How to get rid of cellulite with exercise

How to Get Rid of Cellulite: The Ultimate Guide for Cellulite Removal

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Guide to How to Get Rid of Cellulite

There is so much information on how to get rid of cellulite on the internet.

A quick Google search of the topic will leave you spiralling down a deep rabbit hole of theories, yet the majority of claims for cures and creams only give false hope and most likely line someone else’s bank account.

Studies have shown that there is no scientific cure for cellulite-effected areas of the body.

There is no reliable evidence to support long term repair with any of the prejudicially-recommended procedures or miracle creams.

There are however, natural and effective ways to get rid of cellulite for good.

What is Cellulite?

According to research cellulite is caused by weakness of the connective tissue, located within our second layer of skin, the dermis.

The weaker or looser this tissue, the more that fat deposits are able to protrude upwards, creating the dimpled look that many of us are familiar with.

The only way to minimise the appearance of cellulite is to address the cause of the issue, not the symptoms that many surgeons or cosmetic companies will address instead.

An approach that tackles the symptoms in isolation will only result in disappointment for the patient or customer.

Does cellulite only affect overweight women?

Usually found on your tummy, thighs, legs and bum, cellulite can unfortunately be quite an unsightly appearance.

It can chip away at self confidence and your willingness to wear swimwear or limited clothing in the summertime.

It’s quite often associated with being overweight.

Yes, extra weight on your body and more skin surface can be a factor in the appearance of cellulite but it can be just as prevalent in slim people.

Owner of the American Cellulite Reduction Centre, Shira Ein Dor refers to treating Victoria’s Secret Models, “they’re very lean, they work out and eat well, they do everything right but they still have cellulite.” With that in mind, please don’t be so hard on yourself.

However, if you are willing to practice healthy eating and a regular fitness regime, you may be surprised at how much self care can impact on the appearance of cellulite.

Understanding the impact of foods and behaviours on your body is the best fight against cellulite.

Collagen – the root cause of cellulite

The first thing to understand is that our connective tissue is home to collagen, a protein you may be familiar with.

Our bodies produce it naturally but certain foods and behaviours can impact its production.

When addressing the cause of cellulite, this is the main factor.

If our connective tissue is weaker than what we’d like and we’re suffering from the appearance of cellulite, then we need to find natural, healthy ways to boost collagen production and strengthen the connective tissue.

In turn, this creates a stronger barrier for your fat deposits trying to push upwards; hopefully limiting them and reducing the visual cues of those horrible dimples.

Unfortunately, we cannot cure cellulite completely but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could barely notice it and strip off at the beach with confidence?

How to get rid of cellulite

We will delve into these factors in much more detail later on in the article, but if you are looking to eliminate the appearance of cellulite as quick as you can, diet, exercise and eliminating unhealthy habits are your best friends!

Read on to learn the most effective ways to naturally assist your body in the fight against cellulite.


Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can increase your chances of cellulite

A major contributing factor to the health of our skin and blood flow is smoking and alcohol.

These are the two habits which you should definitely be eliminating from your life if you want to start your fight against cellulite.

As explained in a recent study, Cellulite: a review, alcohol contributes to the formation of fatty tissue while smoking hinders blood flow.

The flow of your blood is crucial to collagen production and not only do smokers lose proper functioning of their blood vessels over time, there is also a long list of other health problems that may develop inside the body of a smoker.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it may be time to really consider kicking the habit for the benefit of your long term health.

When it comes to alcohol, obviously enjoying a wine or spirit from time to time is a part of life, however aim to limit the regularity of this.

As usual, diet is all about moderation and balance.

Clothing types

Compression clothing can restrict blood flow and impact collagen production

Tightly fitting clothing and high heeled shoes have also been added to the list of what to avoid in the Cellulite: a review study.

This article details the science behind why these items of clothing are responsible for limiting blood flow and muscle pump mechanisms.

There are clothes on the market described as compression clothing and their marketing jargon claims that it will reduce the appearance of cellulite, when in fact it has the opposite effect.

These sorts of tightly fitted clothing, whether they are labelled as compression clothing or just your favourite pair of jeans, impact on your blood flow and therefore, impact the effective production of collagen.

Lack of exercise

A lack of exercise is linked to higher levels of cellulite production

Another obvious factor to blood flow and formation of fatty tissue is an inactive lifestyle.

Contributing causes to inactivity could be an injury preventing you from exercise or even a job that requires you to sit down for the majority of your working week.

It’s important to remember that lack of movement in your lifestyle is unhealthy when it comes to cellulite or just general health and weight control.

Incorporating basic exercise into your week can be done before or after work, during your lunch break, or over the weekend.

Even if it’s just twenty minutes per day, exercise gets your blood flowing and a regular routine can contribute to weight loss.

You may even find that forcing yourself to go for a short walk every day could result in some enjoyment and possibly extension of the time you spend outside and that’s how a habit develops! We will cover the best cellulite exercises a bit further down.

GET CONTROL OF YOUR DIET – foods to get rid of cellulite

Choosing the right foods can make a huge difference to the appearance of cellulite

There’s some simple and fast ways to change your diet in order to start eliminating that cellulite.

Recent studies strongly suggest that specific foods can aggravate cellulite.

On the other hand, consuming certain foods can actually help to minimise it.

Foods that fight cellulite

How you feed your body is crucial in overall health but in this particular case, you should be focusing on foods that are enriched with antioxidants that are proven to boost collagen production.

The following foods are high in either Vitamin C, B3 or E and have been proven to aid collagen production, regenerate cells and improve skin elasticity.

When eating these foods regularly, you are doing your body a huge favour.

As you read on you’ll start to understand how combining healthy, nutrient-packed food with exercise could in fact help you get rid of cellulite.

Foods that are high in Vitamin C, B3 or E include:

  • Oranges
  • Red Peppers
  • Kale
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Turkey
  • Chicken Breast
  • Peanuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Almonds
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Potato
  • Avocado

Foods that may cause cellulite

  • Butter, meat fats, cheese, whole milk, baked goods, fried foods and processed snack foods are all high in bad fats
  • White bread, cereal, chocolate, potato chips and biscuits are all high in fast-absorbing carbohydrates
  • Candy, cake, ice cream, soft drinks and dried fruit are all high in sugar
  • White bread, tender / lean meat, any confectionery, canned fruit and vegetables are all low in fibre
  • Smoked / cured meats, frozen meals, potato chips, pizza and canned soup are all high in salt / sodium

These foods work against your body and aggravate cellulite by either expanding your fat cells, dehydrating your skin and tissue, retaining fluid or preventing proper blood flow.

You can replace the foods above with items that have good fats such as avocado, flaxseed and salmon or foods with slow absorbing carbs such as wholegrain/wholemeal bread and rice.

For foods high in fibre opt for bran-based cereal, beans, whole grain pasta and bread, nuts and porridge.

Any type of diet conversation should be held with your doctor or dietician to ensure you’re making the right choices for your body.

They can even suggest further options for replacement foods and meal ideas!

Home remedies

Certain home remedies have proven extremely effective in minimising cellulite

Lastly, there’s three diet-specific home remedies that have been scientifically researched for their impact on collagen production: royal jelly, cayenne pepper and green tea.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a honey-like substance taken from secretions of a worker bee and during a set of experiments, proved that it had the power to protect skin and enhance collagen production.

It can be added to honey as a spread on your toast or added to a cup of tea.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is fantastic for blood flow and metabolism and can be eaten on it’s own – if you can handle it – as a supplement or as an addition to a meal or a glass of water.

Green Tea

Green tea is the final home remedy that you should try.

You can enjoy a cup of herbal green tea once or twice a day.

Recent research suggests it has the ability to reduce inflammation and hinder tissue degradation. [5]


Exercise is by far the single most effective tool in fighting cellulite.

Without too much focus on weight and losing a few pounds, think about the ways that you can stay active and enjoy exercise.

If you start to lose some weight while you’re helping your health, then that is a fantastic bonus!

There are proven exercise techniques that strengthen and firm connective tissue and increase muscle mass.

Keep in mind that any exercise you partake in gets your blood flowing and can aid collagen production.

Workouts limited to cardio such as walking and running are great for circulation and assisting weight loss, but depending on your intensity, may not have a large impact on your muscles and tissue.

It is also a much longer road to results.

That is why strength or resistance training is a fast way to start minimising that cellulite.

You can incorporate it into your routine two to three times per week.

Common strength or resistance activities are weight lifting, resistance bands, yoga, pilates or squats and lunges.

Squats and lunges

Squats can help target the problem areas

Squats and lunges are at the top of the list when it comes to strength training for cellulite minimisation as they work the most common problem areas – thighs, hips and buttocks.

Lunges are very similar in movement, incorporating all of the leg muscles. When you perform these exercises regularly, the constant use of the targeted muscles will gradually help to increase muscle mass and tone your skin.

Additionally, they also target the fat on your body and are a healthy, comprehensive option when working away at weight loss.

Yoga and pilates

Yoga can help reduce the formation of cellulite

Yoga and pilates have a very similar impact on the body and work all of your muscles.

They incorporate stretching and strengthening techniques that not only improves your strength but also helps with balance and flexibility.


Weight training is not only limited to bodybuilders

Weight lifting / training is not just for body builders or those looking to increase muscle size.

Regular weight training will burn fat while strengthening your body.

With proper advice, a routine can give you the exact outcome and appearance that you desire.

It does not have to result in the stereotypical “strong” look with bulging muscles and striking poses.

When it comes to using weights you want to focus on exercises that target your lower body and use the set or repetition method.

Speaking to a personal trainer or getting advice from your local gym is a great way to get you started.

Or maybe you already have an old set of weights or a gym kit at home that you can dust off and get started on today.

Resistance training

Resistance training may be a cheaper alternative to weights

Lastly, resistance training is similar to weight training.

It is the practice of using another object to create resistance between your targeted muscle area.

It can be an easy exercise to perform at home and there are resistance bands available to make the process even simpler.

The resistance you create during the exercise can strengthen your muscles and help with toning and firming your skin.


Cellulite reduction doesn’t have to cost you the earth

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, there is no need to spend money on medical procedures or miracle creams (although some creams do work in the short term).

You can minimise cellulite naturally and in the healthiest manner by following dietary and exercise guidelines such as the ones highlighted here and it doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

You can alter your existing shopping list and you can perform many of these exercises at home.

You don’t need to go out and spend hundreds per month on super foods or a gym membership if you simply cannot afford it.

In this day and age we live in, now is the best time to access so many recipes and fitness ideas online, with so many being free of charge.

Additionally, check out this article on the 7 best cellulite reducing exercises according to research.

If you can dedicate six months to making some of these simple changes, you may be surprised at how much self care can impact on the appearance of cellulite.

Furthermore, two other supplements that are highly recommended in order to manage cellulite include gotu kola and horse chestnut.

Gotu kola is an herb which results in the decreased production of cellulite and an improvement in blood circulation.

While horse chestnut is an extract of the seed of the Aesculus hippocastanum tree.

It has been proven to improve circulation.

It is also known to contain anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce fluid spillover in cellulite affected areas, therefore reducing its visibility.

Depth of movement: Key to efficient cellulite decrease

Depth refers to the range of motion your body goes through during an exercise.

Smaller motions stretch the muscles less, while deeper movements do the opposite.

With muscles that can’t be directly countered through weights, such as the thighs, it’s even more important to make sure your range of motion is as full as possible. 

This is the only way to really stretch and work out your thigh and backside muscles so that they tone up correctly. 

How do you apply depth to your exercises?

The most direct way to increase the impact on your body is to concentrate on the deepest possible squats, until your body literally has nowhere else to go or becomes too unbalanced to continue the motion.

This particular variation of the squat is known loosely as the ATG or ‘ass to grass’ squat, and while not exactly dignified, it gives far better results than other half hearted squat techniques.

When you’ve worked yourself out on the squat, try equally deep leg presses.

Once you feel that you’ve milked the leg presses for all that they’re worth, rotate on over to dead lifts.

Then get your body back on the squat again.

By keeping up a steady cycle through different exercise methods, you’ll find that your glutes will tone up in a well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing way.

Don’t drop that full range of available motion just because you’re not on a squat all the time, though.

If you do that, you’ll just waste your time going easier on your body than it needs.

There’s no lying, these deep full-ranged exercises are a lot more trouble than the easier variations.

But they’re trouble because they give your body the workout it needs to look great.

Important Tips:

There’s no such thing as a supplement that will evaporate the fat on your thighs or glutes.

Dietary supplements can do a lot of great things for your body, but regulating body fat deposits is not one of those.

Instead of popping a pill, try cutting down on your intake fatty foods.

Determine your skeletal structure and your genetic predispositions before embarking on a potentially impossible quest.

Some people are just going to have a higher body fat percentage than others.

The key is to make sure that you know how to maximize what you have.

This is as simple as getting the right exercise routine and diet tuned to your body.

If you need help with this, check out the Cellulite Factor Solution Program or The Truth About Cellulite. 

It’s a comprehensive diet and exercise programs that gives you the support you need to get rid of cellulite fast and naturally. 

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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite In Every Possible Way

With so many different cellulite-reduction products on the market, it may be best to start with the simple, less expensive home remedies for cellulite. You can see how they work for you before springing for some of the super-expensive products on the shelves. For this reason, we love the DIY cellulite treatments that use ingredients like coffee grounds, olive or coconut oil, and cayenne pepper. Although many of them have been reported to be reasonably effective at cellulite removal, all of these cellulite treatments produce only temporary changes and would need to be done consistently to keep cellulite in check.

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

When it comes to DIY treatments that use at-home ingredients, coffee grounds are hands down the best cellulite treatment. The thought is that the caffeine and antioxidants in coffee help firm and revitalize the skin. This simple remedy uses coffee grounds mixed with hot water. It can be applied in the shower to any area where you’re seeing cellulite.

1. Mix 1/4 cup of coffee grounds into two to three tablespoons of hot water to form a paste, then add a dash of olive oil for extra moisturizing.

2. Rub mixture onto problem areas for several minutes.

3. Rinse, dry, and moisturize.

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

This isn’t a topical remedy, but rather one that works from the inside out, so it can be effective against cellulite anywhere on your body. Lemon juice is a popular liver detoxifier, making it a great way to fight cellulite that accumulates when fats and toxins build up in your body.

1. Add two to three tablespoons of lemon juice to an eight-ounce glass of water.

2. Add a dash of cayenne pepper and stir.

3. Drink three times each day for 30 days.

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

As with anything related to the body, there are two schools of thought when it comes to cellulite. Many believe it is strictly genetic, while others believe it is a result of several factors along with the accumulation of toxins in the body. Essential oils are excellent when it comes to removing toxins from the body, and the website has put together a cellulite massage oil blend that you can use alone or with a dry brush. Some of the most highly touted essential oils for cellulite are juniper oil, cedarwood, and celery seed. Essential oils are versatile, too. Here are some ways you can use them if you’re wondering how to get rid of cellulite:

1. Rub several drops of essential oil on the affected area and rub with a dry brush.

2. Add essential oil to a heavy lotion to create your own cellulite cream.

3. Add essential oil to coconut, almond, or olive oil to create a massage oil.

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

The foam roller and dry brush are two tools that you can use at home to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Both can be used anywhere on your body (including cellulite on your arms), and alone or with any of the essential oils we’ve covered.

1. Foam Roller

You can use a foam roller to gently massage your skin to reduce cellulite. The foam roller works out tension in the fascia, which is the soft-tissue covering for the body’s connective tissue, according to This can lead to a temporary reduction in cellulite.

2. Dry Brush

Using a body brush, you can perform a whole-body massage, making gentle circles starting at your toes and working your way up. This is said to enhance circulation in your body, and is probably the best and fastest way to (temporarily) get rid of cellulite. Not only that, dry brushing is said to have a host of other benefits as well.

One of the best ways to remove cellulite with longer-lasting results is to up your exercise routine by adding in some simple moves. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours working out at an expensive gym for effective cellulite removal. All you need is 10 to 20 minutes several times each week, using a small set of weights that feel comfortable for you. We’ve put together some quick, targeted exercises that you can add to your fitness routine. These are effective for all of the common cellulite problem areas.

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  • Step forward and bend at the knee, using weights or with hands on hips.


  • From your knees, rest your weight on your forearms and swing your leg up in the air. You can do this with weights.

Leg Lifts

  • You can do these lying down or standing up.

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Pelvic Raise

  • Lie on your back and lift your pelvis and hold, isolating your glutes.
  • Same as a regular lunge, only lunge backwards.

Reverse Lunge

  • Same as a regular lunge, only lunge backwards.

Plié Squats

  • You can hold these to isolate the muscles, and raise your heels while your knees are bent for greater isolation.

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

Tricep Kickbacks

  • Using small weights, kick your arms back from your elbow.

Hammer Curls

  • Curl your arm up like you’re lifting a hammer.

Arm Flys

  • Let gravity sculpt your arms by lifting your arms away from your sides. Achieve even better results by circling your arms as they are outstretched.


  • Lie face down and lift onto your forearms, keeping your whole body straight.


  • You can hold these half way to isolate the muscles.

Twisting Crunches

  • Hit those obliques by adding the twisting motion.

If you’re not an avid do-it-yourselfer, or you’ve got a beach vacation coming up soon, it may just be easier to purchase one of the many cellulite-reducing products on the market. We reviewed several top-rated creams and massagers that can be used together or alone as effective cellulite treatments.

The Seaweed Bath Co. Detox Cellulite Cream – $15.79,

With five-star reviews all around, this detox cream contains both seaweed extract and coffee-bean extract, two of the most powerful cellulite blasters you can use. As a bonus, it’s paraben free and sustainably harvested.

Sol de Janiero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – $45,

Use this fantastic cellulite cream anywhere on your body, or all over it perhaps! It glides on perfectly, smells fantastic, and isn’t greasy or oily at all. The secret here, aside from the great name, is the addition of guarana, which has loads of skin-firming caffeine.

Salcoll Collagen Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Body Gel – $99,

This stuff isn’t just crazy expensive, it’s crazy amazing, too! Not only does it reduce cellulite, it also tones skin, gets rid of scars and stretch marks, and much more. The gel doesn’t feel sticky and is highly moisturizing, allowing you to use it all over.

If you’re really serious about cellulite removal and can afford to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a more permanent cellulite treatment, there are a number of medical cellulite removal options you can choose from, many of which are now FDA approved as effective methods for getting rid of cellulite. Two of the most popular choices are Cellulaze and Zwave, which we’ve highlighted below.


This FDA-approved laser treatment is extremely expensive, with each treatment clocking in at several thousand dollars. It is not covered by insurance. The company boasts that the Cellulaze procedure “attacks the structural problems beneath the skin that cause cellulite.”


ZWave is an innovative product that uses radial shockwaves to get rid of cellulite, and is probably the best medical cellulite treatment at this price point. It is much less expensive than Cellulaze, but will still cost between $300 and $400 per visit. It’s suggested you do at least three visits per week.

Did you learn some great ways to reduce cellulite in this article? Be sure to SHARE with anyone who could benefit from our cellulite remedies!

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How to Get Rid of Ugly Cellulite Faster and Safely with Exercise - Page 2 of 2

This is another good exercise to reduce the appearance of ugly cellulite on your thighs. It not only targets the fat stored in this problematic area but also strengthens both the hamstrings and glutes.

  1. Lie down on your back on a mat, keeping your knees bent and hip-width apart and your feet flat on the mat. Keep your hands by your sides.
  2. Extend one leg up toward the ceiling.
  3. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the mat into a bridge.
  4. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  5. Lower and lift the hips for the desired number of reps.
  6. Repeat with your other leg extended.
  7. Perform 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps on each leg.

In the beginning, you can put your feet up on a chair for support.

5. Straight-Leg Deadlift

This exercise is also good for burning stubborn fat and getting rid of cellulite.

It works out your hamstrings, lower back and glutes, and helps fight cellulite buildup. It also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which is important for women of all ages.

  1. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.
  2. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your palms in front of you facing your body.
  3. Slowly bend forward, tightening your glutes and keeping your knees slightly bent.
  4. Keep the dumbbells close to your shins and your back straight.
  5. Hold this position for a few seconds and then go back up.
  6. Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions.

Start with very light weights and gradually add more weight to allow the lower back adequate adaptation.

Additional Tips

  • You should include a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises in your daily routine. When exercising, keep your physical condition in mind and do not overdo it.
  • Exfoliate the affected skin at least once a week.
  • Dry brushing daily before taking a shower can make cellulite less noticeable.
  • Massage the affected area with some warm olive oil or coconut oil, 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Mix one part raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with two parts water. Rub the solution on the affected areas, allow it to sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Do this twice daily.
  • Cayenne pepper supplements may also be beneficial. Consult your doctor before taking any new supplements.
  • Regularly detox your body.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water.
  • Eat a low-fat diet consisting of lean proteins and vegetables.
  • Avoid sugar, starches, alcohol, processed foods and sugary fruit.
  • Choose foods with a low glycemic index to aid weight loss.
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