Best way to eliminate cellulite

The Cheapest, Fastest and Healthiest Way To Eliminate Cellulite

Eliminate cellulite naturally

Add to it:

  • Burn fat
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce water retention
  • Stimulate vitality and wellbeing
  • Increase energy levels…?

Too good to be truth…?

So much in one? Yes-we’re looking at multifunctional solutions…!

First of all: let me tell you I totally understand that you may be a bit sceptical about this post. You’re probably thinking: ‘Is there anything like a real cellulite cure? What kind of claims is she making talking about losing weight as well…?

Trust me: there are many natural solutions that are not just fads. I am definitely not making any false claims here and it’s not about any creams or lotions or other similar ‘cellulite cures’.

I am always passionate about finding 100% natural solutions as I truly believe in all holistic healing systems. It’s not about the symptoms; it’s about correcting what caused them to bring balance once and forever.

As a massage therapist, I had many female clients asking me for anti-cellulite massages, and yes: lymphatic drainage massage is a great additional solution. However, I knew that in case of cellulite it’s more important to focus on a natural therapy that can do its job from the inside. Truth to be told: massage is a really expensive treat and if you want to go for manual lymphatic drainage sessions, you will spend a fortune. But, yes: it works.

As motivated as never before I started researching and investigating. During that time I neglected my healthy habits a bit: I was basically juggling between my studies, my job and a part-time local business. I wasn’t surprised when I saw cellulite signs forming on my thighs but I was also determined to fix it in a natural way as I had confidence it would work.

I was lucky to meet a local, friendly herbalist who shared a really great anti-cellulite recipe. It was more or less two years ago and I have tested it on myself as well as encouraged many of my female clients and friends to test it ever since. Many of my male friends or clients also tested it as this recipe is not only for cellulite reduction but also to:

  • stimulate weight-loss
  • stimulate fat-burn
  • increase energy levels
  • fight water retention (often aggravated by caffeine drinks, I will be posting on caffeine substitutes soon)

More importantly: not only females suffer from cellulite. Many men may want to fight it or prevent it too.

To cut the long story short: all the people I asked to try it were all amazed at the results!

Let me share the recipe with you

  • Fucus Vesiculosus :20 gr
  • Oxiacanta Crataegus: 10 gr
  • Flipendula Ulmaria: 15 gr
  • Butula Alba: 15 gr
  • Fraxinus Excelsior: 10 gr
  • Verbena Offic: 10 gr

How to get started?

  • Visit your local herbalist / organic store
  • Ask them to prepare the mixture sticking to the exact proportions I provided (you can also use the herbs separately, but I can’t guarantee the same result)
  • It is very important that you ask your herbalist for a consultation: even though the recipe is natural there might be some contraindications (e.g. if you are pregnant or lactating) or interactions (if you are on medication). I am not a doctor nor do I know your medical condition this is why I highly suggest you make sure that this recipe is safe for you.
  • You may also ask them for a highly personalized treatment for you (for optimal results it is important to specify: how long it should last, how many times a day should you drink your phytotherapy infusion etc.).

Still, I provide you with some basic, general guidelines that should work for you

  • Mix all the herbs and store them in a glass jar (dark and cool place)
  • Prepare 2 infusions daily: one infusion should be more or less 1- 2 teaspoon of the mixture mentioned above. The taste is a bit bitter- to make you prepared- but it’s totally worth it
  • The herbal treatment challenge should last for about a month

Here’s my mini-disclaimer

Herbalist anti-cellulite recipe

The treatment I was recommended by my herbalist was the following:

– 2 cups a day (1 teaspoon each) for 20 days. Then 3 days off and do 20 days again.

I have started noticing the first results after the initial 2o days treatment.

However, the recommendations may be a bit different for you: everyone is different and so it’s their treatment: that’s the concept of natural / holistic therapy / medicine.

If you are still doubtful, let me share this experience with you

I was so excited I discovered this recipe as well as other natural anti-cellulite treatments that I decided to write a book on it. In fact, it was the first book I have ever written and published. I put lots of time and effort in creating: ‘The Cellulite Cure: Eliminate Cellulite Fast. Natural Therapies for Effective Cellulite Treatments’ and I enjoyed every minute of writing it. I still call this book:’ my baby! ‘.

In this book, I shared many natural tips for winning the cellulite battle to have a sexy, fat-free and cellulite-free, healthy body. I felt very excited when I published it on kindle as I had always wanted to write to share something with the world. I originally expected to be most of my audience female, but judging from the reviews I was getting and my readers’ feedback, there were also lots of males interested in that topic. Ever since it was first published I even edited it a few times to make sure I would update it with more useful, natural tips.

My objective was accomplished

my book helped many people around the world. During the free promotion that I ran over a few days, more than 10000 people from different countries downloaded and read the book! I was ecstatic!

Now, a few months after the anti-cellulite ebook’s success, I am still getting e-mails from my readers and most of them especially enjoyed the chapter on phytotherapy that I have just shared in this post. They applied what they read and they were successful. So trust me- it’s working!

You may be thinking

1.’How much does this herbal treatment actually cost’?

I can’t tell you the exact price as it may vary depending on a country. Still, in general it is pretty inexpensive.

Here, in Spain I spent only 5€ on a monthly supply of all the anti-cellulite herbs I mentioned above. None of my clients or friends spent more than 15€ in total on a treatment that would last up to 2 months.

2. Does this herbal treatment mean I can eat whatever I want…?

Ok: to tell you the truth: no, it doesn’t. You may take it as bad news but I would suggest looking at the bright sight.

I’m not telling you to torture yourself, I am telling you and trying to motivate you (NEVER PREACH YOU as I am also a human being and have cheat foods every now and then…) toward a healthy and balanced diet.

The herbal recipe we’re talking about is a really great tool to stimulate the cellulite elimination process, provided you also mind your diet and include a regular portion of exercise. It also prevents unhealthy food cravings which is essential if you want to eat healthier.

If you are ready for an ANTI-CELLULITE NATURAL CHALLENGE, then

  • Try to choose healthy, organic products
  • I am not advocating any diet in particular, but I would suggest inclining towards an alkaline approach (The Alkaline Diet) to give you higher energy levels that will help you in the process!
  • Eliminate fast food and (sorry for the word) crap food. Your goal now is to have a healthy body that will kill cellulite naturally.
  • Make exercise a fun part of your daily life and think of it as of something you do for your mind: exercise is just so great to bring more happiness into your life and to reduce stress
  • Select your fave songs, I would suggest something with an energetic beat, but just follow your personal preferences: what music really gets of HIGH naturally?
  • Have the songs/tracks prepared and associate them with your GOAL- which is : Healthy Food– yes, Crap Food- no! The music will help you avoid cheating as you will automatically associate it with your goals and challenges. It will also increase your energy levels and make working out more fun!
  • Choose spinning or step when you to the gym. 15 minutes a day is way better than 2 hours on the weekend. Just make sure you are consistent and track the progress.
  • Pilates exercises are also natural cellulite killers. From my experience: I find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise at home, this is why I prefer joining a class. The fact that I pay for any kind of membership motivates me to actually attend the classes regularly- I don’t want to lose my money!
  • Plan B that I suggest is to play your fave music at home and just dance/ jump to it- I understand that not everyone has time to go to the gym.
  • There are also many other Natural Remedies that you can use for higher energy levels and therefore to stimulate weight loss and fat / cellulite reduction: pineapple tablets, guarana, spiruline and kola are my favorites.

So… congrats on reading this post to the end…! I know that it’s not the most entertaining read but using the tips described will result in massive success!

Are you ready to take on an anti-cellulite challenge now?

The herbal recipe described above plus some basic lifestyle adjustments (natural diet and regular physical activity- yes, I know I am not coming up with anything new here… but it’s all about hard work and succeeding at last!) will bring amazing results!

Get started on it now and reduce cellulite until the end of 2013!!!

So… Print out the recipe and head to your local herbalist’s!

I will be very happy to receive your feedback + don’t forget to share this post with your friends!

To your success,


Resources mentioned in this post

  • My book: ‘The Cellulite Cure: Eliminate Cellulite Fast’

More wellness & health resources you can apply for anti-cellulite treatments

Grab your eBook copy today

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Keep tuned, I will be sharing even more natural recipes to eliminate cellulite!

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5 Home Made Remedies To Eliminate Cellulite From Thighs

Cellulite—when you hear this term, you may think of a serious medical condition that would require thousands of dollars to get rid of. But the truth is, cellulite is a simple skin condition wherein certain parts of the skin seem to have underlying fat deposits. Because of this, the skin gives off lumpy and dimpled appearance.

With one look, it may seem like this skin condition is impossible to get rid of. Or if you can get rid of it, the solution may cause you a lot. For your information, getting rid of cellulite is not as complicated as you think. Sometimes, all you need are ingredients and remedies that you can already find in your home. Wondering what these ingredients are? Well, you don’t have to wait! These are some of the home remedies that you can use for solving your cellulite problems:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the best home remedies on how to eliminate cellulite is apple cider vinegar. This vinegar contains calcium, magnesium, and potassium that can get rid of the toxins along with the excess fluid retained in the body. In addition to that, assists in the metabolism of brown fat, making it useful in toning the body and losing weight.

There are actually two ways on how to use apple cider vinegar in eliminating cellulite. The first one is to drink it. It is recommended that you mix two tablespoons of the vinegar with a glass of warm water. Mix it well and drink this 5 minutes before your meal. Do this 3 times a day. To make the drink more palatable, you can try adding 1 teaspoon of manuka honey to it.

The second option is to use it as a body wrap. You can do that by mixing the vinegar with equal amount of water. Rub the mixture on the area with cellulite. Afterward, wrap plastic around the affected area. Put a warm towel on top and leave it on for an hour.

2. Boron

Old women are not the only ones who suffer from cellulite. There are some younger women who encounter cellulite at the age of 20’s to 30’s. This is due to hormonal imbalance, and the best way to remedy this is by balancing your hormones. This is when boron will come into play.

Boron is actually the primary precursor for our sex hormones so using it as a home remedy is one of the best ways on how to eliminate cellulite caused by imbalances on our hormonal levels.

To use this, you can try taking boron supplements every day. It comes in either pill or liquid form and may contain 3-6 mg. It is recommended that you take at least 6-10 mg of boron per day for supplementation.

3. Cayenne Pepper

For many, this is just a spice, but for people who knows what cayenne pepper is capable of, it can be an all-around remedy for various health problems. This is because of the thermogenic properties of this spice. It means that it can heat up the body to facilitate better burning of fats and calories. Plus, it promotes healthy blood circulation in the body which is beneficial for the skin.

To use this, take about ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper twice a day. If you cannot stomach its taste, it is recommended that you just incorporate it when cooking your dishes.

4. Coffee Grounds

Coffee is an excellent exfoliating agent, removing dead skin cells to promote the growth of new skin cells so you can have a more rejuvenated, tight and youthful looking skin. In addition to that, caffeine can also help tighten the lumpy areas of your skin.

To use this, Mix ¼ cup of coffee grounds with 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Add in 3 tablespoons of sugar. Massage the mixture into the affected area and let it sit for 3 minutes. Wash off with water. Do this 3 times a week to get best results.

7. Seaweed

Just like coffee grounds, seaweed is an excellent exfoliating agent too. Because of this, it helps to improve circulation and remove toxins from the body.

To use this, mix 3 tablespoons of ground seaweed with ¼ cup each of olive oil and sea salt. Massage the mixture to skin for 10 minutes. Shower afterwards. Dry the skin then apply moisturizer.

Yes, we know that the effectiveness of these home remedies may seem a bit doubtful but trust us, you do not have to shell out a huge amount of money just to get rid of that dimpled appearance. These home remedies work, and they work really well. There are plenty of people who have tried them, and they can surely attest to how effective it can be!

How To Get Rid of Cellulite: 3 Simple Home Remedies

A coffee scrub or coffee wrap can be a great way to help remove cellulite from problem areas.  The caffeine in the coffee stimulates blood flow and works to tighten and firm the skin.  Firmly massaging the scrub on the problem areas helps break down cellulite allowing the body to get rid of it as waste…

Coffee Scrub…


1/4 cup of good quality coffee grounds 3 tablespoons of raw sugar 2 tablespoons of melted organic coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil


  • Using coconut oil... after melting the coconut oil down mix it with the other two ingredients to form a paste
  • Once paste has been formed… apply it to the problem area and massage firmly.  Massaging not only helps the skin absorb the paste, it also helps to break-down tough cellulite
  • Continue massaging for 3-5 minutes before washing the coffee scrub off with warm water
  • Repeat this 2-3 times a week or until desired result is achieved
  • Using olive oil…do not mix the olive oil with the other ingredients First…mix the coffee and sugar together Apply olive oil to the problem area…then, using the coffee and sugar mixture, firmly massage the problem area for 3-5 minutes Repeat 2-3 times a week or until desired result is achieved

Coffee Wrap…


1/2 cup of good quality coffee grounds 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil


  • Combine ingredients… to form a paste
  • Heat in microwave… for about 20-30 seconds and apply paste to the problem area
  • Wrap with plastic wrap… for 30 minutes before washing off with warm water
  • Repeat 2-3 times a week or until desired result is achieved

A coffee scrub or coffee wrap can prove to be an effective treatment for cellulite, however, there are a couple of potential drawbacks…

♦  In some cases, coffee scrubs and wraps have caused skin discoloration by leaving an unpleasant yellowish brown tinge.  

♦  As seen from the image above, using a coffee scrub or wrap is an extremely messy process often times staining clothes and other cloths used during treatment.  

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Treat, Eliminate, Reduce, Lose, Heal & Prevent Cellulite Naturally

Read More
Cellulite is what causes those unsightly dimples that can be seen on most adult's thighs, buttocks and pelvic area. Even slender individuals might have cellulite, since the weight of the person is not the basis for cellulite, but the amount of superficial fat in the person's body. There are many solutions to cellulite appearance; many of these solutions are medication or lotions that are synthetically manufactured by many companies to meet the demands of the clamoring public for an effective cellulite solution. The natural way of getting rid of cellulite can also be effective. In fact, there are several of these methods which many people have tried and tested in the safety and privacy of their homes. One natural way of getting rid of cellulite is to lose some weight. Not just lose weight in a drastic way in terms of the number of pounds, but to lose weight systematically so that you get to burn away the fat that represent the cellulite in your skin. One other natural way of getting rid of cellulite is to increase your intake of foods that contain fatty acids and fiber. These can help to eliminate superficial fats that form cellulite and at the same time improve the texture and appearance of your skin. Many women and men aim to use the natural way of getting rid of cellulite because they do not want to infuse their bodies with toxins which are present in some medications simply to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Preferring to use a more natural way of getting rid of cellulite is commendable and should be a tempting proposition to those who have cellulite. There are also creams and lotions which have been produced from organic materials that are said to help improve the appearance of cellulite. If you cannot get rid of cellulite completely, then you might as well try to improve the appearance of it and make it less noticeable.

A natural way of getting rid of cellulite is to mix ground coffee with any lotion and to rub the affected area several times a day with the coffee lotion. Many people on the Internet swear by this mixture, and it will not hurt most folks to at least try this approach for a first effort in getting rid of cellulite. Read More

Most of the natural ways of getting rid of cellulite are quite harmless. These remedies usually consist of eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise and rubbing homemade lotions on the affected areas.

Here are the best products available on the market which help eliminate cellulite:

Revitol Cellulite Solution

If you wish to get rid of cellulite then obviously using a good cellulite lotion can prove to be the best solution. If in fact you have been spending many sleepless nights wondering just how to lose the ugly cellulite marks then you should spend a little more time in researching different cellulite lotions to find out which among many options is the best cellulite lotion. Of course, the best cellulite lotion is sure to be any product that will do more than help to effectively remove cellulite because it must also make the affected parts heal and become healthy and the skin should be made to look shiny as well as soft.

Understand The Ingredients To ensure that you are in a better position to identify the best cellulite lotion requires that you understand the ingredients that go into the lotion. The fact of the matter is that today the market is being flooded with numerous cellulite lotions though not all of them are effective or even worth their cost price. Furthermore a particular lotion might work in different ways including only clearing the surface of the skin while leaving the area beneath the skin untreated.

It is therefore also necessary to pick the best cellulite lotion according to how well it completely eliminates cellulite – both from within the skin and from the outside of the skin. After much researching, it has actually been found that Revitol is considered the best cellulite lotion. In fact, not only are the experts impressed by this best cellulite lotion but even everyday users too have been hugely impressed by the way that Revitol works its magic in helping to rid your skin of cellulite.

The best part about this best cellulite lotion is that it works its magic in just a few days after first application and even better all of its ingredients are natural. This means that not only do you get excellent results but there is also no need to worry on account of developing side effects.

Retinol A that is an ingredient in Revitol can help in producing collagen which improves skin elasticity and that in turn helps to make your skin smoothen out. However, even caffeine and green tea are good for cellulite and so they too much be tried out besides of course using Revitol. Click here to access Revitol Cellulite Solution


Weight training and cardiovascular exercises are two forms of exercise that can help you learn how to get rid of cellulite. By doing these two exercises together you can learn how to get rid of cellulite. Many people choose to use creams and pills to get rid of their cellulite. However, these won't do enough to completely get rid of your cellulite problem. If you really want to learn how to get rid of cellulite then you should consider exercise which is cheap, efficient and even fun. At least three times a week you should do some cellulite exercises with light weights in order to completely get rid of your cellulite. You should avoid exercising the same body parts on successive days since this can cause undue strain. Some good cardiovascular exercises are walking, jogging and swimming. Some weight training exercises including squats, lunges, legs presses and leg curls. Another thing that can help you learn how to get rid of cellulite is to have a five minute massage and drink a lot of water to help with your blood flow which then reduces cellulite. Between workouts you should give your body at least a twenty-four hour break in order to let your body rest. Your exercises should be about fifteen to eighteen minutes a day at least three times a week or every other day. By sticking to this program you exercise routine can help you learn how to get rid of cellulite the easiest way with permanent results. The Role Of Diet Another important part of getting rid of cellulite is to have a balanced diet and to watch your weight. When loosing weight you can get an added bonus by losing some fatty deposits. You will lose weight when you burn more calories than you eat. It is also important that you eat less or fewer calories. Recent studies have found that a calorie consumption reduction of twenty-five percent can cause individuals to lose one or two pounds a week. Before you start any cellulite exercise and diet regime you should talk with your physician, especially if you have any health problems. Exercise not only helps your heart, state of mind and muscles but it also helps with cellulite elimination. Exercises such as leg curls and squats of ten to twelve repetitions with weights do well for cellulite exercises in the thighs and buttocks.

At first cellulite exercises can be difficult. So you should try to start with activities that are fun and don't feel completely like exercises. Consider starting with a long walk, some bicycle riding, a little tennis or any other spot you like, swimming or an aerobics class. This allows you to start out fun before getting into the more strenuous exercises. Click here to access The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Cellulite Reduction Diet

Cellulite is not an uncommon problem, but getting rid of the cottage cheese appearance can be easier said than done. One reason is that many methods of natural cellulite reduction, such as topical ointments and medications, do not address the root of the cellulite problem. Cellulite begins far under the surface of the skin, in the subcutaneous fat cells and connective tissue. To get to the source of cellulite, one must reach below the surface to attack the problem from the inside out. How? With a cellulite reduction diet. Purpose of a Cellulite Reduction Diet

The mistake that many women make when planning a cellulite reduction diet is only taking weight loss into consideration. While weight loss may be an element of reducing cellulite, it is not the only part. The other important factor in a cellulite reduction diet is the detoxification of the body. When you detoxify the body, you allow waste to be eliminated more efficiently, so all of the body systems can function more effectively. The right cellulite reduction diet will also improve cardiovascular function, which will enhance circulation and overall skin tone. When you combine these purposes with a low fat, low calorie diet, you may see positive results in your cellulite reducing efforts. Read More

What is Included A cellulite reduction diet will look very similar to other types of healthy, weight loss programs. The menu will be rich in fresh fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, oranges, tomatoes, spinach, cranberries, grapefruit, bell peppers, and apples. Stay away from fats and sugars. That is because sugar and fat can increase free radicals in your body, which can in turn accelerate the aging process and may contribute to the formation of cellulite. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants; substances that can fight off the free radicals, leaving the body healthier and younger looking. Fresh produce also assists in the detoxification process without including too many calories to the mix. What is Not Included There are also some foods to leave out of a cellulite reduction diet, besides the obvious fat and sugar products. Caffeine can impede circulation hence should be restricted to a single cup of coffee each day. Alcohol can have the same effect and should also be limited. Replacing your coffee with green tea is a good choice, because of the health benefits that green tea offers. It is also important to restrict your amount of refined carbohydrate intake. Refined carbohydrates include white flour, pasta, rice and sugar. These substances can affect glucose levels and fat cells within the body, which may contribute to the formation of cellulite.

With the right cellulite reduction diet, you can say goodbye to unsightly dimpling and help prevent more in the future. In addition, your cellulite reduction diet will provide a plethora of other health benefits as well, making it a good choice for your whole body. Click here to access The Fat Burning Kitchen

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