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Laser Cellulite Treatment Regional Slimming With Laser

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Cellulite Treatment And Regional Slimming Tightening Is Possible Now With Laser

With development of the technological devices in our day, cellulite that is the women’s nightmare now became a treatable problem. SmoothShapes XV, which is different from the all other known methods in struggle with cellulite, has proven that it is a treatment which has permanence and can really treat the cellulite among the all existing treatment methods, as result of the studies conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology.

The SmoothShapes XV device is a type of treatment that achieved to get FDA approval in cellulite treatment in USA. Cellulite treatment and regional slimming tightening with laser is a completely non-invasive in other words non-surgical application.

One of the most important features of this laser is that after the treatment is completed, effect and improvement on the cellulite continue for about 3-6 months. The laser and technology used in the laser cellulite treatment and regional slimming are different from all other methods. The technology called photomology provides permanent results in cellulite treatment.

What Is Cellulite, And How Does It Occur?

Cellulite  is the situation occurred especially in women, thin and fat people, and causing orange peel appearance. Cellulite; as a result of disruption of the coagulation among fat cells, hardness occurs in the cells, and fibrotic bands, shrinkages occur between the skin and adipose tissue. And this creates a cellulite appearance.

Cellulite is usually derived from the subcutaneous superficial layer. This layer of fat is the layer that has the least change in weight loss and sports. For this reason, diet and sports are not effective in removing cellulite on their own.

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Laser Cellulite Treatment Effect Mechanism

Laser cellulite treatment is composed of 4 main application and types.

This treatment is provided by diode laser (915 nm), infrared light (650 nm), vacuum effect and mechanical massage. Firstly, deformed, grown, swollen, enlarged by volume gain fat cells are made more permeable by the infrared light energy. The excess fat in the fat cells that become permeable is made liquid by being melted with diode laser, and thus it is provided the adipose tissues to turn into the healthy form.

The fat cells that are made softer and more moving after the application are transferred to the lymph path by the vacuum of device and mechanical massage; and by this means they are removed from the body and delipidation is provided. Thus, in the laser cellulite treatment application area (legs, buttock, abdomen, waist); body circulation is increased, collagen and elastic fiber production accelerate and the fat cells are turned into structures they should be, and the cellulite appearance on the skin surface heals by reducing the shrinkages between the skin and adipose tissue.

After the SmoothShapes applications, with increase of collagen and elastic fiber production, they work not only for the fats, also upper and lower structures of the skin gain a more beautiful, elegant and tightened appearance. SmoothShapes XV is a body remodeling and regional slimming system. You not only get rid of your cellulites by laser, at the same time, you can also regionally slim as result of tightening and correction of your skin.

How Is The Regional Slimming And Cellulite Treatment With Laser Performed?

This application is performed differently the other lasers like hair removal. There is a vacuum apparatus tool on the device. Thus, the device pulls the tissue into its own, and transmits laser and infrared beam to the depths of tissue from here. In other saying, this laser is not a laser performed by holding from above, it is a laser that is applied by pulling the tissue inside. In this application, the purpose of vacuum is only for transmitting the laser energy.

Vacuum is performed extremely softly and slightly so as not to bother the skin. The laser given in the course of the application melts the fats and smooths the skin. Because the application is performed in the lymphatic flow direction, at the same time a lymphatic drainage also occurs.

How Many Sessions Is The Laser Regional Slimming And Cellulite Treatment Performed?

The laser cellulite treatment is performed 8 sessions in total as 2 sessions in a week. The session time changes according to the areas to be performed and their sizes.

It is necessary to spare more time for a fat patient with large surface area than for a thin patient. In cases like instantaneous holiday programs and pre-wedding, more frequent sessions can be applied. Like 3-4 sessions in a week, even every other day, and so on.

In what areas ıs the laser regional slimming cellulite treatment applied?

The laser regional slimming cellulite treatment SmoothShapes application is applied in the abdominal region, buttock, hip, and upper legs.

Does The Laser Cellulite And Regional Slimming Treatment Have Anything With The Skin Color And Tanning?

No, the laser wavelength frequencies in this application are only specific to the fat cell. It can be used in dark skin, light skin during summer.

What Should Be Considered Before And After The Treatment?

Before the cellulite treatment application, any perfume, lotion, various creams or aouto tanning (self-tanning) should not be applied on the skin surface. Cellulite treatment application is performed on clean, dry and healthy bare skin. In the application day and during the treatment in average 8 glasses of water should be drunk per day.

Does The Treatment Have Side Effects?

There is not a known serious side effect of complication of the SmoothShapes application. Slight redness, temperature rise and and tingle feeling that may occur in the skin during and immediately after the application show that blood stream increased in that region and the subcutaneous tissues were stimulated. These formed minimal effects will disappear immediately after the treatment. The treatment is comfortable, relaxing and pleased. It gives the impression that it is massaging.

To Whom Is Not The Laser Cellulite Treatment Regional Slimming Applied?

It is not applied to the pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, those with liver and kidney failure, cancer patients, epilepsy patients, and those with any skin disease.

According To What Are The Cellulite Treatment Prices Determined?

The SmoothShapes laser cellulite treatment prices changes according to the area of application to be performed (upper leg, buttock, abdomen etc.), whether the application will be performed in only one or more than one area, being or non-being an additional application along, and the session number of treatment. For the cellulite treatment prices, you can call our clinic, come to get examined. Also, for the prices of thermi tight permanent cellulite treatment, you should contact us.


An Overview Of Cellulite Laser Treatment

Cellulite is hardly anything appealing. Those that suffer from cellulite often feel, whether harshly or not, the cottage cheese and dimpled like appearance of this fat tissue is outright creating a deformity.

While such an assessment may be harsh in a number of ways, the truth is no one wants to have cellulite developing under their skin. However, due to certain lifestyle choices and even genetics, cellulite just might manifest.

This does lead to obvious questions regarding how to get rid of cellulite. One such method of process that has emerged is cellulite laser treatment. While there is some controversy regarding how the procedure, few will deny its effectiveness.

What Is Cellulite Laser Treatment?

As the name suggests, this treatment employs a laser to destroy the fat cells that contribute to the presence of cellulite. The rumpled and dimply appearance of the skin is smoothed out thanks to the application of a laser beam on the troubled surface of the skin.

Certainly, more than one laser treatment exists and new innovations are consistently being developed. The basic concept of how laser treatment works, however, will not really vary much. Laser = attack on fat cells = smoothing of the surface of the skin = less cellulite.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the alternation of the appearance of the skin due to fat deposits. These deposits alter the look of the skin so much, many will look for immediate means in which to eliminate cellulite.

To eliminate the presence of cellulite immediately would be very difficult outside of methods that employ cosmetic surgery. Cellulite laser treatment just might be the most popular of these cosmetic methods.

Is it the most perfect treatment for cellulite?

No method can really be deemed perfect as different persons will all have different needs and requirements in their treatment. That said, for many, this laser method might be the very best way in which they can overcome the annoying presence of cellulite on the skin and what it brings with it.

The previous common means was liposuction and it would not be much of a stretch to state that laser treatments are far more preferable to many than the traditional liposuction surgery. Liposuction is enormously invasive and that brings with it many serious problems.

Why deal with these issues when a less invasive and, possible, more successful method exists in the form of cellulite laser treatment. Then again, only you, yourself, can answer that question. Upon careful pondering, you may end up realizing the laser method might be the very best one to explore.

The Arrival Of A One-Time Laser Treatment Method

In the past, anyone that underwent a cellulite laser treatment program had to make several visits to the doctor’s office. The reason for this was the methods employed required several sessions in order to yield the most sought after and desired results.

One session alone would never be able to completely get rid of cellulite. However, the FDA has now approved a method which may very well be able to get rid of cellulite in one sole visit. Within 45 minutes to one hour, the collagen bands that are pushing up against the skin can be addressed via the laser.

Not every doctor does offer this method so multiple sessions will be required under the traditional way treatment is performed.

The Cost Of The Procedure

For many sufferers of cellulite, questions will be asked regarding the actual cost of a laser treatment procedure. As most may have already correctly guessed, the costs associated with laser cellulite treatment are not exactly minimal.

No cosmetic surgery procedure is and it is extremely rare that insurance will cover elective procedures of this nature. In general, you can expect to pay upwards of $2,000 to cover the cost of all the sessions required for quality laser cellulite removal.

For Those Priced Out Of The Market

Is there any hope for those that may have been priced out of the market for laser treatments? Yes, there are other options available. Topical solutions such as Revitol Cellulite cream may be able to offer the effective results sought after.

Giving a topical cream such as this might be the best strategy to employ.


Laser Cellulite Treatment – An Optimistic Prognosis

Cellulite is definitely an ever-growing concern for most of the female population today – the dimpled effects brought on by cellulite within the thighs, sides and bottom of ladies is one thing all of them wish to get rid of. The primary ways of stopping cellulite growth are maintaining a proper, balance diet, exercising, reducing tension and growing total body circulation. However, for individuals fighting an extended and losing fight, laser cellulite treatments can help reduce the look of cellulite. Cellulite removal with lasers is really a revolutionary method that reduces the visible indications of cellulite. The therapy combines massage with laser light to be able to facilitate the tightening of skin.

The laser cellulite treatment is centered on the actual reasons for cellulite, including local obstruction or denatured ” floating ” fibrous cellular membranes, abnormal excess fat cell enlargement, and poor bloodstream supply and waste removal. The therapy integrates a minimal-energy laser, an epidermis-cooling mechanism, and suction massage to stimulate bovine collagen, circulation, and lymphatic drainage to lessen cellulite.

Six laser diodes stimulate your skin your clients’ needs microcirculation and regenerating the bloodstream vessels between your skin layers. Rf surf is released in to the skin that consequently heat and melt the fatty cells. Then your localized area is cooled, reducing any abnormal fluid collection. The rhythmical massage then pumps the accrued fluids which are common in cellulite. Since laser cellulite remedies are non-invasive, minimally painful, and there’s no time to recover involved, they’re an attractive option for most people.

The therapy can improve the look of cellulite by as much as 83% with respect to the laser and also the procedure. The process revitalizes your skin, causing you to look more youthful and much more radiant. Removing cellulite by using lasers is fast which is an easy process. Additionally, laser cellulite treatments don’t cause any negative effects, thus requiring no period of recovery. Nonetheless, if you want in order to save some time and are reluctant to endure the tedious tasks needed through the other cellulite removal techniques, and also the steep cost isn’t an problem with you, then laser facial treatment is the greatest selection for you.


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