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Cellulite refers to lumpy dimpled flesh that appears on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and hips. It mostly affects women and is not a serious medical condition. Most women describe them as looking like cottage cheese while others say they get an orange peel texture on their body.

What causes it?

There is little-known information on what causes cellulite however it forms from a buildup of fat beneath the skin. The septae attaches the fat to the skin and pulls the skin straight down. The more fat a woman has in an area the more tension the skin will have. This is what creates the dimples, as they are referred to.

Which is the best way to get rid of cellulite fast?

This is a question asked by many. People want a miracle cream or product to get rid of cellulite fast. However,  you just need to know the truth, these fat deposits cannot just disappear overnight.

The only way to remove it is through exercising and eating healthy. The cellulite creams and other products will, however, help you improve the look on your thighs or legs that have cellulite.

Before and after

Cellulite removal options

There are several ways you can rid your body of cellulite. They include:

1. Exercising

This is the best way to remove cellulite. Exercises that include good workouts will get rid of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. It does this by cutting down fat stored in these areas and restoring muscle tissue in these areas.

Resistance weight training through squats and lunges can also help you lose the cellulite on your thigh and buttocks. Leg presses and leg curls will get rid of cellulite on your legs.

Circulation is another fact to consider. Massage is considered one of the best treatments. Some people pay loads of money to be treated with a handheld massage machine, a lymphatic drainage cellulite treatment or a synergies cellulite treatment. Cardio exercises are however the easiest way to boost circulation. Combine them with weight training or high impact exercises. Massage treatments are temporary fixers of cellulite.

2. Diet

Eating properly is a huge consideration if trying to keep this issue out. Eat lots of vegetables, eat lean meat, avoid junk food or eating unhealthy snacks and stay hydrated. Other techniques you can use include:

  • Taking green tea. It stimulates the release of stored fats and boosts metabolism.
  • Consume whole grain cereals since they keep you from snacking.
  • Consume vegetables and especially broccoli since it contains alpha lipoic, which stops collagens in the body from hardening into cellulite.
  • Consume oranges since they not only provide your body with vitamin C, but also, through methoxylated bioflavonoids, improve circulation and correct cell issues which could create these dimples.
  • Drink lots of water.

Glamour Magazine provides a list of foods to consume when trying to bust cellulite. Note that changing your diet will not completely remove them but its effectiveness as one of the good treatments.  Eating properly and exercising are the best cellulite removal treatments.

3. Best cellulite removal cream

Most of the best removal creams contain retinol. Medical experts say that applying creams with 0.3 percent retinol reduces the appearance of cellulite. The key word here being appearance.

Retinol increases collagen amounts in the skin making it more elastic. This makes it less thick hence less visible. It looks like it’s gone away so don’t trust creams that claim to be the ‘best anti-cellulite cream’ or ‘best anti-cellulite oil’. They only make it look like it has gone away.

Other creams contain L-Carnitine, an important fat burning component. Most of the products which claim to be the best, therefore, contain it as a ‘miracle agent’. Doctors, however, say that the body already produces L-carnitine on its own and no studies have shown that it’s the best treatment for this condition.  The evidence is yet to be seen for products that also claim to contain antioxidants, herbal extracts or vitamins. No studies have given solid evidence of the same.

It’s therefore important to approach these creams with a skeptical eye. Groom and style have a review list of the best cellulite creams available in the market and you can check them out before purchasing any.

4. Caffeine creams

Caffeine creams do the same work as retinol. They tighten the skin by shrinking fat cells temporarily. They also boost circulation and generally improve its appearance i.e. they make it less visible.

Buy creams that contain both retinol and caffeine or layer one on top of the other (caffeine on top of retinol). Caffeine works faster than retinol.

5. Cellulite laser treatment and cost

Treatment with a laser is expensive but most people claim to have seen very good results from it. They do have to spend some weeks waiting for healing but in the end, it’s worth it. Results can be seen in a months’ time and major changes in six months’ time.

Cellulaze is one of the effective laser cellulite removal procedures. It’s also FDA approved. It involves cutting the skin dimpling septae and melting the fat under the skin. The skin is then heated to encourage it to grow new elastin and collagen. Cellulite laser treatment costs around $2500 minimum for a cellulaze session but it’s worth it.

6. Removal surgery

The surgery includes some questionable procedures like fat injections that claim to even out the skin texture (this can cause terribly bumpy skin) and liposuction which doesn’t work because liposuction works better with fat and not cellulose. Be aware before you go for any of these procedures.

7. Other treatments 

Other procedures will involve the physician injecting you with a solution that contains minerals, vitamins, hormones and other products under your skin. If you want to remain healthy, then this is a no! no! They will give you results in that you will get just a slight cellulite reduction but be prepared for rashes, swelling, bumpy skin, and infections.

Cellulite treatment at home

There are a number of solutions one can try at home. However, these methods have not been tested but are in fact methods that people have tried, and they have worked for them. The Natural Society recommends 7 of them including:

1. Toxin removal

The body has a lot of toxins from eating packaged foods, refined sugars, being exposed to pesticides, chemicals, and other pollutants. These toxins are stored in fat so as to help minimize toxicity to your vital organs. The cellulite pockets and dimples are full of toxins. By riding your body of toxins, you prevent a buildup and, in the process, reduce it.

2. Apply tomatoes and tomato paste

Tomatoes contain lycopene in high amounts and this can prevent collagen from breaking down in the skin. Tomato paste has lots of it but if you opt to use paste, make your own or go for one in a glass container.

3. Dry brush or use coconut oil

This is a popular remedy. Dry brush the skin while at the same time moisturizing with extra virgin coconut oil. This tightens the epidermis. It also breaks up all toxic material that makes cellulite.

4. Hydrate

Staying hydrated smoothens your skin and gives it a healthy glow and texture. Consume foods like cucumbers, melons, and leafy greens since they contain high water content and are low in calories. This will help you lose weight and control fat.

5. Take green tea

It boosts metabolism and helps in burning fat.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Mix it with water and honey and rub it to affected areas. Rinse using warm water. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.


The most effective cellulite removal options are exercising and eating healthy. You can, however, try the natural methods before you go spend lots of money on laser treatment or creams.

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Cellulite Removal Surgery Pros and Cons

Cellulite removal surgery has both pros and cons, and while this type of surgery may work well for some people it is not right for everyone. Before undergoing this type of procedure you should carefully weigh both the benefits and the drawbacks of this type of surgery. There are less invasive methods, such as a cellulite diet, certain exercises, and other techniques that may work. In some cases every other option has been tried and failed, but even if this is the case in your situation it is important that you examine all of the risks of cellulite removal surgery carefully before making a decision to have this type of treatment done.

The pros of having liposuction cellulite treatment or other cosmetic surgery procedures are obvious. Cellulite is not attractive, and can be embarrassing if you enjoy swimming or other activities where clothing is brief or minimal. Cellulite removal surgery can offer exceptional results, and may eliminate the cellulite much faster and more effectively. Laser surgical treatments can also be used to melt down and eliminate cellulite. Usually this type of surgery can offer better results than the firming and cellulite products on the market, even Revitol cellulite cream which has been named one of the best.

Cellulite Removal Surgery Cons:

This type of surgery can have disadvantages as well though. These procedures are usually invasive, especially liposuction, and there are some medical risks involved. One of these is infection, because liposuction involves a small incision so that the cellulite can be sucked from the area. There is also a recovery period needed, and the price for these procedures can be very high. The endermologie cost for treatment can get expensive, because repeat treatments are needed, and liposuction can cost even more.

Although cellulite removal surgery has both pros and cons, for many the benefits of these surgeries far outweigh any risks that may be involved.


Non-surgical Cellulite Removal with Cellfina™ | Aristocrat Plastic Surgery

Cellfina™ System is the only FDA approved treatment for unwanted cellulite, and Aristocrat Plastic Surgery is one of the very few in the New York City-Long Island region to provide this one-time, minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure. Cellulite is very common in women, and Cellfina™ effectively reduces unwanted cellulite in the hips, thighs and buttocks with minimal pain and no scarring.  What Cellfina™ accomplishes is the release of fibrous tissue bands in troubled areas, and helps to tighten the skin and remove cellulite dimples. This in-office procedure is completely safe, treatment takes approximately 45 minutes, and you can expect results to last for years to come. Finally, the clinically proven cellulite solution that you and your body have been waiting for is here.

Cellulite in women:

Cellulite is most common in women, and studies have shown it appears in 85%-90% of post-adolescent women. The orange peel-like dimpled skin is a direct result of the female estrogen hormone storing fat in the torso, thigh and buttocks to prepare for childbirth. This is a naturally occurring process in women, but it unfortunately does not always render a perfect, aesthetically appearing body. There is currently no other FDA approved cellulite removal products or treatments out in the market today, other than, Cellfina™.

How it all works:

First, patients interested in cellulite removal with the Cellfina™ System schedule a consultation to see if cellulite treatment is right for them. If they are a candidate for cellulite removal, the troubled areas are marked, and a certified physician’s assistant will administer local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. Once the numbing agent is in effect, the cellulite dimpled area is vacuumed into the Cellfina™ System, and a small microblade is inserted in between the skin and cellulite bands to release the dimples and ensure a much smoother skin appearance.

Is there cutting involved?

There is absolutely no cutting or stitching involved with this procedure. A small needle-sized microblade performs all the work to remove cellulite dimple bands.

Procedure length:

In just one 45-minute procedure, patients can expect smooth, dimple free skin after Cellfina™ treatment.


Patients undergoing cellulite removal with Cellfina™ can anticipate mild soreness, tenderness, and slight bruising in the treated areas, but this is only expected within the first 24 hours. Following Cellfina™ treatment, patients can drive themselves to and from the procedure, and should begin seeing results in as little as three days. Studies have proven that Cellfina™ cellulite treatment can last up to three years, and allow the skin to have a more natural, healthy appearance.

Side Effects:

There are no serious adverse side effects related to Cellfina™ cellulite treatment. Most patients reported some mild soreness, tenderness and some light bruising after the procedure, but these side effects subside in as little as a day and can last no longer than a few weeks.


In just one simple and easy treatment women can expect a smooth, perfectly sculpted lower extremity with no scarring. This non-surgical procedure is quick and affordable with little to no recovery time needed, and lasts up to three years. Patient satisfaction is rated over 90% in just one year after Cellfina™ treatment.


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