Can you lose cellulite

Is It Really Possible To Lose Cellulite?

By Lindsay Sibson 

On a child’s face. Cute.

On an orange peel. Natural.

On my butt and thighs. Unwelcome.

What I’m referring to here are dimples. They have their place in the world, as long as that place isn’t anywhere on my body!

I first became aware of the “c-word” at the age of 18 when my best friend enviously exclaimed, “You’re so lucky you don’t have cellulite.” Now at 32, the dimples have descended upon me.

I’ve rubbed gook on my butt, drybrushed the crap out of my legs to improve circulation, squatted endlessly… all in the name of reducing the appearance of cellulite.


Cellulite is when your skin appears dimpled and lumpy as a result of underlying fat deposits. It happens when collagen fibers that attach fat to your skin tear. To learn more about what cellulite is, watch this video.

WHY you may have it and WHAT you can do about it:

1. It’s In Your Genes: If your mama has it, you are more prone to cellulite as well. It may not be to the same degree or in the same areas, but the verdict is you’ll be shakin’ what yo’ mama gave ya.

2. More Common In Women: The skin make up of women is designed in a fashion that makes it easier for fat pockets to develop (parallel, pillar-like rows). Men’s skin has more connective and supportive tissue, which helps keep cellulite from appearing.

3. Drink Water: Being hydrated improves the texture of your skin, which can reduce the appearance and prevent further formation of cellulite. Yet another important reason to tip back a glass of h3O!

4. Exercise: Building muscle reduces the appearance of cellulite. Therefore, perform exercises that target your butt and legs. Here are the 3 best exercises to target cellulite.

5. Embrace Your Natural Glow: Spending too much time in the sun (or a tanning bed) makes the appearance of cellulite worse. The UV rays damage the collagen in your skin and causes cellulite to become more noticeable.

6. Food Fight: Certain foods can help in your battle against cellulite. Eating foods that are high in healthy fats will stimulate fat loss in your body. Eat the following foods in moderation: avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, sardines, coconut oil, olive oil. For even more ideas, here are more foods that fight cellulite.

If you want to improve the appearance of cellulite, consistently follow the above methods and tips and watch those dimples start to disappear.

Now, go drink a glass of water, do some squats and share this article with your 3 best friends! You never know who could benefit from it!

Source: Elite Daily

Lindsay Sibson turned her lifelong dream of traveling the world into a reality when she first stepped on a plan in April of 2014. With the simple intention of learning more about this beautiful world, she stepped away from corporate America to explore an alternative lifestyle of long term international travel, volunteering, blogging and pursuing a blissfully happy and fulfilling way of life.Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life. Connect with her on her website and follow her travels on Instagram (

Through her blog, Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life.


The Bath That Can Help You Lose Weight And Banish Cellulite

I know this sounds too good to be true, but studies have found that bathing in Epsom salt can help to detox your body; resulting in boosting your weight loss and helping to get rid of the appearance of cellulite!

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt was first found in a bitter saline spring in Surrey, England. The produce is not actually a salt, but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulphate.

What’s so great about Epsom salt?

Magnesium is crucial for healthy cell function throughout your body, and helps to regulate more than 325 enzymes! A lack of magnesium can contribute to high blood pressure, headaches, backache, heart problems and various other health issues.

Sulphate is essential for maintaining overall health as it is found in every cell in your body. It’s important for healthy skin, nails and hair, and is crucial for the production of collagen (the thing that keeps our skin looking fresh and young). A lack of sulphate could lead to full body exhaustion.

Can I eat Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is an FDA-approved laxative. However, one tablespoon contains more than 100 times your recommended daily allowance of magnesium, so consult a doctor before you take any of this by mouth.

Why is bathing in Epsom salt so good for weight loss and cellulite reduction?

Doctors and researchers say that soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a safe, easy way to increase the body’s levels of both magnesium and sulphate. This is because the minerals are absorbed through the surface of the skin, where it can gently help to support the removal of toxins from the body. Magnesium sulphate helps to extract excess sodium, phosphorous and nitrogenous toxins from your body, and, as toxins are stored in your fat cells, the detox effect of the Epsom salt can actually help you to lose fat. Losing fat is not only great (obviously) for weight loss, but it’s also fantastic for getting rid of the appearance of cellulite.

Magnesium sulphate, dissolved in water, creates a static, unified, electrical field, and immersing your body in it helps to create a magnetic balance. The soothing action of Epsom salt has also been linked with relieving muscle aches, reducing inflammation and helping to prevent artery hardening. The baths have even been used to treat skin conditions because Epsom salt acts as a natural emollient to soften and exfoliate the skin.

How do I add Epsom salt to my bath?

A recent study found that the best amount to add to a bath full of warm water is 500-600 grams of Epsom salt. Adding more won’t give you more benefits, it will just waste your money, so stick to the guidelines for the best results.

How often should I do this?

Researchers found that 2-3 baths a week produces the best results.

So you can detox while laying in the bath relaxing!? Excuse me; I’m off to run the bath.

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Sick and tired of cellulite holding you back? Try this brand new cure!

Cellulite is very common amongst both men and women. It can make you lose all confidence in showing off your thighs, and with summer now here, it can make preparing to go to the beach a real nightmare rather than the exciting and relaxing experience it should be.

Being self-conscious about your thighs and buttocks can be a real drag in your everyday life, too, and you may end up spending a lot of time and money using so-called ‘cures’ that actually do nothing. So what’s the answer?

If you are not already suffering from cellulite, it is a good idea to try and prevent it. It is much easier to prevent than it is to cure, after all.

By following the following suggestions, you could avoid getting cellulite altogether:

Exercise regularly

Exercising your body can prevent a great many things and is generally great for your health.

If you want to remain strong and healthy, you should try to raise your heart rate at least three to four times a week for around ninety minutes.

However, as well as general cardiovascular workouts, you should try to do specific exercises that target the areas that cellulite – the thighs and buttocks in particular – so that you can best prevent cellulite from appearing in the first place.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables; avoid sugar and fat

Eating well is an easy way to get and remain healthy. Your diet has also been linked to cellulite, so making sure to always eat the right things and to avoid foodstuffs that are filled with excess sugar, salt and fat is a great way to prevent cellulite from occurring.

Try to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day (although avoid eating too much fruit, since they often contain high levels of sugar), cut down on alcohol, chocolate and sweets and always eat measured portions to ensure that you are taking in as many calories as you are expending (or fewer, if you are hoping to lose weight).

Sometimes, however, cellulite has already occurred or occurs despite your careful prevention techniques. In this instance, there are a number of ways to tackle the problem.

Cures for cellulite

Although it is not known exactly what causes cellulite, there are a number of things that are known to contribute to its development, ranging from a genetic disposition to diet to exercise and to the sorts of clothes that you wear.

Because there are so many causes of cellulite, tackling it can be difficult: where do you even start?

Firstly, of course, you should try to change your diet and your exercise regime.

However, if you are already eating and working out well and you still do not see any results, there are a few other options for you to look into.

Check the prices for bestseller Anti Cellulite Massage Oil on Amazon

There are a number of different body scrubs on the market that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite or even get rid of it completely.

By rubbing these sorts of health and beauty products onto the problematic areas you rub away any dead skin and stimulate the living skin underneath, making it stronger and healthier and more likely to grow normally.

Using these sorts of scrubs can help in a majority of cases, although sometimes the results are not the quickest.

Dry brushing

In a similar way described above with the body scrubs, dry brushing can help you to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells on your thighs and buttocks to allow your skin more access to oxygen.

It opens up the pores in your skin which can help to encourage your skin to regenerate more effectively and healthily. If you can, you should aim to dry brush your skin at least once a day. Check the prices of bestseller dry brush for cellulite on Amazon

Moisturize regularly

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential if you want it to remain beautiful and healthy. Using a good moisturizer at least once a day (preferably after a bath or shower to lock in extra moisture) is essential if you are going to tackle your cellulite problem.

Also, consider an apple cider vinegar wrap for your cellulite problems.

If you want something a little bit different – if, for instance, the methods listed above are not working for you or if you are not seeing results quickly enough – then you might want to look into some of the better-kept secrets of the beauty industry.

You do not actually have to pay for expensive ‘cures’ and branded treatments to help you with your cellulite problem.

In fact, there are far more effective ways of getting rid of your cellulite that is available from the comfort of your own home. One such treatment is apple cider vinegar.

Many homes will come stocked with this powerful ingredient more typically used in food recipes.

It has long been used in a number of different diet programs since it is known to help with fat metabolism and can aid the loss of weight quickly and in a healthy way.

Besides this, it has also recently been found to help reduce the appearance of cellulite in only a short amount of time.

If you introduce apple cider to your beauty regime, you will soon see the results. You can apply apple cider vinegar in two ways:

1- Add apple cider vinegar to your bath. Just a teaspoon of this wonder product added to your bath can reduce your cellulite in no time at all.

2- If you do not bathe every day, consider an apple cider vinegar wrap. Simply add apple cider vinegar to plastic wrap, apply it to your buttocks and thighs (even if they are not affected – it can act as prevention as well as a cure) and leave it for as long as you want.

Repeat this as often as you can – preferably once a day.

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