Anti cellulite treatment at home

Natural Anti-cellulite treatment at Home

Formation of cellulite is one common problem for middle-age women. Cellulite is a physical condition in which persistent subcutaneous fat gets accumulated under the skin. This causes dimpling of skin surface, especially on hips and thighs of women. The skin appears to be lumpy and dimpled and so it is called as ‘orange peel’ skin. Usually, these are prone to summer weather but it is essential to take active measures throughout the year if you want to get rid of cellulite problem. For this, a natural anti-cellulite treatment is a must.

Cellulite Formation Under Skin

There are various treatments and oils available in the market that promises to give tighter, smoother skin. Though some are good enough in showing results, many are just a marketing twist. Though you are investing small or big, the effectiveness of the treatment is what determines the worth. So, here we have some natural ways in which you can get rid of cellulites. All of these natural anti-cellulite treatment could be done right at home with natural readily available ingredients.

Coffee Scrub lite

First of all, we need to use a simple scrub. Coffee is an excellent ingredient to get rid of cellulites. Here we have an anti-cellulite coffee scrub. You need to use coarsely ground coffee powder.

Take the coffee powder and add hot water to it, until it gets a past-like consistency.

Now get into the shower and slowly start massaging slowly your cellulite areas in circular motion.

Do it for 5 minutes continuously and then rinse it off with water.

Make sure not to use very hot water or else you may get burnt. The hot water indeed helps in penetrating the coffee into your skin.  It is best to rinse with cold water, as it will tighten your skin and close the pores.

Anti-cellulite deep treatment scrub


Coarsely grounded Coffee Powder – ½ cup

Olive oil – 2 tsp

Sugar – 1-2 tbsp

Directions to Use
  • Mix all the ingredients to a paste.
  • Now apply and massage it over the hips and thighs.
  • Wrap the skin with a plastic wrap and relax for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with warm or cold water

Make sure to clean the shower areas as soon as possible or else the coffee can stain the floor.

Massaging Treatment

You can massage the cellulite areas regularly using a cellulite brush. Dry massaging is best, but if you wish, you can add some olive oil or coconut oil to the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar Massage Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar – 6 tbsp

Olive oil – 2 tbsp

  •  The ratio for mixing apple cider vinegar and olive oil is 3:1
  • Massage this natural anti-cellulite treatment oil for 7-10 minutes daily and take a shower afterwards.

You can combine one or two of these treatments to get rid of cellulite. Natural treatments take some time to show visible results. Be motivated to follow the treatment regularly to reap the benefits of it.

Home Remedies | Expert Advice for Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite can be an extremely frustrating menace. You may dread wearing shorts and skirts in fear of revealing your dimpled thighs, and you’re not sure how to alleviate the problem without the use of pantyhose. Cellulite is caused by pockets of fat that bulge against the skin. It would seem that practicing a healthy lifestyle would solve cellulite, but the truth for many people is that even after hours of exercising and dieting, those unsightly dimples still remain. There are several home remedies that have been tried and tested for years with varying results. However, nothing quite compares to the potency of topical creams specifically designed for cellulite. Below are a few examples of home remedies, and how they stack up against the alternatives.

Making Your Skin Glow with a Cup of Joe

One of the most prevalent active ingredients in cellulite creams is actually caffeine. It’s only the natural conclusion that coffee would have an effect. In fact, caffeine acts to increase circulation by constricting the blood vessels. When you have more efficient blood flow to your problem areas, the pockets of fat will be able to more evenly disperse and break down. This results in skin that is smoother and more firm.

A coffee scrub is actually very simple. All you have to do is take a couple cups of ground coffee to the shower with you. Rub the coffee in small circular motions over the skin. You can also mix coffee with olive oil and other essential oils for application outside of the shower. However, this will be quite messy and time consuming.

There’s Nothing Sweeter

A sugar scrub works in a similar vein to the coffee scrub. Essentially, the sugar crystals act as a massaging agent when rubbed into the skin. It will slough off dead skin cells while promoting blood circulation in the tissue. If done regularly, you may experience beneficial results. Even so, you may not notice an immediate change and the process can also make a mess. Unlike coffee, sugar scrubs can also make you feel unpleasantly sticky if not washed away thoroughly, so it can be something of a time investment when you’re trying to hurry.

Siphoning a Frenzy of Sweat

The most logical home remedy for cellulite is exercise. Ultimately, cellulite is fat, and minimizing the appearance of fat requires a commitment to regular exercise. Strength training combined with cardio is the quickest and most effective way to tone muscles and minimize fat. Regular activity will also increase overall health and resistance to illness, promoting a longer and more promising quality of life.

However, exercise won’t necessarily remove all your cellulite. Some people are genetically predisposed to it, and women are far more likely to have it than men. Even young celebrities have problems with cellulite.

Eat Your Way to a Better Butt

Of course, exercise alone isn’t going to minimize fat. Many fitness experts suggest that weight-loss is actually 80% exercise and 20% diet. A healthy diet is not only vital to fat loss, but to clear skin as well. Eating cleaner will clear the body of impurities and make the skin smoother and more elastic as a result.

When it comes down to it, cellulite must be combated from multiple angles. A healthy lifestyle is important, but it may be necessary to take other measures as well. Investing in a cellulite cream is an excellent alternative to home remedies that can be more trouble than they’re worth.

Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Treatment at Home Review

The Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Treatment can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite in less than two weeks without having to leave the comfort of your house.

You might be asking right now: What is the Ionithermie treatment about? It is a 12 day anti-cellulite treatment that includes everything you need to get the smooth and beautiful pair of legs you deserve.

In case you don’t already have a skin care routine then this bundle is perfect for you as it includes 4 different products scientifically prepared for the optimal care of your skin. This cellulite removal bundle includes:

  • Tonic Silhouette
  • Ampoules A+B
  • Pro-Metasysteme
  • Lait Pour le Corps

The combination of these four different creams, ampoules and lotions are what makes the Ionithermie body treatment so effective. You will start noticing results after the first 12 days of using this product. However you can continue using them to improve even more the appearance of your skin.

How does the Ionithermie Treatment works?

As I mentioned before, this is one of the simplest treatments to follow, the best part is that you do not have to use any additional product as everything you need is included in the bundle. You can complete your skin care routine in only 4 easy steps:

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Skin

This is also the first step on any skin care routine that works. It is important to cleanse your skin from dirt and impurities. The Tonic Silhouette will help you here as you massage your skin you will also stimulate circulation and soothe your skin to optimize the action of the other products.

Step 2 – Disperse Toxins

Now that your skin is clean on the outside, it is time to clean it from the inside with the Ampoules A+B formula. This emulsifies fatty deposits and increase blood circulation to eliminate toxins and get rid of the cottage cheese skin appearance.

Step 3 – Moisturize

The Pro-Metasysteme active ingredients are perfect for slimming, firming and moisturizing. It uses algae, almond oil, seaweed extract, guarana and lemon as slimming aid to strengthen the effect of the other products on this treatment.

Step 4 – Lasting Effect

The Lait Pour le Corps is made with light body milk to soothe your skin with avocado oil. Using this product at the end of your treatment will help you keeping your skin conditioned and hydrated for the rest of the day.

Women who have had success using the Ionithermie Treatment for Cellulite Reduction prefer to complete their treatment at night right before going to bed. Keeping your skin away from the sun rays and dirt is extremely beneficial if you want to see quicker results.

Remember to combine this treatment with a balanced diet low on carbs and fats and regular exercise to improve even more the appearance of your skin. Feel free to check out some easy 5-minute routines for cellulite here on this website.

Cellulite | Cellulite Treatment | Cellulite Reduction

Many women consider themselves to be staunchly anti-cellulite. With as many of 90% of women suffering from cellulite, it’s really no surprise how many women hate it. Chances are you’re one of the many women who visit out site looking for a solution to her cellulite problem. If you’ve tried treatment after treatment without results in hopes of rescuing your mini-skirts from the back of the closet, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to make cellulite a thing of the past for you. is a comprehensive site dedicated to getting rid of unsightly cellulite. We aim to provide you with all the latest information on cellulite, including the latest trends in cellulite treatment. We offer information on cellulite exercises, home remedies and the latest cellulite news. We even offer reviews of cellulite creams to help you find the best treatment option for you.

Say good-bye to those cottage cheese thighs!

Best Treatments for Toned Skin

Many people who visit this website are trying to find the best cellulite treatment. That’s a somewhat difficult thing to find because different treatments work different ways. What works best for one person may not do anything for someone else. This is why we include as much information as possible in each of our reviews. There are as many treatments as there are causes of cellulite. Our goal is for you to find the best cellulite treatment to suit your individual needs.

Home Treatments for Firmer Skin

Do-it-yourself everything is all the rage today and cellulite treatments are no exception. We’ve gathered several of our favorite home remedies in one place to make them easier to find. There are several easy treatments you can try to manage unsightly cellulite from the comfort of your home, ranging from coffee scrubs to essential oils for cellulite massage and everything in between. Just keep in mind that many of these treatments are designed to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and work as a quick fix, not a long-term solution.

Creams for Healthy, Firm Skin

Cellulite creams are currently the most popular cellulite treatment and for good reason. They are relatively inexpensive, safe and easy to use and no one has to know you’re using them. The best cellulite creams multitask to tighten and tone skin, flush trapped toxins and gently eliminate subcutaneous fat deposits. But not all cellulite creams are created equally. Some products make claims that they simply cannot back up, such as “5 minutes to a cellulite-free body.” Make sure to do your research before you buy. We’ve gathered reviews of the top cellulite creams all in one place to make it easy to find out more about these products. Find out more about which ingredients to look for, which products really work, everything else you need to know to pick the cellulite cream that is right for you.

What are you waiting for? The cure for your cellulite woes is right around the corner. Make orange peel skin a thing of the past and bring mini-skirts back to you wardrobe with an herbal cellulite cream!

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