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Cellulite Treatment Market

Market is full of cellulite treatments comprising a slew of cellulite reduction products. Considering the beauty conscious women living in the Sex and the City era, almost every other store has cellulite cream, cellulite gel, and other cellulite removal products on their shelves. Unfortunately, most of these cosmetic products professing cellulite cure are fakes, and some are even harmful for the metabolism.

So, what you should be looking for in an effetive cellulite reduction treatments? Firstly, educate yourself about cellulite before looking for ways on how to get rid of cellulite. The aim of every effective cellulite treatment is to remove unwanted fat from the body without causing any harm to any of the vital body organs.

As a carrier of cellulite, you have the following treatment options:

  1. Anti-Cellulite Diet: Improving your dieting pattern and ingredients is perhaps, the best cellulite treatment for your body. Basically, a healthy and balanced diet, low on fats and high on vital nutrients, should be your ideal choice for food. For instance, no junk foods, plenty of water, no soft drinks, no smoke, avoiding excess alcohol and coffee etc. are some of the well-known healthy food secrets. And most importantly, even after ridding the body of cellulite, this balanced diet should be continued for your entire lifetime, unless, of course, your doctor suggests otherwise.

  1. Improving Lifestyle: Body cellulite tends to accumulate more in people with a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, an active lifestyle is the best anti-cellulite exercise you can indulge in. Make a point to walk at least 2 kilometers a day (if your body and time permits, the more the better!).

  2. Endermologie or Lipomassage: Lipomassage is a skin rolling massage, which softens the connective tissues to rid cellulite, toxins and excess water from the body.

  3. Liposuction: Liposuction is an invasive procedure that removes the deposits of fat lying trapped between the skin and the muscle. Though the loss of blood is minimum in liposuction, yet most people are, understandably, reluctant to go under the scalpel. After all, if you can rid body cellulite naturally, then why have a complicated cellulite surgery?

  4. Cosmetics: Several cellulite creams, gels, lotions, etc. are available to entice vulnerable people. However, their efficacy is still doubtful. The best advice is to gain sufficient knowledge about these cosmetic products before applying.

  5. Cellulite Laser Treatment is another form to reduce cellulite. There are several benefits to the cellulite laser treatment.

Non-surgical cellulite removal treatments have transformed the modern medical spa. Healthy Skin Portal is a primary source for researching skin care clinics, medspas, and cellulite treatments such as Lipodissolve. For all of your skin care needs, or if you want to research a skin care specialist, turn to Healthy Skin Portal.


Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Swimsuit season is upon us, and with that comes a little more skin. But what if you’re not feeling poolside ready just yet? If you’re noticing you could use a bit of smoothing out in certain areas, Velashape may be for you! This Cellulite Reduction Treatment is one of the easiest ways to effectively lessen that lumpy, puckered appearance and have you feeling like your most confident self.

Our cellulite reduction service not only helps smooth out skin, it also assists in reshaping and tightening areas of concern. You can shrink away those fat cells while trimming down your waistline and thighs. Velashape Cellulite Reduction is a body contouring procedure that involves no incisions, surgery, or downtime. Furthermore, it shows noticeable results in the localized reduction of body volume and lumpy flesh. Slip into your favorite summer swimmie without a moment’s hesitation, and truly enjoy it.

This procedure works by boosting the growth of superior elastin and collagen. Thereby, improving the structure and texture of your skin. Using radiofrequency technology and infrared light along with massage methods, dimpled skin is leveled out. This simple science procedure is a combination of heat and vacuum-like effects, used to increase your metabolism. Which in turn reduces fat along with stimulating collagen production.

Favorite Areas for the Cellulite Reduction Treatment




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Remove fatty tissues while experiencing an overall improvement in skin laxity, tone, and texture. Many of our clients describe the treatment as feeling like a deep tissue massage with a slight pulling effect. You may resume your normal daily activities afterward. For optimal results, one treatment per week for four weeks may be recommended.

Enjoy your summer to the fullest without worrying about dimpled skin. To get started on achieving your slimmer, smoother self, call us at 800-851-0969. Or click here to receive a complimentary consultation with one of our highly trained laser skin care professionals. We would be happy to further assist you with any additional questions or concerns you may have on our Cellulite Reduction Treatment.

Our Training Institute 

The National Laser Institute would like to invite you to visit our training institute for highly discounted rates at 70-80% off regular retail pricing. You can also choose to receive your treatment in our med spa facility by the professionals who teach nurses, doctors, and laser technicians. Our clients trust both the professionals and apprentices to perform our safe and effective procedures. We provide only the Gold Standard in the latest medical aesthetic treatments.

Louis Silberman

Louis J. Silberman is the CEO and Co-Founder of National Laser Institute, the pioneer of the medical aesthetics training industry and one of the largest educators in the country.

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Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is caused when fat cells below the skin surface expand. The fat cells push upwards resulting in an uneven skin surface. Cellulite most commonly appears on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

TriPollar’s cellulite reduction treatments are clinically proven to safely and effectively treat cellulite. The treatments provide both immediate and long term results, as seen on Dr. Oz.

TriPollar’s cellulite reduction treatments minimize the fat cells in the target area by heating the elastic fibers in the skin, causing the fibers to contract and collagen strands to pull closer together. The process:

  • Collagen and elastin, the elastic fibers of the skin, are produced by fibroblasts.
  • Heating the fat cells accelerates metabolism and causes the elastic fibers to contract and shrink.
  • The increased temperature forces fat cells to secrete fatty acids (liquid fat).
  • The fatty acids are eliminated via the blood and lymph system, yielding the desired result: fat and circumference reduction and reduced dimpling / minimized cellulite appearance and tighter / younger looking skin immediately.
  • The treatment also aids in strengthening and regenerating collagen fibers. By lowering the volume of the fat cells, the skin is able to go back to its initial form and the strengthened collagen fibers ensure that the skin has the elasticity it requires.

Cellulite reduction treatments are safe, fast, effective, suitable for all skin types and will not interfere with your daily routine. Results are immediate and long-term.

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Cellulite reduction treatment

Cellulite reduction treatment requires a balanced approach. Cellulite remedies in the form of cellulite creams and lotions do form an important part of the solution. They are, however, only one part of the equation. Getting rid of cellulite requires the implementation of an effective exercise program together with lifestyle modifications to diet and nutrition. This is the best holistic approach to cellulite reduction. By combining a regular exercise program to tone the body and burn fat, together with other suggested cellulite remedies, the individual can make significant progress towards removing cellulite.

Cosmetic surgery such as Liposuction can have an immediate significant improvement

but it is not a substitute for other suggested remedies which should be investigated. Certainly it can be considered for stubborn areas after a person has tried other forms of cellulite reduction treatment and continues to make an effort to maintain a regular exercise program.

Here are some cellulite reduction tips: Always massage a cellulite cream thoroughly with your fingertips. Doing so stimulates the bodies circulation and helps to increase blood flow to the affected area. Remember, the massaging action is just as important as the cellulite ceram to smooth and firm cellulite affected areas, take caffeinated coffee, crush it into dust, mix with a lotion and massage it into the affected area for 1-2 minutes. You can wash the affected area after performing this procedure. Avoid foods containing an overabundance of toxins (fried food, alcohol, and sugar). Avoid products containing hydrogenated oils which are fat hazards. Maintain a balanced exercise schedule. Doing so helps tone body muscles, burn fat and stimulate the bodies internal systems. Cellulite creams and remedies work better as part of your overall cellulite reduction plan if you ensure you maintain better overall health and conditioning. Drink plenty of fresh water. Keeping the body hydrated should be considered part of your total health solution. Educate yourself as to the benefit of cellulite cream treatments. Cellulite creams can be a useful part of your cellulite reduction treatment but you should find out more about the various cream first before you make your selection.

cellulite massage treatment - the importance of keeping your skin supple.


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