable and easier to work with.  It also helps with the lymph drainage and fascia molding in the area. Continue gliding. Your work and the magic really begins to pay off once the tissue becomes warm.  Before that, you are really just preparing for the treatment. In professional sessions, the therapist really doesn't consider therapy beginning until after the tissue is warm.  They will work really briskly sometimes to help speed up the time to get to the warmth..

4.  As the tissue continues to softens, you can begin using a larger cup.  When switching to a larger cup, you will need to slow down again as the larger cup will have a little stronger suction and you will begin working deeper than you began with.  As this tissue softens and gliding becomes easier, then you can increase your speed again creating more heat in the tissue. You do not have to change the size of cups, but if you have a set with multiple sizes, remember the larger cups typically go deeper. Don't try to rush it though, if you are using strong suction or large cup and brisk motions, you will not get as good of results if it's uncomfortable. If you only have large cups, then use less suction and glide slower until you reach the warmth and the tissue softens.

Cupping Secrets Recommends when you first start cellulite cupping, to perform in the shower every day for 5 days.  Spend about 5-10 Minutes on each leg/hip area. If the skin area or inner tissue feels warm quicker than 5-10 minutes, then you can shorten your treatments but remember..... you get the best results after you have created the heat. Liquid Lymph and Warm Moistened Fascia moves and molds extremely well when it is warm or hot. You may see results

Cupping for Cellulite -

Cellulite suction massage breaks up cellulite using suction and lymphatic drainage.  The cellulite is physically broken up, circulation is greatly increased which removes toxins  efficiently to the lymph drainage areas,  relaxing the fibrous connective cords which give that dimpled effect to the skin.

Thighs, hips, drooping buttocks, stretch marks, even upper arms are targeted.

Giving you great results such as tightening of loose, wrinkled skin, toned and shaped legs, firmer, lifted buttocks, and a toned stomach.

Special cellulite body cups are applied onto the surface of the skin where an Aromatherapy blend of oils, especially for cellulite, is applied in order to facilitate movement, nourish, and potentiate the treatment.  The vacuum releases fat and toxins, which are moved along the skin to the lymphatic drainage points.

Bathing or showering is not recommended to those areas treated until the following day to allow the oils used to penetrate the upper epidermis.

8 – 12 weekly or bi-weekly treatments Followed by monthly treatments

Treatment duration 60 minutes

Special Introductory Price

Body Cupping 60 mins – £37.00 Course of 8 x 60 mins – £280 (£35 per treatment) Course of 12 x 60 mins – £420

Cellulite treatment results are cumulative.

Temporary redness of skin, tingling or itching may be possible, but typically normal due to increased vascularity of the area treated.  Cupping is not used on fresh scars, sunburn or broken skin.

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is trapped stagnant toxins, blood and lymph that needs to be softened, heated, liquified and drained to the nearest lymph gland for your lymphatic system to filter out.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product nor it's instructions or information are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illness, metabolic disorder, disease of health problems. If ever in doubt, always check with your physician.


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For facial Cupping Lift and Drainage, please follow the flow of strokes as outlined on this drawing. This will cause the lymph, stagnation, toxins and sinus drainage to be led in a direction to be properly drained into the lymph glands.

Cupping for Cellulite

Cellulite is a problem that many people, especially women, would rather live without if possible. Getting rid of cellulite is not always easy.

Many modern-day treatments can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They can also be painful, uncomfortable and require numerous rounds of treatments in order to see a noticeable difference.

But now the tide has turned and ancient methods that have been around for centuries to treat many different ailments and maladies have come to the forefront. One surprising benefit has been how well many of them work in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cupping therapy is one of these forms of alternative treatments.

What is Cupping Therapy?

This ancient Chinese practice may date back as early as 1000 B.C. Archaeologists found evidence that it was used that far back in China. It was used by Hippocrates in ancient Greece to treat internal diseases as well as structural problems. Eventually the practice of cupping became popular in Europe and Asia.

Cupping relies on creating a suction effect on the skin in an effort to mobilize the flow of blood to help heal a problem. The suction is created by using either a form of heat or some sort of mechanical device like an electrical pump.

Two types of cupping exist—dry cupping and wet cupping. Wet cupping is the more common practice as it takes a more treatment-like approach. Dry cupping is better used to provide a relaxation or therapeutic effect.

Whichever method is used, anyone using cupping therapy should expect to see some red, ring-like markings on their skin once the treatment is completed. However, the rings disappear quickly and are not considered dangerous or harmful.

It should be no surprise that cupping therapy has recently been looked upon as a way to diminish cellulite. After all, increasing blood flow to the skin is one of the ways most common cellulite treatments are designed to work. Cupping just takes it to a whole new level by drawing up underlying tissue. The procedure acts like a deep tissue massage.

Finding a spa or treatment center that is knowledgeable and proficient in cupping can be difficult and costly since it is still not the most common procedure used for cellulite. However, there are now do-it-yourself cupping therapy kits that you can use simply, safely and effectively. Even better—the price is budget-friendly too.

AcuZone Premium Cupping Set

For only thirty dollars, you can get a complete cupping therapy set that includes nineteen plastic cupping cups, a pistol grip hand pump and a carrying case for it all. The cups are both heatproof and shockproof. You also get a manual that shows you exactly how to use the cups which are also durable and leave no markings or scratches.

Many customers have given this cupping set a try and have been raving about how easy it is to use and what a difference they have seen with regards to their cellulite. One customer even noted how great it is for treating cellulitis. Several people loved how easy it was to clean and store in the travel case—which also meant they could bring it with them where ever they went.

A few customers were not as pleased and did not like the cupping set noting that their extension pump easily broke and that they felt like the suction strength was not strong enough to provide any type of effect.

Should You Give Cupping Therapy a Try?

One can safely say that something that has been around for this many centuries is still used for a good reason—it works. Many people with sore joints and muscles use cupping therapy to get some much needed relief from their stiffness. Others use it solely as a way to relax.

But knowing that it can also diminish the appearance of your cellulite is an added bonus and an inexpensive one at that. You could easily pay ninety dollars for one hour of cupping therapy. For a third of that, you could have your very own cupping set with the ability to do it in the comfort of your own home and as many times as you need it.

If you are looking for an alternative treatment for cellulite that is economical, easy and provides results, try your hand at the ancient Chinese procedure of cupping therapy.

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