Cocoa butter for cellulite

Cinnamon Body Butter for Cellulite


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There are so many DIY body butter recipes out there, but we think our recipe really hits the nail on the head. It deliberately avoids hassle and hard to find ingredients making it easy to make. Besides, making Body butter yourself ensures there are no chemicals and is far more interesting than buying it – plus this will last you AGES!

There is a great alternative you can buy on Amazon for just under $8, if you like the theory but not the DIY. It’s by Village naturals and is great for helping excess cellulite.  You can find it here: Vanilla and Cinnamon Body Butter.

Now onto our cellulite busting body butter – What’s in it and why?

Cinnamon has some rather unexpected qualities. It’s a proven antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial substance. Doesn’t just go great on cakes!

It also has astringent properties similar to that of Witch Hazel, (you can read our article on Witch Hazel here) that means it helps firm skin, and clear blemishes. It’s perfect for areas of high cellulite because its astringent properties help tighten those areas.

Cinnamon is rich in benefiting minerals like Iron, calcium and Magnesium that help keep skin healthy.

Furthermore, cinnamon actually helps local blood circulation and consequently helps spread the distribution of cellulite making it the perfect addition in a body butter.  It helps remove blood impurities reducing inflammation and is also recommended for acne. It’s quite possibly the ultimate cellulite busting ingredient to ever go into a body butter! We’ve also added Witch Hazel, again it’s primarily because of it’s astringent properties, and also it’s abiltiy to hydrate the skin for extensive time periods, that it makes the cut for this exclusive recipe.

We also included Vitamin E, which is the go to remedy for acne and operation scars. It’s known for reducing the harsh appearance of scars and so it makes a great addition to a cellulite body butter where those areas are often accompanied by stretch marks and pimpled skin.

So here’s our method for making homemade Cinnamon body butter for Cellulite:

Now you can mix and match here, and leave either the Shea or Cocoa (just one) from the mixture and you can also leave out vitamin E if you like, but the other ingredients are pretty much essential for it to be useful.1) On the Hob, gently warm the cocoa butter and Shea Butter on a low to medium heat in a pan until it becomes liquid.2) Slowly stir in the coconut oil for about a minute, then turn off the heat and let the mixture cool for 10 – 20 minutes. Don’t let it set fast!3) As soon as it starts to cool, add the Cinnamon Oil, vitamin E and Witch Hazel.4) Now, whip the mixture until it becomes light and fluffy. Break pieces of the cinnamon stick into the mixture.Place it into an air-tight container, otherwise it will lose its consistency.

Use the body butter generously, and apply up to three times a day. You should be able to get some good results after a month of so. Additionally, massaging the affected area of cellulite helps to increase blood flow and also to help reduce any excess build up by distributing the cells evenly.

Need something to put this cellulite busting body butter recipe in?

We use these retro looking glass jars that seal for freshness! In fact, they’re pretty good for anything and cheap too, but we use them just because it doesn’t clutter our cupboards and it makes recipes look far better! I don’t think we’d make it if it had to go in a bowl with kitchen foil and the like! What else could we put our cellulite body butter in!

I want a cool glass jar too!

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Nutty Butt Butter: Your Little Cellulite Secret

Several weeks ago, I posted a quick tutorial on how to make lotion bars. They were fun and cute and all kidsy … until you read to the bottom and see a mention of Nutty Butt Butter (which are also lotion bars).

It was just a little something I whipped up on the spur of the moment that’s designed to help break down and disappear cellulite. And the room went wild. Everyone’s been asking me for this recipe, and since I’m making it for the swap on Sunday, here it is in all its glory.

It’s been tweaked a bit since my first recipe, and heaven love it, it’s pretty danged awesome. However, the recipe I made is pretty intense in terms of ingredients and cost, so at the bottom, I’ll give you a pared down recipe you can use if you don’t want to shell out the monies for the whole thing.

When you make this, you’ll actually do it in two parts (over a week), but both parts are easy like Sunday morning.

Nutty Butt Butter, Step 1, Infusing the Oils

A week or two before you’re ready to make your nutty butt butter lotion bars, you’ll need to start infusing oils with ground coffee. The first recipe didn’t include infusing oils, and I didn’t really think the coffee had gotten in deep enough to have much effect.

(As you probably know, coffee extract is included in almost every store-bought cellulite treatment available … because it’s so danged effective.)

infused oils with ground coffee

The recipe below calls for 1/2 c. oil, since that’s what I made and measured, but if you want to use ALL your oil for this, just make the recipe plus a half recipe. Pretty easy.

Nutty Butt Butter – The Recipe

For this recipe, which yields two medium sized bars, you’ll need the following things:

Also, if you want your bars to be fancy, too, you’ll want some whole-bean coffee to float on the top at the end.

It’s nice to have a kitchen scale when you do this, but if you don’t, this recipe’s going to help you out a lot. This is because I do not have a kitchen scale, so everything I did was eyeballing.

Instead of 3 oz, think 1/2-cup. The only caveat is, you’ll use a little less than half a cup of the oils (because they’re heavier). And, you’ll want to smush down the grated beeswax well while you’re measuring, because it’s lighter.

Got it? A little under 1/2 c. of coffee-infused oil. And a tightly packed 1/2 c. of grated beeswax. The cocoa butter can just be measured out (shaved) as normal. No need to pack.

After you’ve measured out your ingredients, add the cocoa butter and beeswax to a double boiler (or makeshift double boiler, with one smaller pot sitting above a larger pot with steaming water). Stir well.

Let the beeswax/cocoa butter melt ALMOST completely, and then add in your coffee-infused oils.

Once the cocoa butter/beeswax is almost all melted, add in your coffee-infused oil and stir constantly, until the whole mixture is completely melted and liquid.

Now you have to move fast. FASTER, PEOPLE.

Move the mixture off the burner, and start dropping in your essential oils. Good essential oils for cellulite busting: Cypress, rose geranium, juniper berry, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary.

Drop in your celluite-busting essential oils – somewhere around 40 drops will do.

The only essential oil I consider absolutely essential as one of your choices is rose geranium. It’s not just great for breaking up the yuckbumps, it also blends divinely with the coffee smell. Makes you wanna lick the lotion bar. Just a little. Just to see.

Stir as you’re dropping in the essential oil, and then pour immediately into your molds. However! If your mixture has hardened a little at this point, you can put it back over the double boiler just until it remelts. THEN pour it in.

Pour it in your molds quickly, ’cause it hardens fast.

In the last post, I had several people ask me about the mold I was using. It’s just a jumbo silicone ice cube tray I ordered from Amazon a year ago or so. The size is great. Just enough to hold in your hand comfortably. More than a handful is too much. (Yes. That is what he said.)

As SOON as you get that poured into your molds, if you’re going to top it with coffee beans, start sprinkling them in. For mine, it was somewhere between 20-25 beans per bar. They float right at the top, and when it hardens, they stay there.

Coffee beans float right on the top. The little sailors.

Now just pop it into your freezer for about 20 minutes, and then slide the lotion bars out into your hot little hands.

Nutty butt butter. All done and lookin’ caramel coffee-like.

My educated guess is that the way you’ll get the most mileage out of these things is by dry body brushing (especially your problem areas) before you shower, and then apply the lotion bars to your problem spots after you shower.

And here’s the recipe!

Nutty Butt Butter

  • Just shy of 1/2 c. coffee-infused oil (or 3 oz.) – recipe above
  • 1/2 c. shaved cocoa butter (or 3 oz.)
  • 1/2 c. grated beeswax, or beeswax pellets (or 3 oz.)
  • 20 drops rose geranium essential oil
  • 10 drops cypress essential oil
  • 10 drops rosemary or juniper essential oil
  • Whole-bean coffee (for appearance, optional)

In a double boiler, combine the cocoa butter and beeswax and melt almost completely. Add the coffee-infused oils and stir well until everything is melted and warm. Remove from heat and drop in the essential oils, stirring well. Immediately pour into the molds (or reheat, if the mixture has hardened, and then pour). Sprinkle on whole-bean coffee. Pop your molds into the freezer for 20 minutes, then remove the bars and enjoy. Store in a small jar or other storage device. These should last 1-2 years.

Nutty Butt Butter – Simple Version

  • Just shy of 1/2 c. coffee-infused oil (or 3 oz) – simple version recipe above
  • 1/2 c. shaved cocoa butter (or 3 oz.)
  • 1/2 c. grated beeswax (or 3 oz)
  • 30 drops rose geranium essential oil
  • Whole bean coffee (for appearance, optional)

In a double boiler, combine the cocoa butter and beeswax and melt almost completely. Add the coffee-infused oils and stir well until everything is melted and warm. Remove from heat and drop in the essential oils, stirring well. Immediately pour into the molds (or reheat, if the mixture has hardened, and then pour). Sprinkle on whole-bean coffee. Pop your molds into the freezer for 20 minutes, then remove the bars and enjoy. Store in a small jar or other storage device. These should last 1-2 years.

And That Concludes the Epic Nutty Butt Butter Recipe

I’m headed out tomorrow to get a few more supplies, so I can take more to the swap. I have the feeling these are my magic key to ALL the phenomenal swapstuff. Because … just look at them.

On one hand, these would make a memorable, unique gift. On the other hand, I can’t imagine actually giving them to someone and going, “Um. You know. Lotion bars for cellulite that I made JUST FOR YOU … uh … not that you need them.”

On another note, the infused honey was voted most on what I should take as my lavender offering. I need to go back through and read the comments again, and then I’ll contact the two of you who’ll be getting some in the mail soon.

Happy weekend …


How to Use Cocoa Butter for Scars?

Due to damage in the dermis of skin scars are formed. Need of fresh collagen fibers are there for skin mending and to treat the scars. Scars can be caused because of acne or even for some operation done. Application of Cocoa butter on daily basis will improve the texture of the skin and will slowly fade the scars. Here are some effective home based ways to use cocoa butter for scars removal.

What Does Cocoa Butter Do for Scars?

Cocoa butter is considered good for making application both on skin scar mark areas and the surrounding skin of the areas. Aside to skin softening it also moisturizes the skin.  It will help to smooth out skin tone and its texture . This way it will make scars appear less noticeable.

There are many ways which you can follow to apply cocoa butter on your skin for removing skin scars.

1. Cocoa Butter Lotion for Scars:

Cocoa butter lotion is excellent for treating naturally dry, sensitive and skin with scar. It’s a healthy fat in a saturated form like coconut oil.


  • Good quality cocoa butter lotion having 100% cocoa butter.

Preparation Time: 5 mins.


  •  Before you apply lotion make your skin ready for application.
  • Take show and exfoliate the dead skin from the scar area  using wash cloth gently.
  • Cleanse the skin using a face wash or gentle soap. Rinse the face well and pat it dry
  •  Now apply the cocoa butter lotion on the affected area and allow it soak within your skin

How it works: With regular soaking of the lotion by skin with time you will see gradual fading of the scar.

Repetitions: Daily.

Best time to Apply:  After taking a shower.

Tips: Avoid using the lotion if your skin turns red or itchy.

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Vitamin E is known for enhancing the look and health of the skin and restricts the spreading of infection.


  • Vitamin E Capsule
  • Cocoa Butter cream

Preparation Time: 5 mins.


  • First check the size of the scar you have
  • Take the required amount of butter cocoa based on scar size
  • If the size of scar is big take 2 capsule and if small 1 capsule of Vitamin E
  • Now extra the oil from the capsule and add with the cocoa butter and mix well
  • Now apply the mix on the affected areas of the skin and massage gently

How it work: Slowly it will help in  breaking the scar tissues of the skin and will even it out for a smooth look.

Repetitions: Daily for 2 months.

Best time to Apply:  Better to apply in your free time.

Tips: Apart from applying on face start taking a Vitamin E capsule after food for making fast improvement.

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Bio‑Oil helps in improving the look and appearance of both new and  old scars.  Scars caused due to surgery, burns, accidents, scratches or acne or chickenpox can be treated with this oil enriched with Vitamin E.


Preparation Time: 5 mins.


  • Take a look at the size of the scar you have
  • Take the required amount of cocoa butter based on scar size
  • Add 10 to 12 drops of bio oil in the butter and mix well
  • Now apply the mix on the affected area and massage it gently to let the skin soak the mix

How it works: This helps in reducing the  skin inflammation and condition of the scars. It penetrates deep down the  skin and moisturizes it to evenly fade away the marks of scar.

Repetitions: Better you apply it daily for 3 to 6 months

Best time to Apply: In free time.

Tips: For a soothing feel you can add few drops of lavender oil in the mix.

There are many other ways in which you can apply cocoa butter on your skin. The above 3 are simple methods and result giving too. If you have skin allergy from cocoa butter use, meet your dermatologist immediately.

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The Benefits of Cooking With Cocoa Butter

II you decide to cook with cocoa butter, there is no chance that you will run out of recipes! Cooking with cocoa butter is great for savory recipes as well as for sweets.

Cocoa butter is well known for its cosmetic benefits like healing stretch marks and scars, and moisturizing dry skin.  We can find pure cocoa butter under various forms such as cocoa butter lotions, cocoa butter oil, pure organic cocoa butter facial masks, and cocoa butter cream to name a few.  But it must be known that food grade cocoa butter is mainly used in the kitchen in many countries where cocoa is a primary ressource.

To make cocoa butter, you need cocoa nibs.  Which explains its name, but also its fine vaguely cocoa flavor.  For this, a cold pressing of the cocoa nibs is required, leaving all the nutritional value of the cocoa.  Cooking with cocoa butter will always taste a little sweet, like chocolate in the mouth (and it pleases!).

Where to buy cocoa butter for cooking

You can buy cocoa butter in many places.  Food grade and organic cocoa butter for cooking is easily available in organic markets, online stores, and even on Amazon! Check this page gathering a selection of pure cocoa butter for cooking.

Cooking with cocoa butter in savory recipes

The advantage of cooking with cocoa butter is that it is not mandatory to use it in large amounts, contrary to cooking with other fats.  We can therefore make a beef fillet in the pan and sprinkle over the natural cocoa butter for a tender and attractive color, without adding oil or butter.

The advantage of cooking with cocoa butter is its resistance to high temperatures without burning, which sets it apart from other fats that tend to burn out at 200 ° C.  We can cook with cocoa butter, purchased already grated or just buy it and use the weight for the kitchen, as we like to do for beauty masks.

Cooking with cocoa butter in sweet recipes

Cooking with cocoa butter in chocolate pastries gives chocolate its flavor and smoothness. In different dessert recipes such as Bavarian, add some grated food grade cocoa butter to give it a delicious “hidden” chocolate flavor.

Another tip is using cocoa butter as a substitute for gelatin.  It creates a more airy and tasty dessert.  It has the creamy taste of butter with a discreet chocolate flavor.  We can also replace butter with cocoa butter in cakes, which decreases the amount of fat, allowing you to make healthier desserts.

Photo by: EverJean

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