Cupping for cellulite at home

Cupping Therapy for Cellulite

Cupping therapy is increasingly being used in weight reduction and the removal of cellulite. Many celebrities are now talking about the fascinating effects of the treatment that is a form of deep-tissue, non-invasive healing therapy.

In today’s times, cupping therapy is performed by using glass or medical-grade silicone cups that the user pushes on for suction much like an everyday suction cup.

The user simply glides these cups across the target area.

You will love this silicone massage cupping set. This type of set has stellar reviews for use in weight loss and cellulite reduction.

In traditional glass cups heat is introduced in the cups by inserting a burning object such as cotton wool, herbs or alcohol. After the cups are heated long enough, the objects are removed and the cup is immediately inverted on specific points on the patient’s body creating the suction by heat opposed to force.

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is mainly caused because of a genetic condition which causes fluid retention, an inefficient lymphatic drainage system and weak veins that result in ineffective blood circulation. Hormonal imbalances can also cause the development of more fat cells. These factors result in the fat cells lying under the skin converting into cellulite.

This cellulite pushes up the cords connecting the skin to the underlying muscle and creates the ungainly appearance of the dimpled, orange peel look on the skin that is a sign of cellulite.

How Cupping Therapy Works

When suction is applied on the skin, the reverse pressure causes the cellulite to break up. Blood circulation is stimulated, and the fat and toxins that are released are moved to the lymph drainage network.

Since cupping therapy also promotes a more efficient drainage of the lymph nodes, these toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. Cupping is also known to ease the cords connecting the skin and muscle. In this way, fluid build-up is reduced and the skin develops a more cellulite-free healthy appearance.

Cupping for Spot Reduction

While conventional weight loss methods do not work on specifically targeted areas of the body, cupping is known to help in spot reduction as well. Patients can request treatment to remove sagging buttocks, saddlebags, flabby inner thighs and any other love handles. Cups are simply applied on the areas of the patient’s body that need treatment.

Forms of Cupping Therapy Used

As described earlier, dry cupping is the most common form of therapy used but other forms such as gliding cupping also known as running cupping or massage cupping can also be used.

The cupping therapist applies oil on the patient’s skin before causing suction. Once the proper suction is created, the healer moves the cup over the affected areas of the body to relax the tissues and induce the release of fat and toxins that are ultimately expelled from the body naturally.

This massage cupping technique has become very popular for cellulite and mainly uses silicone cupping sets that are easier to glide across the skin and use than traditional pump cupping sets. Also applying oil to the target area will drastically improve your ability to glide the cups across the skin.

Additional Advantages of Cupping

Since each cupping session can be customized for maximum effect on every individual patient, the therapy provides many other positives. Patients have reported the detoxification of the body, a firmer, tighter appearance of the skin, and removal of stretch marks, acne and scars. The body is more shapely and better blood circulation results in the appearance of a healthier looking skin.

Cupping therapy sessions are most effective when performed by an expert therapist. To reduce the redness caused by the cupping, healers might also perform massage therapy using essential oils and hydration. Another technique to treat cellulite is gua sha massage that uses a board like tool pulled across the skin.

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Massage cupping cellulite at home - banks, technology, execution

Pathological changes in the structure of the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin called cellulite. The result is stagnation in the adipose tissue interferes with the circulation of blood and lymph flow, edema. This is manifested in the form of visible dense tubercles on the thighs, stomach, buttocks, and in women with excess weight on the hands and feet.

The more usual and familiar to all the name for this phenomenon – orange peel. Moreover, its appearance is little affected by the presence of overweight or age. The problem with the same frequency is detected as the slender young girls and Mature ladies.

Reasons of formation of violations can be:

  1. hormonal disruptions,
  2. a sedentary lifestyle,
  3. bad habits
  4. an improper diet.

In advanced cases due to the infringement of the nerve endings of clusters of nodes of fat cells lead to pain.

For getting rid of cellulite there are many methods, with the following goals:

  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • activation of metabolism and cell regeneration;
  • ensuring the flow of excess fluid and toxins.

One of the most effective ways considered cupping massage cellulite, which can easily be done at home.

Thanks to the vacuum effect of the deep tissues are affected, the broken seals, which contributes to the accelerated synthesis of proteins and collagen fibers.

The pros and cons

The main advantage of massage banks is the fact that the procedure is not necessarily done at the salon. This means that you are saving a lot of money and time. Don’t have anywhere to run, to rush, to look for free time in the work schedule. And after the session, you can’t go outside and just lie down and relax on your favorite sofa.

In addition to price of cans, it is also worth noting other proven benefits of massage:

  • improve blood circulation;
  • the removal of fluid and relieve swelling;
  • the fragmentation of body fat;
  • stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • tonic effect on the entire body;
  • relieve muscular pain and increase muscle elasticity;
  • the increased production of collagen, responsible for the regeneration of skin cells;
  • tightening and lifting of the skin;
  • enhancing lymphatic drainage;
  • the cleansing of dirt and greasy deposits of the pores;
  • the alignment bumps and orange peel.

The main cons of the procedure, severe pain, risk of hematoma and vascular network.

To make their own cupping on the buttocks and other inaccessible areas will have to exert maximum effort. Therefore, people with a low pain threshold it is better to trust a specialist.

Master confidently performs all the movements, moreover, knows how to reduce discomfort and the chance of side effects. However, the procedure of vacuum massage at the beautician will cost a pretty penny. But to achieve results will need at least 5-10 sessions.

How to choose banks

Cans of different diameters can be ordered online or bought in a pharmacy.

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Manufacturers is available in three types:

The first two types are effortlessly attached to the skin by pressing. They create a strong vacuum effect, so ideal for areas of the buttocks and outer thighs.

Rubber material is easy to absorb the remaining oil, which is difficult to wash, which creates a breeding ground for microorganisms. Therefore, these banks are considered obsolete, but still has not disappeared from the market.

In stores prefer to use silicone banks. They are well cleaned, safe, and are cheap.

Arms, inner thighs and near the groin it is better to use glass jars. They are equipped with a rubber bulb, which provides a tight suction to the body. If such a device is not, you will have to reheat the jar inside a lit match or alcohol-saturated cotton swab, which is not always convenient.

The advantage of glass is that the degree of suction is regulated even after attachment to the cover. This will reduce the likelihood of hematomas and bruises. Such banks are easy to wash, they do not absorb oil, but fragile and require careful handling.

You can purchase a special device for vacuum massage home (for example, Cellules). Modern devices are equipped with many nozzles for various parts of the body. And the power adjustment allows to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Video: Technique

Basic rules

To minimize the discomfort and do not hurt the skin, it is important to carefully prepare for the massage.

To do this:

  1. To warm up the skin – take a warm bath for 10-15 minutes or stand under the hot spray of the shower, rubbed the epithelium of the hard sponge or brush.
  2. To open the pores is to use a scrub. Can be used as purchase products and make a useful part of yourself. For example, from the shower gel, sea salt and ground coffee. From crushed or rolled oats, honey and olive oil.
  3. Wipe dry the skin and apply a liberal amount of any cosmetic oil that banks could slip. Suitable from grape or peach pits, jojoba, wheat germ. Add in essential is based on 10 ml 3-4 drops.

Against orange peel help citrus, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, geranium, juniper, cedar. In pharmacy special thermo active anti-cellulite warming oils, such as pepper or mustard.

  1. To the Bank not slip in the hand, the rest of you need to remove from the hands.
  2. It is desirable in any case to stock up on ointment of bruising (heparin, Troxevasin) after the procedure are bruising, especially at first, until the skin is accustomed to.
  3. In the groin, breast, inner thighs, knees, heart, kidneys, ovaries, lymph nodes along the spine massage banks do not.

The technique of cupping massage for cellulite at home

The result can only be achieved if you do it right. After beginning the technique will have to adapt. If you just drive with a can in the skin, then no effect will. Much easier when there are people who will do the massage.

First, the Bank needs to shrink, and then applied to cover and flatten to make sure she stuck. The skin should come in banks somewhere in the 1.5 cm, not more.

It is important to observe the reaction. If there is a strong pressure and pain, it is better to remove the jar and attach it again.

When the segment after the massage, turned red, then the impact was sufficient. For the first time, experts recommend not to delay the procedure more than 10 minutes for each problem area. The appearance of the unbearable pain it is better to stop the manipulation earlier.

Technique of massage banks of cellulite at home involves the following procedure:

  1. Led jar slowly and gently.
  2. Standing strictly vertical movement along the massage lines definitely from the bottom up.
  3. On the buttocks, circular clockwise and counter, then in a straight line from the tailbone to the hips.
  4. On the abdomen around the navel is strictly in the course of hours, then turn in the sides.
  5. On the thighs from the coccyx to the sides straight and then zigzag.
  6. Back – wavy, straight, circular, eight, from bottom to top. The only rule – it is forbidden to affect the spine.

To remove the Bank, it is enough to compress and displace air from the hollow. Excess oil should be wiped off with a napkin. After the session it is useful to lie down or take a NAP, covered with a warm blanket, 30-40 minutes.

To enhance the effect, I advise you to wrap your legs and stomach with cling film so that the skin thoroughly propotel, and tissue out the excess water. And to speed up the process you can drink a hot Cup of herbal or green tea. A jar definitely need to wash and dry.


The effectiveness of the procedure due to the vacuum effect on the fabric. Due to strong pressure from the cells of the leaves of the accumulated moisture. And along with the excess fluid toxins, salt and other harmful substances, contributing to the formation of stagnation.

Under pressure the blood rushes to the skin, and fat cells are broken down.

Gradually, the tissues are renewed, broken buds, and orange peel disappears.

The course and duration

Judging by the reviews of girls who tried vacuum massage banks for themselves, the effect is noticeable already after 2-3 weeks. However, all depends not only on the stage of the disease, but also the correctness of the implementation technology.

Repeat the procedure suggest every 1-2 days. Recommended duration of 10-25 minutes.

The maximum number of sessions is 20. The course should be repeated 2-3 times a year to maintain a stable effect.


Like all beauty treatments, cupping massage has a lot of contraindications.

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These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • heart disease;
  • Oncology;
  • Allergy in the period of exacerbation;
  • acute skin infection – fungal, viral or bacterial;
  • dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis;
  • epilepsy;
  • diseases of the urogenital sphere;
  • increased body temperature, fever;
  • varicose veins;
  • high blood pressure;
  • thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • closely spaced vessels, a capillary net, stars;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • tuberculosis;
  • bad prolonged stitches after operations in the affected area;
  • pathology of the blood, poor clotting;
  • a large number of moles, nevi, and age spots;
  • open lesions of the skin – abrasions, scratches, wounds;
  • the period of menstruation.

The experts

Experts confirm the effectiveness of vacuum massage against stagnation in the adipose tissue and cellulite.

On the Internet you can find videos of where the doctors even allow the use of special cans instead of the usual jars of baby food.

Special attention is paid to individual sensations during the procedure. Should not feel severe pain and discomfort, otherwise it will cause bruising, and can harm in close vessels. For the same reason you can’t make sudden movements or press down hard on the skin.

Experts advise not too to warm up and steam the epithelium before the procedure.

And use aggressive oil with pepper or mustard. This significantly increases the risk of spider veins. The first of these rules applies to people with closely spaced capillaries.

To protect yourself from bruises will help advanced manual massage. It is strictly forbidden to touch the area inside of the legs and groin area. There skin is very thin and tender, and below it is the neuro-vascular bundle, so there is a high probability of injury.

Though the procedure is very effective, but to think that cupping is a panacea for cellulite is not correct. Vacuum effect will help to restore blood flow to the pathological areas of the skin, to remove stagnation, eliminate toxins and excess water.

But to maintain the result it is important to exercise, eat right, get rid of bad habits – alcohol and Smoking, periodically perform a manual massage, take a contrast shower, make scrubs. Only under the condition of fighting on all fronts, be able to win and to model a perfect shape.

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Cupping massage against cellulite - at home, technique, vs how to do

Thanks to modern techniques from the so-called «orange peel», you can quickly get rid of. One of the best methods in this lesson, is cupping massage, which is very often practiced in spas and can also be applied at home.

What it is

Cupping massage is a cosmetic procedure that aims at getting rid of fat accumulations under the skin and improves the blood circulation. At full completion this massage, already a few months people will be able to greatly reduce cellulite.


Cupping massage cellulite is considered to be very effective. At the same time, doesn’t matter much where exactly it should be done — at home or in the salon.

If this procedure is right thing to do, it will be the stimulation of the output of fluid from the tissues and improve the metabolism. This, in turn, will help eliminate congestion at the cellular level that cause cellulite.

Thanks to this procedure, the person toxins and salts, eliminates swelling of tissues. It is important to note that the overall effect of the procedure largely depends on the degree of neglect of cellulite, because if the deficiency is strongly expressed, the person will need a minimum of two courses can massage. Otherwise, the effect will be minimal.

Video: the Secrets of using


Immediately it should be noted that cupping massage cellulite at home in the cabin is allowed to practice not to everyone, because this procedure has many contraindications. To violate such prohibitions cannot be, because otherwise, the person can cause the deterioration in his condition.

Thus, massage cupping is forbidden in such diseases and conditions:

  1. The problem of frequent surges in blood pressure and hypertension.
  2. The pregnancy women.
  3. The presence of varicose veins.
  4. Hypersensitivity of the skin, where exposure to cosmetic banks may cause burning, pain, redness, bruising and other negative phenomena.
  5. Oncologic pathology.
  6. The period of occurrence of acute respiratory diseases, and infectious pathologies.
  7. Serious illness of the circulatory system.
  8. Severe disease of the respiratory system (asthma, tuberculosis, etc.).
  9. Chronic diseases in exacerbation.
  10. The increase in body temperature.
  11. Pus formation on the skin as well as dermatitis and eczema.
  12. The period following recent surgery.
  13. The weakening of the immune system.
  14. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  15. Children the age of the person.
  16. Older age of a person.

In addition, you should know that this massage is prohibited in the area of the chest, inner thighs, spine and places where the moles or skin spots.

Necessary tools

The primary tool for conducting anti-cellulite massage is a vacuum banks. They can be glass, rubber or silicone.

According to numerous reviews, it is better to use silicone jars, because even over time, they will not lose their shape and will not absorb when applied to skin oil or cream.

To acquire these tools is recommended pharmacy. It is also important to know that banks can be of different sizes. To choose should be based on what part of the body will carry out the massage.

Additional tools needed for this procedure are:

  1. Special pear, which will regulate the force of impact of vacuum on the skin (usually sold in a set together with the banks).
  2. Oil or cream that is applied to the skin before placing the cans. In this case, you can use flax, sesame, peach or almond oil.
  3. Diaper.
  4. Dry wipes.
  5. Alcohol lotion.
  6. Emollient finishing cream.

The technique of cupping massage for cellulite at home

The technique of cupping massage at home provides as follows:

  1. Skin preparation for the procedure. At the same time, experts advise you to clean the skin scrub. After that you should warm the epidermis by using anti-cellulite cream. All this will not only act in the best interest of cupping massage, but will also improve metabolism.
  2. After cleansing you should go to the next step of hydration. If not, then it is likely that the banks will not slide and cause bruising. Thus, the epidermis should apply in a thick layer of massage oil. It can be almond, plain olive oil or extract of peach. To achieve armaeffects and enrichment of this tool vitamins, it is allowed to add a few drops of essential oil.
  3. After heating the skin, you can go to the main massage. It starts with the fact that the person installs the selected banks on the area of skin where the cellulite. To do this for a couple of seconds to drop into the jar a lighted cotton wool, and then quickly attach the jar to the skin, thus, creating a tight vacuum.

In that case, if the Bank is very strongly pressed to the skin and causes the person pain, it should again be moved slightly change localization tool. If you endure pain, that at the end of the procedure a person will have a large bruise swelling of the skin and poor blood circulation. This can not be allowed.

  1. During the procedure, allowed banks to move to areas of the skin thus making cellulite massage. To do this, slowly led to the Bank without making a strong pressure or sudden movements. All this will improve blood circulation, eliminate fat cells and build metabolism.

It is important to know that massage should be performed in a specific sequence: first, you must handle the drumstick, then the area of the outer thighs and abdomen. In that case, if any of these parts of the body no cellulite, then put back cans just does not make sense.

In addition, we should remember the main rule of cupping massage — all the movement should be from the bottom up. If banks are installed at the abdomen, then the movement should be strictly clockwise.

  1. At the end of the procedure to carefully remove jars and wipe the skin with alcohol solution, in order to get rid of possible germs. Further, it is important to apply anti-cellulite oil and again massage into the epidermis. This will help to «fix the result» and to relieve irritation of the skin.
  2. To skin a little «came to himself» after such a long procedure, a person need to cover with a blanket, and give a lie for 20-25 minutes. In that case, even if a few hours the redness subsides, apply an extra layer of cream.

Technique in beauty salon

The technique of cupping massage in the beauty salon usually the only difference is that for this procedure in these institutions can use a hardware device with which the specialist can more carefully «work out» the problem area.

Traditional massage technique in the beauty salon the following:

  • Cleanse the skin. For this you may use a scrub or lotion with the addition of coarse particles.
  • Moisturizing the skin with massage oil. You need to process only those areas of the epidermis, which will be specified by banks. They will be easier to glide over skin and protect from development of complications in the form of bruises, abrasions and redness.

It should be noted that for the enrichment of vegetable oils in beauty salons very often they add essential oils of tangerine, cedar or cypress. Thus, oil becomes more useful and rich with the right nutrients.

  • The next step is the establishment of machine banks. This is normally just a few cans of different sizes, so the massage is out most complete and effective.
  • Then be mussirovanie problem areas of the skin. During such manipulation specialist ensures that banks properly moved and not hurt the skin.
  • After the procedure, the client needs to be slightly warm so that the skin «cool.» It usually takes no more than an hour. At this time, the person is recommended to drink tonic tea with lemon or mint. Also, if the skin becomes red, then it can cause another layer of soothing cream.

It is important to note that to perform the massage yourself, but it is very inconvenient, because when a large weight is difficult to turn around in order to mix banks on the back of the thighs and buttocks.

For this reason, it is recommended to do this procedure in beauty salons where experienced master will not only hold all the massage, but also will make sure that the whole procedure was successful and the client did not experience any side effects.

Adverse reactions

Side effects from holding cupping massage can occur if the procedure will be done on the wrong technology. In addition, significantly increases the risk of adverse consequences of the practice such massage when there are strong contraindications to it.

Most often, cupping therapy causes these side effects:

  1. Redness and bruising usually occurs when the sensitive epidermis and also the perederzhanie jars on the skin.
  2. Itching and severe burning of the skin.
  3. The appearance of visible varicose veins and rosacea.
  4. The occurrence of traces from setting cans that do not go away within a few days.
  5. Inflammation of the subcutaneous layer, which will be expressed in the form of pain and swelling.

Useful tips

To massage cupping effective was effective, and helped to eliminate cellulite, you should follow these experts ‘ advice:

  1. It is desirable to carry out the procedure with a specialist at least a few sessions to be able to learn the proper technique and repeat it at home. To practice the massage without training and specific knowledge should not, after all, so you can only hurt yourself.
  2. Much faster you can get rid of cellulite with cupping massage to practice diet and exercise. Only a comprehensive approach will help to solve this problem.
  3. Due to the fact that the massage promotes the removal of fluid, person is important to monitor your water balance and drink at least two liters of water.
  4. To quickly tighten the skin and rid it of fat, parallel with the course of the cupping massage, it is recommended that you wrap. This is another procedure that the fastest line will help to get rid of «orange peel».
  5. If you are in doubt about whether you can do this massage or not, it is better to consult a doctor and be safe than to be unsure and to perform cupping massage «at your own risk».
  6. You should not execute this procedure very often, because it still will not bring results, in addition to additional injury to the skin.
  7. If, during the procedure, the patient noticed redness of the skin or felt deterioration in his condition, the session should stop.

  8. Only using quality tools to massage the treatment will be effective. Otherwise, the desired result will not.
  9. For sensitive skin be sure to apply a protective cream before the massage.
  10. Duration of one session should not exceed thirty minutes.

Cupping massage is very effective in resolving even the most complicated cases of cellulite. Despite that, only at observance of all recommendations of such treatments will bring the desired result. Otherwise, in addition to negative experiences in humans, there is nothing left.

Photo: Before and after

How To Get Rid of Stage Three Cellulite By Using Massage (Cupping for Cellulite)

Ah, the beach. A place that feels like a little piece of heaven on earth. Who could forget about all those beach activitiesーrunning around, playing in the sand, and swimming in the ocean? It all sounds amazing if you are ready to take on the fun. Are you?

The thing that we want to point out is that it is common for women to not feel “beach-ready,” or to feel insecure while wearing swimsuits. They tend to put a lot of pressure on going to the beach and showing their bodies. There are multiple reasons for that, one of them being cellulite. But, guess what? Cellulite affects over 90% of women- even the slim and fit ones. In fact, these dimples and formation in the skin can affect both men and women. Yesーyou assumed rightーit is more common to find it in females, due to the difference in fat tissue and muscle distribution, but men can have it too. That being said, we have to point out that only 10% of men suffer from this skin condition. Lucky them!

Before we get to one of the most effective ways to get rid of cellulite (cupping) let’s find out more about this orange-like layer on the skin.

What Is Cellulite?

According to, cellulite is a dimpled formation in the skin which is most commonly found on thighs, hips, and buttocks. It is usually referred to as “cottage cheese” or even orange skin, since its dimples and lumps resemble these two types of food.

So, what causes cellulite? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have good news. The exact cause is unknown, but there are several factors which can contribute to cellulite creation. These factors are: hormonal, genetic and dietary-related.

Hormonal factors are related to estrogen, insulin, and thyroid hormones, which are age-related. As a woman’s body gets older, it slowly stops producing estrogen. Lower levels of estrogen leads to other problems, such as tissues not being able to absorb enough oxygen, which then leads to lower production of collagen. In short: Less estrogen means less circulation, which leads to poor collagen production.

Genetic factors are related to your metabolism, ethnicity, and distribution of fat. You can’t change these factors. However, the good news is that you can change fat distribution by choosing to live a healthier lifestyle, and keeping an eye on your diet.

Although we mentioned in the beginning that even fit and slender women can have cellulite, you have to be aware that women who have excess fat are more prone to cellulite forming. That being said, if you want to prevent cellulite from spreading around your hips and thighs, it might be a good idea to include more fiber and protein in your diet, and lower the levels of fat and carbohydrate intake.

Is There a Way to Prevent Cellulite From Appearing?

Of course, there is! But it is not going to be easy! A healthy lifestyle, which includes proper diet and maintaining a certain weight, as well as exercise and staying hydrated, will save you from getting cellulite. Unfortunately, keep in mind that these lifestyle choices can only slow down the process of getting it. Most women, at some point in their lives, will get cellulite.

If you are interested in finding out more about lifestyle changes you should make in order to care for your skin, be sure to read our article on cellulite myths and truths.

How Can You Make It Go Away?

By now you might be wondering how you can lower cellulite visibility and be “beach-ready” in no time. Well, there are several treatments which can reduce the appearance of cellulite, like laser treatment, acoustic wave therapy, endermologie, and much more. All the stated treatments serve as a therapy on legs (or any another affected area of your body), but work differently on the skin. However, all of these treatments have one thing in commonーthey tend to be pretty expensive. For instance, a laser treatment can cost up to $5,000. That is why we chose to write about using anti-cellulite cup since it is a more DIY, low-budget option.

As you can see from the text above, the Ecellulitis team is rooting for a good ole home massage that includes cellulite suction. But, before we get into all the details on how to do cupping at home, and why this is our first choice, here’s some information about two of the mentioned treatments we would like to share, with you.

These are very popular, and can help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite:

Laser Therapy

As we have mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs, the biggest con when deciding to do a laser therapy is cost. However, laser therapy or Cellulaze, as it is often called, is one of the most effective ways of reducing cellulite.

How does it work? Well, it is pretty simple. Once the laser heats up and touches the skin, the skin feels high temperature. That is how laser melts all the lumpy spots on the skin. If you are already getting excited, prepare to be a bit disappointed. The thing about the laser is that you have to be persistent in order to see the results. That being said, you have to take into account that, depending on the region that should be treated, the price of a laser therapy can vary.

How long do the results last? Well, according to, results can last a year or even more. So, should you try it? It’s up to youーit all depends on how much money you are willing to invest, and how fast you want the results.


This is another non-surgical treatment, which includes injecting carbon dioxide into the cellulite-affected area to reduce its appearance. Why carbon dioxide, you may ask? Well, because it is supposed to stimulate the production of collagen and speed up circulation. Not to be confused with carbon monoxide, a deadly gas.

The main question is: Does it work? It does, thanks to it tricking your body into “thinking” it needs more oxygen that it really does. Remember that your body needs oxygen to properly function, and that, as a product of cellular metabolism, it creates carbon dioxide as a waste. So, when your body recognizes there is a significant amount of carbon dioxide somewhere in the body, it automatically produces more oxygen. Clever, isn’t it?

In the end, is it effective? It definitely is, but just like in the case of laser therapy, it requires multiple sessions to see the results. Although the price can go between $100 and $150, there are a few cons. These cons include discomfort or even pain experienced during the procedure. Bruising, swelling, and redness during treatment are also common. So, it is up to you to decide. Sometimes, you have to accept the fact that beauty hurts.

Now that we have listed two of the most popular cellulite reduction treatments, we can positively say we are ready to introduce you to a home treatment that is pain-free, and doesn’t require that much timeーusing anti cellulite cup. But before we do that, let’s look at the different types of cellulite, so you can have a better idea how much effort you will really need to put in to get rid of it.

Four Types of Cellulite

In order to determine which type of cellulite you have, you can use the Nürnberg-Müller scale, created in 1972. All you have to do is to look in the mirror at the affected area and pinch it. This is why it is also known as a pinch test. Before talking about stage three cellulite it is important to differentiate it from cellulitis. Cellulite is not hard to spot, and it can be mostly found on your legs. Here are the four basic types:

Cellulite Type #0

You know that it’s there, because it is made out of fat; and you know that if you don’t pay enough attention, sooner or later, it will appear. But at this present stage you can’t see it, and it won’t appear when you pinch your skin.

Cellulite Type #1

Type one cellulite is only visible when you pinch your skin. You can’t see it when you stand up or lie down.

Cellulite Type #2

Type two cellulite is visible when you stand, but disappears when you lay down.

Cellulite Type #3

There are visible dimples on the skin, regardless of whether you sit or stand.

It wasn’t that hard, was it?

Treating cellulite shouldn’t be that hard either! That is why, as we mentioned, we decided that the focus of this article should be at-home cellulite suction, or more popularly called, cupping. It is finally the time to present you this fun and fast way of getting rid of “cottage cheese” on your legs.

What Is Cupping for Cellulite?

Cupping is one of the cheapest methods you can perform on yourself to reduce cellulite appearance. You might have heard the term lymph drainage. Well, that’s what cellulite cups doーthey stimulate blood circulation and release fats and toxins.

Let’s talk more about that lymph drainage.

In case you didn’t know, your lymphatic system is credited with the task of eliminating the body’s toxins and waste. Actually, it uses most of the muscles to perform this type of magic. In some cases, those toxins can build up, creating lymph nodes, eventually leading to a disease called lymphedema. We are not going to get into too many details about this condition, except to mention that there is a lymphatic drainage massage you can perform on yourself, to stop this from happening. Cupping has some similarities to this type of massage.

What Are the Benefits of Cupping?

Although cupping doesn’t help with losing weight, it can definitely help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tighten the affected area. Repeated frequently, it has the ability to remove the orange-like texture on the skin, leaving the skin looking more youthful and tightened.

Does Cupping Work for Cellulite?

It sure does. Otherwise, we would not be writing about it! In fact, there is a pilot study which proves its effectiveness. The conclusion of this study is that when dry moving cupping therapy was applied 10 times per 5 weeks on each leg, there were visible results in cellulite reduction. Also, there was a correlation between age and a stage of cellulite.

Is Cupping Going to Leave a Mark?

Well, it usually does – when you are going to a professional to get a cupping treatment. However, doing cupping at home shouldn’t cause any bruising or muscle/tissue pain, since you are using a plastic cup and adjusting it to your own comfort.

How to Do Cupping on Yourself?

In order to properly do cupping on yourself, you will need a plastic, vacuum cup which you will use a few times per day to perform this massage. Before you can actually begin using an anti-cellulite cup, we advise you to determine what type of cellulite you have, so you can effectively treat it.

Now that you have determined the type of cellulite to treat, you need to do these massage techniques on each leg for five minutes.

If you’re doing it on your own, it would be best to do it standing up. You can put your leg on a table or a chair and add a bit of massage oil. If you can find the one that affects cellulite, it would be great. Just ask your pharmacist and he/she will recommend something.

So the secret weapons are vacuum cups. You go to your local store and find some silicone cups that look like this:

You can also find them online (they are quite cheap, about 10 US Dollars).

Here is a direct link for buying on Amazon: Top Chi™ 2 Cup Small Transparent Silicone Chinese Cupping Therapy Set

So, after applying the massage oil, you press the cup against your skin in order to create the vacuum and then you gently move it as if you were shaving your skin.

As said above, you need to do this for five minutes on each leg. After that, your skin will look red (that is good) and then you can apply more oil or a cellulite cream. But the massage doesn’t stop there. After 10 minutes, as your skin calms down, you will be able to take a better look at your skin and see where the big lumps are. Cellulite cupping treatment is good to get rid of small lumps of cellulite, but for bigger ones, you need the pinch and pull technique.

The pinch and pull technique for cellulite is basically what it says it is. You see where the big lumps are, you pinch it, then you pull it. You can determine the amount of pressure you need and then apply it.

It would be best to avoid this technique in the inner thigh, as the skin is soft. But if you feel that your skin can take the pressure, feel free.

After two minutes of the pinch and pull technique on each leg, you’re done. Apply the same soothing oil, and you can lie down and watch your favorite TV series or read a book.

So, how many times a week should you do this cellulite suction? At least two times per week. Just two times a week. Find 15 minutes each day to do these massages, and you will see results pretty fast.

Tips and Tricks on How to Hide Cellulite

If you feel cupping for cellulite is too much work and not your “cup of tea” we have some final tips that can help you to hide it instantly:

● According to WebMD, cellulite shows less on darker skin. So, next time you want to wear a short skirt or a bikini, be sure to opt for a self-tanner. It will hide all your flaws and make you look visually slimmer.

● Shower with cold and then hot water. This might sound crazy, but changing the temperature of water you shower with can stimulate circulation, and reduce cellulite in the long term.

● If it is not too much trouble, try doing 10-15 squats a day. You will eventually see that your thighs are tightening which will result in cellulite reduction.

● Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 cups of water a day. Try to stay away from soda and sugary beverages. We are not going to mention making dietary changes, since this is the obvious way to get rid of cellulite.

● Use body shaping or anti-cellulite creams. To be honest, those creams can work (moderately) only with the combination of exercising every day and eating healthy.

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